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  1. Actually, I run both with no issue. Hell, I have lots of things open at the same time. What you're Probably dealing with is the game running at full FPS in the background with the app in the foreground. To help deal with that go into the Tequila launcher and add "-maxinactivefps 5" to the launch parameters without the quotes. This will drop the game to 5 fps while in the background and seriously help reduce the GFX memory load you may experience. I think that did it, it was running pretty crappy before, and others I talked to were having no problems, this fixed my problem immensely, thank you.
  2. Ognar


    Update, I was on an alt and realized I needed a few EMP merits to finish a T3 Alpha. Logout/in to another alt and when I emailed my first Emp, it had still had that same amount in the email from when I was testing it earlier. On a possibly related note, I have also switched alts and have it take a few minutes for the AH to switch to that alt. It would show the AH from the previous alt. Sometimes it will take multiple zonings for it to adjust.
  3. Ognar


    I had posted this in the Discord and was told to post it here instead. And you have already. To put it in my words. If you reply to an email to send your lowbie some inf from your 50 (as many people do), replying to another email, be it your own or another person will duplicate that same amount of sent inf. Not sure if there is a time limit or not. I have done this on multiple occasions and it is easily reproducible.
  4. I run Pines on my laptop and it runs like sludge. Anything I can do to speed it up? I expect its coded in Java or something equally horrible. Really getting into speccing out builds now but it can sometimes take 2-3 seconds between each action, doesn't sound like a lot but try pausing every time you slot an enhancement.
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