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New Player, Almost Level 50 Looking For SG


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Hello everyone, I just started playing about a week ago and am getting close to level 50 but still have exactly 0 clue as to what I'm doing haha. I'm looking for a supergroup to join and learn the ropes from who can mentor me in the ways of end game progression as well as have a regular group to do said missions/dailies/etc with. I normally play 4-6 days a week from 8pm-4am-ish EST. Feel free to PM me here or post on this thread with some information. Look forward to hearing from you all

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14 hours ago, SNEAKYmrE said:

I just started playing about a week ago and am getting close to level 50 but still have exactly 0 clue as to what I'm doing haha.

Sounds like a case of "Speed-Level Syndrome"  Here's the cure:


  1. Roll a new character
  2. Play through the tutorial (preferably "Outbreak" or "Breakout", depending on Hero or Villain, for the full learning experience), and be sure to actually read what your contacts tell you
  3. Play through your contacts' mission arcs, then as you level move on to new contacts and do the same
  4. Consult Paragon Wiki as needed:  https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/
  5. Consult the Guides section of the forum:  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/44-guides/
    1. The "Guide Index" in particular can be helpful:  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/5517-guide-index/?tab=comments#comment-48115
  6. When those fail, consult the in-game "Help" channel or post on the forums
  7. Join a supergroup earlier rather than waiting until the end; it's much easier for others to help you learn how to play at level 10 than it is to help you learn a level 50
  8. DO NOT do speed-leveling activities, such as DFB, DIB, AE farming, Power Leveling, etc. Avoid these like a recovering alcoholic avoids alcohol.  Once you have a dozen or so characters at a significant level, and don't want to run the Hollows for the eighth time in a row, then consider using some of these activities.  Until then, level the normal way, play the game, and learn the game.


Seriously, I do not say this to be flippant or insulting; it's really the most helpful I can be for someone in your situation.  If you blaze your way through the early content and rush to the endgame, you are doing yourself a disservice and missing a LOT of what this game has to offer.  If you do this all the way to 50 and then expect other players, either via a supergroup or otherwise, to then teach you how to play, you are doing them a disservice.  If a supergroup recruits a level 50, they want you to be an asset, not a liability.  The game is structured in a way that you gain power gradually so that you can learn each new thing one step at a time.  Each AT plays differently, and even different power sets within an AT will play differently, and so require this learning process before you can use them properly.  Rushing to 50 when you have no other experience defeats that purpose.  So play the game from the ground up, and learn how to play as you go so that when you do get to 50 you actually have a clue how to play your character.


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