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  1. I see. Still, it's good enough for my characters to avoid anachronisms. Learn that the Rikti are humans at level 35 (from Steven Sheridan), then see a Lost become a Rikti at level 40 (from Angus McQueen), and then cure the Lost after that (from Montague Castanella).
  2. Thank you very much! This arc tells us that the Rikti are actually humans, but I don't remember if there is another mission that tells us that the Rikti made the Lost into what they are. Is there such a mission? The reason I'm asking this is because I'd like my characters to avoid anachronisms like running Montague Castanella's mission arc to change the Lost back to human at lvl 15, and then at lvl 30+, learn from a mission about the Rikti and the Lost and be like OMG! The Rikti are actually humans and they are mutating the Lost to be like them! Who woulda thunk it? I treat the leveling process as my character learning and growing. So now, I should do the Organ Grinders before doing Montague Castanella's arc. Are there any other mission arcs I should do before that, to avoid anachronisms?
  3. Which mission or mission arc is it, in which the player character learns that the Lost are intimately linked to the Rikti; that they are transformed by Rikti technology?
  4. Just curious, what travel powers do you take, or do you rely on temp travel powers to get around? On my Natural Origin heroes, I use rocket boots or the jumping boots on the costumes to give a reason for why they're flying or leaping around.
  5. My memory is fuzzy, but I remember not liking this zone at all, but would slog through the arcs on every character because the witch costume pieces were available only after you've done the arcs or something, or I did them to unlock the TF. Anyway, it was a zone that I just had to hold my nose and get through for the sake of the rewards.
  6. Yeah, I vaguely remember something about it, like it'll go, "Radiiiiooooo!" before you get any leads to the next mission. I zoomed past it on my current rogue because I was using 50% xp bonus.
  7. Playing only roguish missions is turning out to be more difficult to achieve than I had expected, because of the system of contacts needing to be introduced. Playing the mission arcs I have missed through Ouroboros is an option, but I'm hoping to level up my character by never having to do anything truly villainous while also doing the roguish mission arcs at the level they were intended. So far, I've been mixing in alignment missions to help with the feeling of being a rogue.
  8. I see, I'll try that. On a related matter, I was doing Alignment missions and the rogue choice really struck me as more villainous than the supposed villain choice - Smooth Metal. The text says the villain choice is to steal the rest of the rage-inducing metals and plant them all over the island to cause mayhem, but in-game, you only do the stealing part. The rogue choice has you lie and tout the metal as impervium, sell it to Blast Furnace who needs it to repair his armour, and then wait for a bounty from the RIP to put him down when he goes on a rampage. I feel that the rogue choice is more villainous, especially since I had learned from my hero alt that Blast Furnace needs his armour to keep himself from losing control and exploding. I picked the putative villain choice the next time I played this Alignment mission.
  9. My rogue is now level 23 and I've run into a problem with playing just rogue-like missions from roguish contacts. I often need to work for a certain contact before being able to get work from a roguish contact. For example, to get Operative Vargas, I need an introduction from Lorenz Ansaldo, who seems really villainous. Using the Find Contact button doesn't give me some of the roguish contacts. Is there a more direct way of getting contacts that I don't know about?
  10. I'm in Asia and the Canadian servers give me 340 ms while Reunion gives me 250 ms. I've lived with 250 ms from when I played SWTOR on West Coast servers, so Reunion plays fine for me.
  11. Thanks, everyone, I've got more clarity for my upcoming Rogue's career now!
  12. Thanks, @Chris24601, for sharing the ins and outs of leveling up a Rogue. I normally don't like failing missions, but I may just have to, to stick to being a Rogue. What is your opinion on the Patrons?
  13. Yeah, his backstory makes him seem the least villainous. But I have a lot of time to decide on the Patron.
  14. Ah ... and so far there are 2 such Rogue-only contacts? I hardly ever played Villains to 50 back then and I assumed Sciroco would be less villainous than the rest. Never expected Black Scorpion to be the least villainous of the bunch.
  15. Ah, I see. And there are dedicated Rogue contacts?
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