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  1. I'll toss my 2 cents in here on ED: Frankly, I loved it and hated it at the same time. Mainly because, my main (a level 41 Energy/Electric Blaster at the time) was already slotted for ED. It literally did NOTHING to my build or my influence when it dropped. Until the IO's and Set Enhancements came out, as well as Wentworths. By the time those happened, everyone knew that slotting for the effects was more beneficial than just 6 slotting with 5 damage and 1 accuracy in a power. It made the IOs more valuable, and it made the Set Enhancements ungodly expensive. So, I loved it because it forced some people I played with who wanted to go all cookie-cutter 5/1 slotting to rethink how they made their awesome builds.. and later I hated it because those "useless" set enhancements now had a massive worth. Even now, unless it's my tanks, I always plan to slot for ED from Outbreak, it's why I make builds that aren't supposed to work very well into survivable, and even later in game, amazing damage dealers. Pre-ED, I had a Dark/Dark Scrapper.. NO ONE wanted to team with him because they figured it was a wasted team space. At least until they saw him run in almost tank mode because no one could hit him due to slotting debuffs into everything. ED allows you to really get creative with your builds, to work those secondary power effects, and really maximize your playing potential. I've always been glad ED was introduced, even with the higher cost of "useless" set enhancements :)
  2. not a Dev, but I can possibly try to help with some tips (other than yellows).. what's your build and level?
  3. Hey Everyone, So, again, Massively Overpowered has posted yet another article about how OUR community has been plagued with actions from players, either against other players, or the DEV team, or even the servers themselves. I almost exclusively play on Homecoming ( I have at least a presence on every shard), and I'm wondering if anyone's seen this sort of "toxic behavior" that we all keep hearing about? So far, I haven't. That's with doing more than 100 DFB's, at least a dozen TF's, more story arc missions and radio missions than I can count, and on 24 different characters. I have yet to find a time where I can't get into a team with people that enjoy the game. I have yet to see anyone harass another player or blow up chat. I've yet to see anyone even start an argument. Good natured discussion, even debate on builds, has happened, but no one's gone all "road rage" on someone else that I've seen. Getting into a team is a breeze most of the time (unless your in Praetoria.. not sure why it's so sparse there), and players of old (like myself) are helping new players constantly, as well as making sure we lead by example on how, and more importantly WHY, Our Community is so strong that even 6 years after a game was shut down, we still crave it, outdated graphics and all. So, I guess my question is.. is MO really over-stating something to draw hits to it's site, or am I just obliviously happily not on when the snerts arrive? Let me know your thoughts, in between killing skul's that is :) PseudoCool
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