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Just for Pun: Rock Blast Powerset Concept


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Link to the Full Writeup!


If you were expecting an earth-based powerset, TOO BAD. When I say Rock Blast... I mean the POWER OF ROCK!


This powerset is loaded with wide-reaching PBAoEs to hit many, many foes at once, and it has plenty of sustained damage. However, it doesn't have many focused-damage attacks, nor does it have any Complete Nuking powers. If you DO want to take out a priority target, however, its T9 lets you bash your guitar over the heads of your opponent for tremendous damage.




  • T1 -- Power Chord: A quick, targeted AoE that can hit up to 3 targets
  • T2 -- Lead Strike: Make three targeted AoEs against up to 3 targets in a cone
  • T3 -- Driving Strum: A quick ranged attack. Once you use it, the attack will be repeated automatically every second for 7 seconds, targeting the nearest enemy. If you get the recharge down low enough, you can even stack it!
  • T4 -- Showtime: Deals damage to enemies in a wide area, and heals yourself. Furthermore, you can gain stacks by damaging opponents with any rock blast power... up to 110! For every stack you have (to a max of 100), this ability is empowered by a small amount. At maximum stacks, you can deal lots of damage and heal quite a bit!
  • T5 -- Switch Genre: Unlocks 3 powers that can each provide a 60 second buff.
    • Death Metal causes your attacks to deal Negative Energy damage, and applies bonus damage as a DoT. The DoT deals double damage to targets below half health
    • Heavy Metal causes your attacks to deal Energy damage, applies to-hit and recharge debuffs, and has a small chance to hold foes for a short duration
    • Power Metal causes your attacks to deal Fire damage, every rock blast power recharges quicker, and you heal for a portion of damage dealt.
  • T6 -- Crowd Pleaser: A wide reaching PBAoE that can be used more often than Showtime. It's not as strong as a max-stack Showtime, though.
  • T7 -- Aggressive Noodling: A channeled ability that deals continuous damage to enemies in a wide PBAoE around you.
  • T8 -- Up To Eleven: The biggest nuke available to this powerset. Deals high damage and a DoT to enemies in a wide PBAoE around you.
  • T9 -- Showstopper: Smash your fucking guitar on Lord Recluse's face and kill him instantly. Consumes all of your Showtime stacks; if you have 100 or more, it also disorients!


Archetype Specific:


  • T2 (Dominator) / T6 (Sentinel) -- Face Melt: A short ranged PBAoE cone that can knock enemies back
  • T4 (Bastion) -- Headbanger: A wide reaching PBAoE attack that deals minor damage and can do a brief hold to many foes at once.
  • T8 (Dominator) -- Power Slide: A targeted AoE attack that teleports you to a location, dealing damage and knocking foes down.
  • T8 (Bastion) -- Bass Booster: A wide reaching PBAoE attack that deals decent damage and lowers enemy resist against smashing damage, as well as whatever damage your current genre does (if you use Switch Genre)
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