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  1. So what time does the Halloween event start? It's 7/7 where I am (CST)....
  2. I'm definitely interested in long skirts. I db hacked one in Paragon Chat and I miss it terribly. 🙂 This part was a Talons skirt with a mask for the ragged hem which I used sometimes and other times left off for a straight edge.
  3. Atlas Park is beautiful, I love it so much. Had to drag the spouse in and have her log into Atlas and she too did "oooh! ahhh!" like me. My compliments to the decorator(s). And I also would love lighted evergreen trees for my base.... 🙂
  4. Do you have Vanguard merits? Craft a Gr'ai Matter every day for three days. You can convert Gr'ai Matter to 1 shard each.
  5. Hi! Please consider adding a new discussion board topic here for things Incarnate. Similar to the Archetype boards, it would be a place folks could post and check for information, suggestions etc. There are a couple of decent guides, but I have specific questions I'd like to put out in the hopeful likelihood someone knows the answer and it hasn't made it into a guide. Example: Paragonwiki says Lore pets can be controlled from the pets window, but while they have one, I haven't been able to set stances or give commands with it. Also, attempting to use /petcom gives the error that there are no pets, when there are. Paragonwiki says Lore pets obey /petcom commands but nope. An Incarnate board should draw the right eyes and interest to supplement the information in the Incarnate guides available, and also be a place where folks can discuss what they tried, why, etc. Anyway, please consider it. Thanks!
  6. I love the Halloween window decorations and the spooky green window lighting! If this was on live, I don't remember it so it must be new?
  7. What about Praetorians who wanted to be villains? I have a Praetorian level 12 who just wanted to be a villain in the redside. I talked to Null the Gull and did not get an option to switch to anything else. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck for 8 more levels (or a re-roll)?
  8. I would be in favor of this. I miss the CoX holiday events every year since shutdown. Matter of fact xmas is about the only time I get on Champions, just to open presents, but that version is very lackluster. Yes to Xmas in July, how about Halloween in June? :)
  9. Silk, is there any difference in the length/size of the files that play and don't play? In other words, are the ones that don't play longer/larger files? I was wondering if there is a file limit...
  10. I typed in /sgmusic "BangBang" The sound file is BangBang.ogg and it is in the cox/data/sound/ogg folder. No spaces in filename. Thanks for replying. I would love to get this working.
  11. Yep. Set up the folders. The file is .ogg (I used GoldWave to covert from an mp3]. No spaces in the filename. When I run the command, I get the response that the music is now (myfilename), but don't hear it, just hear the ambient sounds. And I checked the music channel in options. Any other things I can check?
  12. Was following Silk's posts hoping to solve my problem but alas. I also checked my options and made sure the music channel is turned up. No spaces in my filename. I'm stumped, any suggestions?
  13. Thanks to whomever awarded my character the badge. :)
  14. I'm hoping this is the right place to request help on this. I did the Fortune Teller mission from Hugo Redding but did not get the Spelunker badge. Bug?
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