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Dark Melee and Defense


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Silly question stuck in my head while at work 😛

If you're already defense soft capped, how does the -toHit of Dm help you? 

If i'm Soft capped, supposedly the big baddie will miss me as much as the game will let him, so the-toHit does what for me?

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The -ToHit protects you against mobs with +ToHit buffs & -DEF debuffs.  Most mobs have 50% base ToHit chance, so 45% DEF reduces their hit chance to 5%, which is the hit chance floor, thus "flooring" the mob's hit chance.  But if a mob has a ToHit buff of any amount above the base 50%, then their hit chance will be increased by that amount.  Equally, if the mob has an ability that debuffs your DEF below 45%, then their hit chance will not be floored.  Dropping -ToHit on the mob can offset this & floor their hit chance.

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