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Shift or Ctrl not working


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Your knowledge and experience in these guides and help have spread creativity throughout the COH players. Visiting some of the bases created by players is inspiring.


I have question about the following commands:



Shift = Hold for vertical movement

Ctrl = Hold for horizontal movement

Alt = Hold for spin

Shift + Alt or Ctrl = hold for 360 spin

F1 = Cycle through grid sizes

F2 = Cycle through snap angle degrees

F3 = Enable or Disable room clipping

F5 = Cycle through anchor points (floor, wall, ceiling, surface)

Shift + Tab = Cycle through visible items

Ctrl + Z = Undo


I press the shift or Ctrl nothing happens. I am not able to lift the object. Has anyone experienced this? But my mouse clicks and scroll can turn the object around.

Is this something I need to readjust in settings somewhere?

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3 hours ago, refertilizer said:

Are you placing the item first? You must place the item first..then pick it back up and the controls will work.  I thought the system was broke for me but this was my issue.  Hope its yours as well.

Thank you for solving this mystery. It works!

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