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  1. You know the minute that happens there will be a line of people queuing up to demand it be nerfed.
  2. Sorry my fault I should have said as the pet. Thank you for that
  3. Are you using waterspout as a pet and with or without procs if so ?
  4. This is much my feeling that each player will have their own time profile depending on their playstyle.
  5. Some times for the data I haven't had much time to test these lately, or for that matter to actually play the game but here are some data points. 1st Seeing as I had an Archery/Tactical arrow blaster on Pineapple that I hadn't put any IOs into the build yet I thought just for the sake interest I would load her up with SOs and see how she did Start 2019-09-21 20:30:33 You activated the Snap Shot power. Dead: 2019-09-21 20:36:19 No Idea how deaths without a self rez should be scored Pulling out the War Mace/ Will Power First two runs 2019-09-21 20:41:24 You activated the Clobber power. 2019-09-21 20:48:54 You have defeated Heavy Punching Bag 2019-09-21 20:59:09 You activated the Clobber power. 2019-09-21 21:06:04 You have defeated Medium Punching Bag Oddly enough the third run wasn't so lucky and he died twice 2019-09-21 21:08:59 You activated the Clobber power. 2019-09-21 21:10:12 [Local] TW argument: <color #010101>dead 2019-09-21 21:10:21 You activated the Resurgence power. 2019-09-21 21:14:18 You activated the Resurgence power. 22019-09-21 21:16:17 You have defeated Medium Punching Bag Something which only cost him a minute or so on his time Just a note the blaster was taking groups as they were placed and was not using any immob or hold except electrified net even so progress was rather abysmal.
  6. Probably for the best. We now have a reasonable framework in place to actually test the sets, that should be interesting in and of itself.
  7. Well something I do know his fix, didn't just break some MM pets but affected every pet in the game.
  8. Dude he broke a lot of things for no discernible reason. And thank you for your service, but the situations aren't comparable. Too focus it, imagine how badly it might go if for some reason the DoD decided to take a bunch of planes that were all really good at their job and replace them with one that would do it all and according to the contractors be cheaper for everyone. That's the kind of thing we are talking about.
  9. You see it would be a logical fallacy to point out that and your prior posts have been made in bad faith, but everyone can easily understand why passive aggressive posting is a sure indicator that someone is pulling a fast one. In the real world credibility is a very important thing. Edit: Most people also understand that using logical fallacies to shut down discussion generally isn't a good thing.
  10. I played lots and lots of blasters on live and the only times I had end issues were when a nuke crashed my end bar. I don't recall the snipe changes making it to live. Either way that only affects sets that have snipes. Not all do.
  11. Man If TW can get a proper giant scythe instead of that axe thing it has, I don't care how hard it gets nerfed.
  12. Well that's because you're argument omits quite a bit and is a good example of why it's a bad idea to let anyone buffalo you with arguments about logical fallacies. The position was that people had agendas some announced, some unannounced and others they might not be fully aware of. If you have a thread that calls for a nerf from the start, calling for higher levels of scrutiny and higher standards of evidence is perfectly valid. Tell me how would you look at a climate change study funded by Exxon ? Or a study on how to fund space exploration put out by Boeing ?
  13. Castle really wasn't the best at "just fixing" things. I still remember his just fix of the Mother Ship Raid.
  14. This is kind of basic in software development and is the difference between a solution and a kluge.
  15. And my post has nothing to do with climate change except as a caution for how extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, also how things everyone knows can rapidly be "Proven" wrong, and be replace by new things everyone knows. P.S. I am pretty happy that powdered wigs and wearing all your clothes at once to demonstrate wealth are no longer things either.
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