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  • Installation Guide

  • Installing the game on Windows

    1. Download the Homecoming Launcher.
    2. Follow the setup instructions and choose an installation directory.


    Note that if you have an existing City of Heroes (from Tequila or another launcher), you must install the game to a new directory. The launcher will also copy over most files (both game data and saved settings, costumes, etc) from an existing Tequila install if one exists.

  • Installing the game on OS X

    1. Download Island Rum here.
    2. Install the game in whatever directory you want
    3. Island Rum should automagically download the client once you start it, but note that your download may be slow at peak times.
    4. Once Island Rum has finished updating, ensure that "Homecoming" is selected, and then click "Play".
  • Having trouble?
    Please read through the extended setup guide here. If you are an OS X user and are still having trouble please read through the steps listed here and here.


    I just made an account but I can't log in to the game, help!

    Create a Game Account here. This is the account that you will use to log into the game. 

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