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Ghost of Scrapyard and You - Potter's Field Edition

GM Sijin

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Ghost of Scrapyard and You

Potter's Field Edition

By GM Sijin


Scrapyard not spawning on your server? This guide should help you get past that. If you just want the 'how to' skip to section II.


I. Understanding how it works

Soon we will see a new spawn method where you can get the Ghost of Scrapyard to spawn by defeating Scrapyarders in the zone. Until then, or if you want to spawn him the old fashioned way, here is what you need to know regarding his Potter's Field spawn location, which seems to be the problematic one that gets stuck.


The protesting Scrapyarders will spawn randomly at 4 general locations and make their way to the rally point near Scrapyard's spawn point (green circle). They travel along paths as roughly outlined in the below image. Once they reach the rally point they will pick up signs and then path back to their spawn points. On this image the spawn points on the right side are straight north of the rally point which is the large tree in the graveyard with metal 'signs' around it and the sledgehammer statue nearby.


The Ghost of Scrapyard will only spawn if a large number of protesting Scrapyarders (hint: it's more than a single person can aggro) are within the rally point at once. Scrapyarders that are not part of the event do not count.

Needs confirmation: Uncertain if the protesting Scrapyarders will count if they are in combat. Also uncertain if they have to have picked up signs to count.


Okay, but why doesn't he spawn normally here?

The short answer is because not enough miners gather in the rally point at once.


The long answer is that there's a lot of enemies they can encounter on their way to the rally point, and a lot of terrain they can get stuck on. Compounding this issue, the miners will return from the rally point to their spawn points after getting their protestin' signs, as already mentioned. Because the rally point requires so many of them to be within its radius at a time to trigger the spawn, what tends to happen is only (part of) 1-2 groups wind up being in the radius at a time. This is caused by them getting stuck on terrain and/or getting delayed/defeated by normal zone spawns. This results in situations where you have protesters that spawned, made it to the rally point, wandered back to their spawn point and probably a bunch that are stuck on the hills, as those circled in the image below. Another ~6 are stuck at the bottom of the hill in this example, obscured from being shown in the image.



II. 'Fixing' the spawn

You'll probably want at least two high level/damage players, but the more you have that can follow instructions, the easier the last step will be to pull off successfully. This may be very difficult to manage solo as a caveat, except maybe for an incarnate+ level character.


Your tasks are fairly simple:

  1. Clear all non-protester enemies out from around the spawn points and the paths the protesters will take to get to the rally point
  2. Optional: At least one player parking near the rally point will prevent the majority of respawns along the paths, a good job for a lower level/damage player. This can help in case your kill squads get far enough away that respawns can happen.
  3. Now the hard part: As many of the protesters in both north and south locations, including ones stuck on rocks/walls, need to be defeated as quickly as possible without aggroing any newly spawned protesters. For this reason it may be best to pull the protesters a short ways away from the spawn points if possible


Occasionally the entire spawn of miners will be on one side, in which case the other side should still have one person there to prevent normal respawns from aggroing any protesters that respawn on that side.


The goal is to get as many of the newly spawned protesters to arrive at the rally point at roughly the same time as possible. If this is done correctly the Ghost of Scrapyard will spawn.


Alternatively you could try to aggro and drag the protesters into the rally point. This'll require at least two people. If they count while in combat, Scrapyard should spawn fairly quickly if both people are near aggro capped. Let me know if that works! If not you can try to disengage by flying straight up and seeing if they'll count once they drop aggro, though they may spread out significantly.

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