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  1. The term "solo" is largely up to interpretation. You can EASILY solo the major tfs - Posi 1,2, Synapse, Citadel, Yin. Manticore is a bit tougher with 2 avs, but can still be done. Numina is very simple to solo. The key is to find something to "tank" the AV while you dish out damage. Your options: Summoned Pet from p2w, Vanguard Heavy (HVAC) that you get for 150 VG merits (or is it 250?) or a lot of other options - like the temp fire shield from Stephanie Peebles, or the Cryonic Armor from ..I want to say Barry Gosford. Or just purchase a kinetic dampener from p2w. The other things you need to do are to have a build that has some defense so you're not hit every time. If you don't, you'll need some lucks, the bigger the better. But the more defense your build has, the longer your characters can last. You also need to understand strategy when facing certain AVs. Marauder, Nosferatu, Protean - don't stand in melee with these - do them at range. Kite them, fly overhead and blast them. As you play more, you'll learn various tips and tricks to fighting avs. I can't speak for everyone, but I suffered a lot of dirt naps before I learned how to handle them. It takes practice.
  2. So, what you're saying is you want a brute.
  3. That is simply a bad decision on your part. Sands of Mu is a power that can't be enhanced with IOs. Ergo, no accuracy! It's a fine attack if it would hit more often than not. So - you simply take it out of your attack chain at level 12 or so and forget it exists.
  4. Time is our most precious resource. I can accumulate money, but I can't accumulate time. (unless I'm in prison, I guess) So, I like to get things done sooner, rather than later. So, Ageless is my favorite because it helps me get things done sooner. Rebirth, Barrier - these two are nice - but mostly situational. I tend to use these for the benefit of those in the league/team, not myself. Clarion is a nice crutch, useful for Underground trial and MSRs. But in typical tfs/missions - I never use it. Fortunately, we have the option to make them all. Incandescence has really only one use - shard tfs. Other than that, I can't fathom why anyone would waste more than 60 threads on it. Interface is ...well, what needs to be tweaked is being able to see the damage or debuff it does. I check my combat logs and I see "Interface hits Tyrant for .00005% Toxic damage", but I honestly have no way of knowing if it actually does anything unless I check there. I can see my ATO proc work. I can see the Panacea work. But I can't tell that interface does anything outside of the combat log. Hybrid - I can at least see in Combat Attributes that it does something, but this should be an auto power, not a toggle. We have enough buttons to mash already. Judgement - Who can complain about a nuke? As far as future incarnate powers - if we get them, I am hopeful that the diminishing returns of Emp merits and threads are adjusted accordingly. Before we get more incarnate powers, it would be helpful to have a reason to use them. I know that a lot of people find this game "too hard" and some find it "too easy". We have a difficulty slider, but when you're +3, and the mobs are set to +4, they're really only +1. So that should maybe be addressed first.
  5. I have thought about this...but then I think again. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. I have often thought about making a new character, calling it some fitting name, making a new SG, and announce that I would take any player that wanted a billion influence by level X, all they would have to do is play for an hour a week with their new character with my new character and we'd all do the same things - explores for reward merits->converters. Log off in Ouro at level 2-4 after having placed for sale converters. Rejoining a week later to the next part of making scads of inf. Sounds fine - except for the part where some would say - let's go do dfb! (or something far more fun to them than sifting through AH looking for recipes that can be bought for x, only to sell them to the vendor for x + y.) I wish I'd known about the forums of CoH when I first got the game in Issue 3. Seriously, I never knew they existed until someone told me. I literally had no idea that I was clueless. I thought I was doing quite well. Did a respec against the sky raiders, and I was the only one who wasn't losing endurance. Turns out, I wasn't slotting 1 acc, 5 damage. I was slotting one of each DO or SO that the power would take. 1 acc, 1 dam, 1 range, 1 end recovery, 1 recharge, 1 of ...and when I came to a power that took 8 kinds of enhancements...I'd asked how I could get a 7th and 8th slot and explained what I was doing to a teammate - then I got educated. Poor fellow had no idea how clueless I was, and neither did I. He said he was sorry, but all he could tell me was to go to the forums, because he didn't have the time to explain things, and referred me to the forums. Learned quite a bit on the forums! But it was also then that the game became more about math, and less about fun. No good success goes unpunished, I suppose. I'm more than happy to explain to anyone how to make influence if they want to know. But how to slot, how to play "well"...that I won't do, because I've really no way of knowing if my way of slotting or playing is any better than anyone else's. (I have a hunch I play more efficiently than most, but probably don't have nearly as much fun because I do most of it solo.)
