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  1. Hi Ejlertson, I see you folder is "C:\Games\City of Heroes\temp" but the name of the file is not clear to me, I would guess it's "settitles 2500.txt" (while when you download it from the site the proposed file name is "coh settitles 2500.txt" ... the file name you pick in the end only matter in terms of matching it in the bind command). Assuming, the file name is indeed "settitles 2500.txt" once on disk, the command line should be : >> /bind_load_file "C:\Games\City of Heroes\temp\settitles 2500.txt" Let me know if this help.
  2. I installed the new Launcher this morning. And then I tried the lastest CityOfBadgersClientTool (2020-10-23 version). It worked fine for me, I only have to point to the new folder: (I should fix the possible match tally... one of those days, its count some badges in double at that step) Publishing works too:
  3. Maybe I'll install the new launcher and see what is happening.
  4. I have removed the Homecoming validation. New version on the site, download section: I haven't tested the new launcher myself. Hopefully the file structures for log files are the same.
  5. The client tool is written in .Net framework, therefore wont work on OSX, at least not natively. I don't have a Mac myself, so its hard to test it. I've heard of https://www.winehq.org/ but never tried it myself. I have plan to revamp the tool at some point, maybe even rewrite it in Xamarin ( this will be a good excuse to learn more about Xamarin ). From what I gather, with Xamarin, an app. can be installed on PC/Mac/Android. But regardless, I would need to understand how the files are structured on a Mac... as in are the log files in the same file structures as in a PC ? Side note: maybe at some point ill buy a certificate for the app. I know some antivirus complain when you try to install a non signed app.
  6. I know we had this issue in the past, so I wonder if you have the most up to date CityOfBadger client tool? Else, the new launcher might have affected how the files are structured, and the code to make sure you are a Homecoming user is not working anymore. Maybe the simple fix would be to not have such a validation. I just had in mind, maybe some folks would try the tool on another private server and pollute the data, with non Homecoming stuff. The probability this happen is prolly slim... Please let me know if you do have the latest client tool. I'll figure something from there.
  7. I'm afraid soo. you could toy around with changing read access and what not, but I would not recommend it. If you reinstall the game you wont loose your account/toon(s) progress. Just an hassle to do one time.
  8. GM Cyclone will be missed. I did not knew him much, but we teamed together at time. I became aware he might be a GM because of one funny incident. I wanted to share: I believe it was back in April (2020), Sara Moore TF was the weekly (odd its the weekly this week too). We were in the middle of it and as usual we were being pretty silly. I was recycling an old joke, at some point I died, and I was whining the game was broken, that all my attack were not working (I'm sure you guys saw that lazy joke in game more then once). I complained and said I would petition. I never did, it was just to be silly. at that point I received a tell from a GM out of the blue: (Hint: Purramedic was in the team) That was the most funny thing, I knew he knew it was a joke :) Anyways, I felt like I had to share this. Rest in peace!
  9. So I was talking to Parsi this week about mind doms and what not, and long story short we were talking about solo solo LRSF. My mind dom just got 50 (after many months for not working on him) but still not have a lot of incarnate... anyways, while discusing the topic I was wondering, why not try with my Ill/rad:
  10. Let me start by thanking you guys for keeping Mids up to date. I just ran in something and figured I should post it in here, so you guys can verify if it's me that need moooar coffee, or a real glitch. Catalog the issue if need be and maybe sometime fix it. So here I am trying to do something stupid and slot -tohit set in Terrify on my mind dom. Not a great pick, but heck the bonus help me toward my goal. Mids allows it, so i guess it's the same in game... Only issue, the game don't want me accommodate my crazy plan:
  11. I'm sooo sending @roy 20 inf a few times in a row 😛
  12. I just saw your post. I'm glad it's working for you in the end :)
  13. So you were able to find and resolve the issue?
  14. Hi folks... I have fixed the badge orders and added a search feature in the main badge listing:
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