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  1. Now that they reduced the casting time on Full Auto and Ignite you now only have time to get a drink while the animation happens instead of having time to go to the grocery store (4sec to 2 and 2.5 sec cast time and even then it's still on the long side), the main problem with Assault Rifle is still there: It doesn't have Build Up. Pairing it with Devices is even worst... that one doesn't have Aim... People do it for thematic reasons (ie: Duke Nukem/Rambo cosplays) more so that it being good. The lack of Build-Up, Lethal being the most resisted type in the game and the awful animation
  2. You need to use Aim more often, it is a great boost to damage. Whenever I go for my T9 Nuke I pop Aim and Build Up for the extra boom factor
  3. Range enhancements are amazing in cone powers, but they do little to nothing in anything else. Swift and Hurdle can't take anything other than +run speed/+jump, not something that helps you deal damage, not to mention that these are incidental bonuses you get from slotting defensive/heal/endurance sets. I usually reserve CJ/Hover for single enhancements that gives global bonuses since the rest of what they give it tiny. Adding procs to an Iceblast type power is pretty basic for dealing damage and I don't see why you wouldn't do it while still getting maneuvers, tough and weave
  4. The key point here is "When people talk about builds" If you aren't talking about your build we can't know what you are doing with it. When people talk about builds they are usually talking about how to optimize it and defcaps are the first step to optimizing a build
  5. Go have a look around the various AT forums, there are basically 0 builds that don't aim for some sort of defcap and the that you will find that aren't defcap in some way are asking for help to get there builds there
  6. That's where you're misunderstanding. "Letting DPS slot for DPS" isn't nearly as good as you think it is. Powers have caps to how much damage you can slot in them. No matter how much you want to jam more Red enhancements into powers you get severe diminishing returns after 95% (IIRC) Even if you decide to get a bunch of aux power pool attacks instead of Leadership and Fighting you still run into the action economy. Once my primary attacks are finished being on cooldown, there is no point in using other attacks from auxiliary power pools because they typically deal much less damage per cl
  7. Here is the build I am currently playing. I used to play with the Mu Striker pet but I respeced out of it because it frankly was too much of an investment: it along with all the other pet slotting for +def and +res auras for what it was doing (IE: not much). I only even 6 slotted Call to Arms here because I needed the AoE Def bonus. For attacks, I spam the AoE powers Venom > Suppression > Frag For Single Target I only ever use Mu Lightning and Longfang, they recharge fast enough to only use those two (with venom grenades thrown in for -res ofc) Channelgun is there to mule the set an
  8. Here is how you can tell if it's perma or not: First activate the power by lighting up the green dot on the right, then look at the duration/recharge values.
  9. I almost always try to build for perma hasten on nearly every character I make, it's not just a Dominator thing
  10. I sure wish Masterminds didn't have a wet noodle tier damage multiplier, a face punch Mastermind build would be hella fun
  11. Wow, just wow. Never though I would hear that online. Talk about having a victim complex, please get over yourself
  12. It's possible you didn't use the right codec in you video editing software, try these settings here. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en#zippy=%2Cvideo-codec-h
  13. Buddy, the fact the ice melee exists doesn't change the fact that OP is talking about Ice Armor. Just because you exclusively pair Ice Armor with Ice Melee doesn't mean that everyone else does
  14. Hello @Neiska ! Looking over your build it's not going to be a great experience playing it, The main problem is that you skipped way too many of the low level single target attacks. Psionic Dart and Mental Blast are some of your bread and butter attacks. Dominators are heavily geared towards single target damage so skipping those will give you some boring downtime when you are trying to kill bosses ! Especially if you ever want to do some lower level content you would basically have zero attacks to use. Also your Defences weren't high enough meaning that you would be very squishy and woul
  15. That is normal, it will usually take several hours for higher resolutions to be available when you upload to Youtube. Standard practice is to upload the video as unlisted and only list it once the higher resolution processing has finished on their end. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/71674?hl=en
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