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RP EVENT TONIGHT!! Joker's Wild!


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RP EVENT: Ahoy, Seadogs! Dock up at Joker’s Wild this Friday for a night of Rum, Rogues and Rapscallions! It be our first Party for Pirates! Doors open at 6 Bells and straight on till dawn! Drinking and Dancing and Derring-Do in the Isles! Do ye think ye know the tales of da sea? Then take part of the random questions that be presented to ya all night and if ya right ya be getting ya shared of some nice booty! ((10million inf)). See if you land lubbers can find me buried treasure pieces spread about the club. Come back at 12 bells ta see if ya can win the 20 million treasure chest. ((RP Event Everlasting Basecode:JOKERS-5378)



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