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I thought I had lost all record of my characters. BUT, I was posting on another forum to make sure some friends knew it was back and I found what I think Is a pretty complete list.



White.Lightening L45 MA/SR Scrapper

CyberGod L42 Bots/FF MasterMind

Spartinator L40 Eng/Eng Blaster

Cold Fear L28 Mind/Mind Controller

L'Ankou L28 Dual Blades/Will Scrapper

Clix L24 Inv/Str Tank

Pesanteur L17 Grav/Kin Controller

Bub el L16 FF/Eng Defender

Deadly Teddly L9 Arrows/Will Blaster

Dark Teddly L17 Corrupter

Furry Flury L14 Brute

Lierre De Poison :7 Dominator



Azure Flame L9 Fire/Ice Blaster



Magnus L27 Bots/Rad Mastermind

Burn Patch L12 Fire/Fire Controller

Molton Frost L10 Fire/Ice Blaster

Sim Hero L8 Peacebringer



Death.Blade L7 Stalker

Man.Machine L15 Bots Mastermind



Blazing.Fist L11 Fire Tank

Molton Frost L13 Fire/Ice Blaster

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