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Minor supergroup display bug with the new update


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One odd thing I've noticed with the new patch is a display error when you're editing permissions in supergroup bases. It's not updating the titles on the storage or other item permission fields if you change them in the supergroup settings, nor does it change if you log into a different character in a different supergroup. 


For instance, if the rank titles for one of my supergroups is First, Second, Third, etc, and I change the name of one of the titles, it keeps the old one on the permissions list. It also displays those exact same titles if I log onto a completely different character in a different supergroup, with entirely different rank titles. The only way to fix it is to log completely out of the game, and then back in. The first supergroup you log onto 'sets' the display for the rest of your time logged in.


It's not gamebreaking by any means, but it's certainly annoying if you jump around between characters in various groups.

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