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New to some of the newer sets, can someone help me out with a Rad/Bio?


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While I haven't played those sets individually, I have played them seperately.

I'm currently playing a Rad/Fire brute for fire farm and a TW/Bio scrapper.  


Rad/ is nice because you get to spread contamination around which makes your single target attacks proc an aoe which spreads MAOR contamination around, yay ! Also boasts a damage aura and some pretty nice AoE attacks in the later part of the set.


/Bio is one of my favorite defence sets to play (along with /Shield Defence), but it's not for everyone because it is very clicky heavy. You get a shield clicky which gives +regen (ablative) . Next you have DNA Siphon which drains end and gives you a massive boost to end recovery depending on how many targets you hit. The ult, Parasitic Aura is kind of Ablative Armor and DNA Siphon combined. You also get a damage aura which stacks with the Rad/ one.
The best part of /Bio is that you get 3 stances, Adapation,  which allow you to do different things better. Until you get your caps sorted out it's best to stay in Defensive Adaptation when soloing, once that is sorted out though you can easily solo with Offensive Form (25% damage, +7% tohit) or Efficient Form (+regen/recovery) depending on your end consumption. Playing as Titan Weapon myself, which is very end hungry (eats about half a bar of end to use all 4 AoEs back to back in momentum), I don't even need to be in efficient form because DNA Siphon gives back so much end.

Also unless you like looking like a crablobstermonstermutantthing, you might want to toggle the minimal fx setting in the costume builder

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Bio is super tough, very easy to cap resist. More expensive to permahasten, but that is the route I went. I let incarnates take care of most of my def or use purples. 


WIthout incarnates and PA up in defense mode, I sit in a full spawn with 74 smash lethal resist, 154hp sec regen, 8 end recover per second. Non smash lethal damages I resist 20-30. Defense averges about 30. 1846 hitpoint, and you get another 1300 or so in abosrb. You lose about 100 max Hit points and 10% resist in Offensive but I get 46% damage buff. 


When Parasitic Aura is up (outside of iTrials), you are almost unkillable and can't run OOE. 


Ablatiive is up every 25 seconds for me, throwing in another 25 hp/sec regen and 1046 absorb plus the heal.  Siphon (also 25 seconds) give you an instant full bar of green and blue plus some more regen. 


Very clicky, very active. You have to time the Sipon and Ablative right so you aren't getting squashed during long attack animations if the difficulty is cranked up. 


Bio wilts against single hard targets. You need lots of critters in your PBAOE to feed Siphon and PA. Ablative still works just fine, but end management gets tricky and dropping to Efficient is probably not a very good option unless you have a hat full of purples. 






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