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  1. @Acheron If you want a fun alternative to Blappers, look into this build here for Fortunata Widow. You get 3 nukes, a ST and AoE Hold, a ST and AoE Confuse, 2 ranged ST attacks and 4 ST melee attacks to use when it's time to kill bosses. Additionally you get status protection and a bunch of defensive powers to help keep you alive.
  2. Dark/Shield was always something I have wanted to make but I always pushed it back because Shadow Maul wasn't that interesting a power. With the new changes I'm super excited to try it !!
  3. Oh dang, reading the description I was 100% sure this was changed to a telenuke ! guess not haha
  4. Shock Therapy looks like it's going to be a really fun set !! I see it's available for Defenders only right now, but will be eventually be available for Masterminds, Controllers and Corruptors ? It seems to be like it will be a fantastic set especially for Masterminds. Between the self heals, the absorb buff, the build up and the status protection it would (will?) make for something great I think !
  5. Presently, none of the Mastermind sets have a melee attack. Your options are going with the Fighting Power Pool and get Kick, Boxing and Crosspunch. In addition you can also go down the Charge Mastery Epic Power Pool for Thunder Strike, Leviathan Mastery has Knockout Blow and Mu Mastery also has access to Thunder Strike along with the Charged Armor toggle. That being said, the Mastermind class scales damage at a 0.550 ratio so nothing you will be doing with your MM will ever hit harder than a wet noodle
  6. I run with Mu mastery on mine. Mu Lightning hits really hard, recharges really fast and it has a split second animation, I replaced Channelgun with it in my ST rotation. I have Electrifying Fences but it is unslotted and only there to give access to the Mu Striker pet. I posted the build I use in this thread, which has some other build examples and more in depth discussion about the other patron powers
  7. Those builds aren't available on newegg.com, you can probably find them elsewhere for a similar price, just note down the specs and look for other manufacturers to see if they have anything in that ball park Here is an example build from ibuypower https://www.ibuypower.com/Store/AMD-Ryzen-5-3rd-Gen-Configurator/W/880550
  8. Alpha, Destiny and Judgement slots are all great. Alpha is like a 7th slot for your powers Judgement is a super sized nuke which i like to use a lot. Destiny is either a "I need this to be able to function and I can never do exemplar content" skill with Ageless, or just an "oh shit" button with Barrier and Clarion (which is super nice for the squishies) The rest of the incarnate slots are very mediocre imo Interface is a tiny proc that is fairly forgettable, I usually slot it because I can and it doesn't cost much since I usually have threads laying around once I'm done with the other slots. Lore is also largely forgettable, however having that big Longbow (I think) Robot on call is fun to watch. Mostly invested for level shift than anything else. Hybrid is decent, but nothing particularly exciting, just a button I need to toggle back on every once in a while. Good thing it has a passive component because I forget to toggle it back on a lot. All in all I like the Incarnate system. I like having the level shifts, I like the 3 "good" slots. No clue what could be done to spruce up the 3 "boring" slots but I don't feel it's that needed since the 3 "good" slots are REALLY good and easily carry the whole system
  9. Spines deals mostly Lethal damage, the Toxic part is the small DoT effects that the powers apply
  10. I was in a Synapse run last night that ran 3 hours 11 minutes at the end screen. We had 3 people just pack up their shit and leave about 30 minutes in, then 1 guy DCed for 2 or 3 missions, luckily he came back and finished it. We finished with 2 Blasters, 1 MM, 1 Sentinel and 1 Dominator. Once most of the people left I set the missions to -1/x5 and we were able to finish without wiping. All in all, other than the massive timesink it took to do it, it was pretty fun, we had to use actual tactics to clear, notably corner pulling and CC. Still would class Synapse as the worst TF though
  11. Seigmoraig


    Any set that has a second endo recovery power will do well with TW. I would personally suggest /Bio since it also has an endurance/heal clicky on top of the auto power. Just make sure you activate Minimal FX on the /bio powers because they are ugly as f Titan Weapons is a big time endurance HOG
  12. That's nice on paper but in reality you always have people who just want to sit around and not do anything while the rest of the team does the kill tasks. Most of the time when this happens and it's their turn up to bad they are AFK and it needs to get done by the people who actually followed the quest progression and put in their elbow grease. Between Ouro portal and enterbasefrompasscode there is no real reason to station people in different zones, it's faster if everyone helps to finish each mission
  13. Confirmed, they do stack. Ninja Run doesn't stack with Combat Jumping and other powers from travel pools
  14. This is pretty out dated, but back in september 2019 the least played combo to level 50 was Merc/TA
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