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Bug ? targeting drone and snipe define out of combat differently


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Not certain if this is a bug or just a communication error but targeting drone and snipe apparently don't agree on what constitutes out of combat


Testing on an Archery/Devices blaster blaster


Your Ranged Shot snipes Test Dummy for 675.65 points of lethal damage!

Your Ranged Shot snipes Test Dummy for 337.82 points of lethal damage!


Both of these results are from out of combat ranged shot with targeting drone active.

Is there an internal timer for  targeting drones build up effect ? That isn't mentioned ? 

If it is meant to be operating on different rules than the snipe would it be possible to get a buff bar message indicating when it was available the same way stalkers have the hidden message ?  (please for heavens sake not another small buff icon in the crowd of small buff icons that the buff bar has become, my old eyes would have a very hard time following it)


On a related note Rain of Arrows only gets the build up effect for the first tick

You launch a Rain of Arrows!
Rain of Arrows: HIT Test Dummy! Your RainofArrows power had a 95.00% chance to hit, you rolled a 55.47.
Rain of Arrows: You hit Test Dummy for 190.08 points of lethal damage!
Rain of Arrows: You hit Test Dummy for 84.97 points of lethal damage!


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