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For future reference from the Code of Conduct:


Contacting GMs for help


All of our GMs are volunteers that are donating their own free time to help the community and they receive nothing in return. That said, if you can resolve an issue without the help of a GM then please try to do so before asking for a GM to get involved. If you encounter a bug in-game such as your character getting stuck, your mission not progressing, or the floor disappearing then please contact a GM.


The preferred way for players to contact GMs is through the Homecoming Bot on our public Discord server. To view a list of active GMs and the Shards that they are on, use the "!gms"command in any help channel on Discord.


You can use the "!help [MESSAGE]" command in the help channels or in a DM to the bot and your request for help will be passed on to the GMs. When asking for help, please include your Shard, your character's name, and the problem that you are encountering. Alternatively, and only if you must, you may ping or DM a GM on Discord.

I'm out.
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