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  1. Since the build is using a personal attack I figured I might get a little mileage out of the damage set bonus (+3% of no damage is still no damage 😛 ) and it was more for slotting the A/D and E/D than the rech on the enhancements themselves. Really as long as you have the Expedient pet aura in there you can drop in any two enhancements of your choice that provide A/D and E/D
  2. See Statement #1! Seriously though while I'm happy to organize and consolidate the information, extensive testing of everything personally isn't in the cards. In addition to the things in the thread already I've tinkered with another dozen+ various projects on the test server that didn't produce results worth mentioning. My drive for actively testing is a bit low right at the moment, but I am happy to add any information anyone wants to submit to the thread so we have good comparisons. Frostweaver also hit a very valid point here in that it would not be a direct comparison though it sounds like Brigg has a 49 S&L Farm on the way for us soonTM !
  3. Necro is a fairly versatile primary. It's got soul extraction to mule, extra control from the lich and the -tohit will give a nice little boost without specifically requiring any secondary to leverage it. There is also some built in healing so that leaves you less feeling like you're locked into a secondary with healing. EDIT: I am in agreement with STJ above that an AOE heal feels like a requirement to me. I get nervous not having one in a MM build. Cold, Dark, Nature, Rad, Thermal, Time and Traps should all do pretty well with it. You're already familiar with my thoughts on /time, so we'll just skip over that. Of those I would probably put Dark and Nature at the top of the list. The others will likely all perform well, but when things start to go bad they're going to be very bad very fast and very hard to recover from short of just completely disengaging and starting over fresh (hah, fresh zombies!).
  4. A second round of testing came out 2,305,892 and 138,353,543 so it looks like it might be a very small improvement. Since the base number was 2,300,107 the gains are very small and could just be RNG variance.
  5. Personal preference. I almost exclusively solo my masterminds and while that little damage bonus is nice it's not worth a power pick to me in most cases. I find I get much more mileage out of Distortion field, time stop or whatever. There are some builds where you could easily swap out the travel power or the attack power or something like that and pick it up without having any serious impact on the build, mostly just a matter of tailoring things to your own preferences.
  6. Well, keep us posted on how your project comes along in getting that up and running. The current MRB team is focused on a windows program that has always been a windows program. They seem to make every reasonable effort to make it accessible to other OS, but that's not what it was developed for or written to accommodate. Throwing snark and an entitled attitude at people doing amazing work for free just because it isn't being developed in the direction that you personally want is pretty bad form man.
  7. They do indeed This is pretty much completely unneeded in most cases for farming. I think that one or two of the builds may have +5 recharge slotted into hasten but even that should be unnecessary once you have ageless to T4. Your damage will already be well into ED, ACC shouldn't be an issue on a farmer, end is a non-issue on a completed build and Rech should be more than sufficient for a gapless attack chain, especially once you consider buff recasting into the mix. In short, the only reason I can see to +5 most things in a farming build is to really drive home the point that "I have more money than God". I haven't tested but it might be worth looking at to see if the raw damage outdoes the debuff. EDIT: Tested the Rad/Fire with T3 Degenerative 75% chance for dot. Results 2,313,464 p minute 138,807,875 p hour. Very slightly above current numbers but within variance. Will probably try to test again a time or two when I have time.
  8. So it looks like we now have the option to toggle on Protector Bots and see the effect their defense buff would have on the MM, which is very cool. Unfortunately, I don't think that the one probot bubble will actually give me 40% defense in game. Also, probots are still not allowed to slot defense set IOs which they can in game.
  9. If you are planning on farming exclusively it won't matter in the least little bit. If you plan to do any sort of content outside of farming and may exemplar then attuned will be the go to for anything that isn't a purple or pvp IO. Personally, I just do attuned out of habit. That way should I ever decide to strip a character those IOs are useful to me for other characters.
  10. I'm not up to digging through past threads and caretaking such a thread but I would be happy to contribute my MM builds to a project like that.
  11. Sometimes... AE is just finicky like that. Everything will be set correctly and it just won't work right, still giving you level 50 numbers. When it does it to me I leave the TF then toggle both the XP and the Exemp XP settings a couple of times, then reset them to where they should be and apply. Completely close the client and relaunch. This usually fixes it, but there have been times it didn't and I just gave up, but then it worked correctly with no adjustment to settings when I log in the next day. I think it's just another example of CoH spaghetti code, I've never seen any concrete reason or foolproof solution to fixing it when it happens.
  12. Yeah, it's not 100% clear on that because of then followed by clarification that separates the two. The main reason it seemed out of place is that the dual blades cones and Cross Punch have the same range and the DB cones were hitting the RWZ target dummies on both sides (3 total, center, left and right) while I couldn't get cross punch to hit a second target at all regardless of positioning.
  13. This is an instance of two different uses of the same word. The macro to fire off my attacks in order is a macro on my logitech programmable mouse which sends keystrokes to the active window.
  14. Very cool! Would love to see the build and your times and such when you get done. I don't *think* that the 48 bit is going to have any real effect on things, I'm not sure if it's just an earlier version of the farm and it wasn't synched on test or something but it's that way for me as well.
  15. Quite specifically, as I laid out in my post, that's how I play on live. When I start a new character I get them into the 20s and then buy attuned sets for everything I need for the build up to level 50. In order to have any sort of valuable point of reference I wanted to recreate that same level of building while testing the tanker. Since most of the tanker players are more interested in laying out hypothetical situations than testing, I tested in a way that I would have a valid experience that would give me perspective to compare to what I am already familiar with. What I don't see however, is your personal testing results.
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