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Discord bot for weeklys & announcments


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If this doesn't already exist, it would be great to have a feed out of the weekly strike force and other details that sg's can have a bot post automatically in a text channel of their sg discords.  (I'm not the techie of my group so you're going to have to bear with me as I explain,) but when I've played other MMOs, I've seen this utilized in guilds to great effect.  It seems like you need some sort of text feed published by the developers to pull the data into a discord channel.  This might already be out there and I'm not aware of it, so if it is, can someone pop a link?  Any instructions/guidance pages would also be gratefully received so we can get this up in running.  Generally getting this info into the sg discord would provide faster and clearer communication of the weekly rewards would allow the sg leaders to mobilize participants with little maintenance effort and in a more organized fashion than just posting in LFG.  From a dev perspective, if more is included than weekly information in these feeds, such as announcements or other key changes to the game (such as the pop up window of announcements we get), I'm sure players would benefit from that and be interested to have sg discord access to that information too.

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