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Incarnate Salvage and a 'mini' alpha'

Razor Cure

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Once you have your Incarnate goodies built, the salvage is pretty useless. T3 Everything is really all you need, with all the others being gravy. And those wont take long with 50+ leveling. But after that..it all just sits there doing nothing. Of course, some people will want to make EVERY lore pet etc..but most wont.

How about a conversion for threads/emps/astrals to Reward Merits, in some ratio. And for incarnate salvage to Invention Salavage. Say 1 rare IncS into 5 InvS or whatever.


Also I think its a bit of a shame that a Super Incarnate toon, getting all those cool powers, can;t actually benefit from them when lower than level 45. Not everyone Ios a toon to the gills, or boosts/catalyses every enhancement then have. So sub45, they really aren't getting anything.

I was thinking a Mini ALpha..after the Well has granted you favor, favor that helps even when in the Time Stream (oro) or Ex'd down, just with a weaker influence than at 50. Maybe doing what your alpha is, but 15% max.

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