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Flight/Afterburn animation requests

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I'm sure this has probably been requested before but I did a quick search and I didn't see it so I figured I'd post a few things I'd like to see from the flight pool that may or may not even be possible and see what you guys think.  I'm a huge fan of minimal and noFX animations for powers and if I could get it I'd like that for every power that doesn't effect an enemy, especially for the Barrier incarnate and various Sonic abilities.  Those legitimately hurt my eyes and make things hard for me to look at.  Failing NoFX options an option on Null the Gull to disable graphics from such powers would be the bees knees.  BUT that's not what this is about.  Here's what I'd like to see from Flight and Afterburner.


1: An alternative animation for flight that uses the Hover animation with the various bright/dark/noFX options.

2: NoFX Afterburner.

3: A version of flight that doesn't interrupt flight enabled emotes so we can fly in the various heroic and villainous stances.  I'd love nothing more out of flight than to fly like Darkseid or Magento.



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