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  1. Pretty much, Phantom army is not holding him agroed enough, so he come and 2 shot me (feel like one shot) Also, dps on the tower was an issue. It's been a few days, so I dont recall everything, but best I was able to do was like 50% and then for some reason I was not making lot of progress. Most likely, I lost Lore pets and was doing too many things at once and not enough dps.
  2. I just changed it on cityofbadgers.com Thanks for you both for reporting it.
  3. ok try that again when you get the chance ?
  4. oh, thx for reporting I will look into it
  5. So lets see some photos of my last vacation.... this is me face planting on a solo STF: I sadly cant beat it 😞
  6. Hey folks, I have added a "Delete toon" feature: Once logged, from "My Account" Select the toon to delete Click on the "edit" button click on the "Delete / trash" icon: Confirm the deletion by inputting the toon name: and voila:
  7. The other day I was doing an ITF and someone was wondering why we would not have a badge for defeating X Minotaurs/Cyclops
  8. Options: Windows Tab, Scroll down, Beta Features section: Chat Timestamps
  9. xeaon

    I27 page 2 badge

    Thanks a ton, You make it so easy for me, it's criminal 🙂 I just updated cityofbadgers.com thx again, your the best
  10. xeaon

    I27 page 2 badge

    So the new badge is named "Complicated" ? I guess I could get the badge and check the description, but knowing myself it might take a few days 🙂 Did anyone have an hold of the image of the badge and have the description?
  11. No, there is not, unless you ask me directly. You are not the first to ask about this. Maybe I should add such a feature.
  12. Oh a side note, I was very dumb on the 4th mission. Died a few times against Miss Lib and wondering how I would be able to beat her. Only to realize after a few try I completely forgot to use the Orestle Rifle on her. Not my brightest moment 🙂
  13. had to try with my mind dom, but took some times to have the proper motivation, and by that I mean, be bored enough to even try , hehey 🙂 this time I used those Signature Summon pet, cuz why not 🙂
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