  6. It is indeed crazy how much inf is required to slot DOs and SOs without help from a level 50 alt. I think that struggle was by design to encourage teaming, because nobody could really afford to have all the enhancements they needed unless they had a lot of debt to overcome (which slowed down leveling) or simply went without enhancements of any kind in the very early levels. It was pretty much only through team buffs or taking things very slowly that you could get through the content, as I remember it, before IOs.
  7. Maybe this isn't the right place for this - maybe it is. This game has a lot of what I would call "Devoted fans". That said, there are a number of them that don't play that often because they're simply bored. My main, Ukase, sits in Ouro, awaiting new content. There is no mission that hasn't been completed with him, except for those not available through Ouroboros. Except...AE content! Back in live, there was a player named @PW, short, I presume for Police Woman. Saw them a couple of months ago on an iTrial, but I digress. PW came up with a few good AE arcs. I would do those missions simply to see what the fuss was about. Some of you may already be doing AE content outside of farms, I have no idea. I know a number of them are created for farms, others for specific badges. Some maybe for challenge or fun - I've no idea. But I thought to myself - the only arguments I can come up with for not doing AE content: XP nerf - maybe, if a mission can be made with multiple damage types being dealt by the npc, the nerf can be avoided. No idea if that would be possible. No Reward Merits for completing an arc - no idea if that can be addressed either. Recruiting would likely be slower, as most players simply have no interest or knowledge in player created content, aside from the popular farms. So, my suggestion is this: In lieu of, or in addition to, have player created arcs (4 or 5 missions) that are well received by players (ratings, I guess) win more than silly tickets, but an actual influence prize via a contest. 5 billion, or 10 billion, something outrageous that would motivate all but the richer farmers to make new stories. I would put 2 billion of my own influence just to see how creative folks are. The judging of this would have to be by a few random players and some of the dev team. Or some other mix that would be fair and not biased. And the winning arc would get regular xp, and not be nerfed, and possibly a fair amount of reward merits. Maybe even incarnate salvage if that's possible and level appropriate.
  8. I have no issues with 20 to 1 - but in defense of the Hamidon raid - despite it looking so simple, there is a fair amount of coordination that goes on. Certain teams have certain tasks - at least on Excelsior and Torchbearer and Everlasting. Not high enough on Indom to say. MSRs are virtually mindless mashing of buttons, as long as a healing/buff area is established. There's just not much coordination required. You do raise a solid point with the recruiting time, though. It's painful to sit there and wait as long as the actual MSR before you start it.
  9. I am ...well, sad that it's not in effect, but glad to know that it's not in effect and doesn't work. Thanks for clearing it up in my mind.
  10. I guess it may help to share some context. For a month or so, I led hami raids with this tank on Excelsior, and moved him to Everlasting for a weekend, just to get some additional reward merits and emp merits. No problems, except when I moved him back, the name was taken. Hami Raids are fairly popular. Of the 50 that attend, it is true that probably 25-30 attend nightly. Still, another 20-25 would know the name. Obviously, that's not even close to the entirety of the server population, but it just seems to me an odd coincidence that a name that deals with something as obscure as a one man rower in a boat, someone else nabbed it over that weekend. So, I DO think it's more likely that it's malice than any other potential explanation. Obviously, I can't prove it, and will certainly give the benefit of the doubt - but that would require the person replying in some fashion to my message. I didn't just send an email, but a PM to their global as well. I wasn't rude. I was concise and clear.
  11. True, all possible. Not sure about the scam thing. The only person that stood to get ripped off would have been me. Half up front at best. Or all up front at worst. But hey, I learn every day that all people don't think like I do. But, about the email - when you have an email it shows up in red letters. Granted, if they already had one, they might not look regularly - but I know I look all the time - but that's where I keep some inf.
  12. Why would you say that? I wouldn't think many have me on ignore, as I rarely team up to offend someone. It's possible, but not "very" possible and highly unlikely as I'm unfamiliar with the global name. If I have a negative interaction with someone, I make a note of their global.
  13. When you get a polite email asking if they would give up the name for a large sum of inf, I would expect a reply, even if it was a resounding "Kick Rocks".
  14. This is a fun idea. My problem is I like to park my toons in ouro to get Chronologist first. I know I can clear 400m in a day pretty quickly, just checking in every few hours to craft and convert. I think it might be best to do a dfb with 2xp to get as high a level as you can get in a few runs so you can get the easy reward merits from more zones without trips to the hospital. Those easy converters from merits are a real jumpstart to the big money.
  15. I wouldn't really know if I have a niche - as I have no idea what anyone else is doing. I do think that, presently, I must be the only person selling Shield Walls that are not the 5% resist(all) +TP protection. There's hardly any of them for sale, so I'm selling them at what I think are a fair price, given this ridiculous increase in price for uncommon salvage. I'm trying to keep the prices to 10M, but some crazy person keeps buying them for 12 or 14m. No idea why, but I'm not complaining.
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