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For members of The Dawn Patrol SG and those interested in joining.
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  2. Are you guys taking back old members ? Played a long time agora with Domgeorn, cant remember the year, uses to patrol with Scarlet Scorpion , Shriek, Capt Cymru, Ultranova , Crimsomstar , Major Britain, and the Shield of Paragon Coalition folks
  3. Thank you for your interest in The Dawn Patrol! We are a roleplay heavy supergroup on the Everlasting server of Homecoming with a strong tradition going back to the early days of City of Heroes when our founder asked if we could use the name from lore to form a similarly themed SG. We have since evolved into the Paragon City chapter of the original Dawn Patrol and thus we accept a wide variety of heroes and origins. However, we do expect you to do your homework before applying with us! If you are unfamiliar with the story of City of Heroes, please read here. Please be sure you know the origins of The Dawn Patrol. Our roleplay style as a group is described as People Who Are Heroes. Please be sure you understand our Roleplay Guidelines and our Rules and Regulations. If you feel you would be a good fit with us, please fill out an application and create a new thread in the Applicants section with the title “Application: <hero name>” Next, please join our Discord server and post a link to your application in our #applicants section. Once the officers have had a chance to look over your application, you will be invited to add us as global friends and will receive an invite to our in game global chat channel. We encourage you to begin chatting with us on Discord in the meantime. It is our goal to recruit the player as much as the character, so OOC interaction is as important to us as IC interaction. We want to make sure you are a fit with us both in and out of character. Please be proactive while waiting for approval! Chat with us OOCly, watch for when we are forming teams, and come to our events. We are all busy people with families and lives outside the game and it is easy for you to fall through the cracks if you just wait for us to come to you. Show us that you want to be involved by being involved! Also, once you have been approved and begun your 30-day probationary period, please post on your application when you team with us or attend an event. This helps all of us keep track of your progress. Looking forward to getting to know you! ~@One Hit Wonder, Field Commander
  4. Hello, I'm Succubus Half. I've been playing CoH since 2009, and joined the Dawn Patrol in June of 2020.
  5. Hi, I'm One Hit Wonder, the Field Commander for The Dawn Patrol. I've been playing CoH since May of 2004 and I joined The Dawn Patrol in 2005. I was given the reins of the group in March of 2020 and I'm also running our subsidiary group, Honor Society, which is a high school for super powered teens sponsored by The Dawn Patrol.
  6. Arena matches with The Dawn Patrol. Community welcome! Meet in the Arena on Peregrine Island on the Sapphire side upstairs by the terminals.
  7. Our weekly RP nights alternate between Tuesdays and Thursdays and begin at 8pm Eastern.
  8. Our weekly RP nights alternate between Tuesdays and Thursdays and begin at 8pm Eastern.

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