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  1. Yay! Appreciate 1) having the updated .mnu file so I don't have to deal with my anti-virus warnings from that presumably sketchy modder site. 2) also appreciate the file being so easily accessed from the first post. It's really a thankless task that often results in some folks letting their frustrations get the best of them and you have to deal with folks lashing out. (seems that way to me from the outside, anyway) So, I'm thanking you which is something I don't do often enough. I did want to share a very, very minor glitch that caused me to panic for a moment. I was checking to ensur
  2. So...DiB, I know with certainty is certainly soloable, as I've solo'd it. I would imagine DFB being the same way, although I haven't done that...yet. I suspect a level 50, exemped, would fare far better than a newer character, but I'm quite sure this is doable. All you need to do is lfg queue for it, and lock it to just yourself. And while this may seem like a bit more fuss than you should have to deal with - you know me in game; if you give me some advance notice, I'll happily either make a new character or bring a 50 in to help you get these badges - on red side, since that seems to
  3. A completely different thread, this thought here! I kind of miss Torchbearer. I got RHW and Avoids the Green Stuff, arguably the two hardest badges to get on Torchbearer, and got them before anyone on Excelsior. Can't really recall, but before Excelsior existed, I think. Or maybe it was shortly after. But Stan Lee! His signing off in the letters he wrote was Excelsior. I remember wondering..what does that even mean? My dictionary back in 1976 ( I was 10) said it was woodshavings for furniture. Now, it has Stan Lee's name in the definition. Upward and onward. Something like that. How could I no
  4. So let me ask you - what metric would you use? What metrics are there? Vet levels? That immediately removes anyone who's on a 50, and there are a ton of players who have hit 50 many times over and playing alts that aren't there yet. Costume? Back story? While indicative of creativity, they don't necessarily show experience in the broad spectrum of what the game has to offer. And, being more than comfortable with my own inability to make a decent costume (that other people like - I like them just fine), I'm inclined to rail against those with great costumes as they suggest ( to me only) that
  5. I know who you are. That why I said you weren't clueless. For whatever reason, you don't see the value in the accolades. To each their own. But - I restate - if I were recruiting for a master of TF and I had a choice between your character - having no idea who is behind the character - and another player with the same AT/powersets but with the accolades - I'd opt for the player with accolades. Why wouldn't I? They would have a greater chance at not being defeated simply because they have more hitpoints. That does NOT take into account skill level at all. There's no way to know that from a PUG
  6. I'm the same way. I absolutely slot ALL of my characters with the numina, miracle and panacea in Health (or elsewhere in certain situations) and they all get the Shield Wall 5%, The glad armor 3% def, the Steadfast 3% def, the kismet 6% toHit (it says accuracy, but we know better) and usually a celerity in ranged ATs and a 4 pts kb prot. in any character that doesn't get that from armor. And, the perf shifter end mod and +end. Also the ATOs - except some tank builds forgo the Gauntleted fist, and some doms may forgo a set as well. Just depends. But by and large, each character gets them if it'
  7. You show me a build that cost you a billion. I dare you! I will find a way to build it for half that. It might take me a long time, particularly if you're making crazy use of 53 Cytos and Micros. You might value a 3% def (all) Glad Armor at 8M, I value it at 4m. Why? Because pvp io recipes at level 10 can be bought pretty much instantly at 3.5-4M, and crafting it is 500-600K. You might look at an avalanche IO as costing 25M. I look at it as costing 7M, because of the winter pack sale. Catalysts have zero value to me, as while they're useful, they cost me nothing to get. Boosters are ess
  8. Nothing sad about tracking your stuff on a spreadsheet!
  9. In my experience, they have all been not "necessary" but in some cases quite imperative. Say you're playing a Blaster. With 3 of the 4 accolades, you get a 10%, a 5% and a 5% increase in HitPoints. That can take a blaster from 1445 to 1685. (I just pulled up a random build I've used on a blaster) All other things the same, I'd rather have higher hitpoints. It's well worth the brief 90 minutes of tedium to get all 4 accolades to me. On a tank where Hitpoints are quite important, the boosts are even more significant, as they're based on %. On a lot of my brutes/scrappers, they'll be sl
  10. So..I ask myself, why does the Snarky want to remain at range? Because he wants to is a good enough reason, but be advised - those rascally NPCs will attempt to close in from time to time. So what's a ranged blaster to do? Ice patch! or freeze ray to stop them from getting in your face. The t-9 is a target AoE with a fairly safe range and it knocks most of them down and keeps them from messing with you. The ice primary is super fast. Once you try it, if you get to bitter ice blast, you will probably not enjoy many other blasters - but I could be biased, having played my ice blaster for
  11. So, noticed I still had 100 winters and 100 rogue packs on one of my characters. Given that Luna was open for business with the anniversary badges, I thought I'd unpack these and put them to good use for a future badger. I should have my head examined. Once/if the nemesis event happens, I'll have 4 characters with ALL the badges, and another 5 characters that are between 600 and 1215. I'm not feeling particularly enthused about badging now, but I get that way after I've finished one, and I recently did. I expect the mood will pass. So..1600 reward merits for a new level 1. There's only so many
  12. The simple truth is that pugs are hit or miss. Ultimately, it comes down to how quickly you can explain things before the situation that needs explanation arises - AND - get confirmation that the explanation has been understood. I can chat explanations until I'm blue in the face (or red with anger!) but I have no control over getting the confirmation. Even in my own sg, there are newer (and older) players that are clearly not paying attention. Tabbed out moving a farmer. Away from the keyboard to tend to ...any number of things. Aging husband, messy toddler, a pet needing to go outside, a
  13. I have felt this pain. I typically find myself one of the last couple that are alive..while all these..these...PUGs are dead...and staying dead, just laying there, as if this defeat has impacted the player in real life. To be fair, I've also seen some use an awaken and quickly plant again. This is why I spend a ton of effort into making my characters independent, not needing buffs or debuffs. None of my guys are going to win dps character of the year, except a fire blaster with a specific build designed with specific teammates in mind. But they are sturdy. This is what I would tell you:
  14. This is an archived site; as such, there are times when I have to hit refresh to get it to load. But, it has all the macros for combining inspirations. https://web.archive.org/web/20120904041854/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=125603
  15. I can only speak for myself. I'm in an ouro arc or tf, so I can't team at that time OR I have the badge for that event, so there's no compelling reason to participate. With Nemesis, there's almost always a reason every time if you're inclined to pursue Freedom Phalanx Reserve Accolade. The thing is - this badge is easier/faster to get on redside, visit Null, and it converts along with you back to blue. I get that for some, randomly meeting in the midst of some spawning hordes is reward enough, but when you can't even target the mobs when they spawn - but the MMs pets and lore pet
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