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Remove or alter repel sound

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After the realisation i can put kb to kd in Repel I have fallen in love with my first ever 50 again, Atomitor kin/rad (ex /nrg)


Unfortunately whilst i'm having a whale of a time in the middle of a mob bouncing them up and down and generally being a rowdy melee defender every one with ears is going slightly insane with the constant boing sound .


Is there any way we can remove or put some kind of limit on how often it will play?


I understand that you can remove certain sounds locally but its not much use for the poor sods teamed with me.



Indomitable server

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First - as you mentioned, locally - 

As for the rest...there is not an option to customize sound fx for others...But really, when you are on a team and needing to hit propel that much (which is my favorite BTW - I'm sad you want to change the sound), no doubt there are a ton of crazy sounds going on already...For me, teams are quite a cacophony of sounds that make it feel like a real battle.  If it gets too bad, I just turn down the volume.


If it gets REALLY bad for them - you can share with them the information to change their sounds locally...


Hope this helps!  Keep the Propel love going!

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