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  1. The problem with bidding on recipes is that they are then at a static level. Say...level 28. Then the character levels up to 29,30, etc...and the boost that the IO provides (aside from set bonus) diminishes compared to what an attuned version of the same IO would provide. In short - the new player would have to then learn how to sell one non-attuned and buy an attuned for roughly the same price - with different characters. In short - it's annoying for me - who is familiar with the process. I can't fathom trying to get a newer player to understand how to do it. In any event, he's all straig
  2. So, as some of you know, I was attempting a "drop" challenge, where my character would only slot items that dropped, or craft recipes that RNG graced my character with. And, of course, the defeat/delete penalty. Like this one, no p2w, but also no use of merit vendor or AH, except to sell. I gave it a good try. 5 characters - with mixed levels of success. My best effort was level 21 before getting clobbered in First Ward by an EB. I'd like to think I know a lot about this game - using tricks like completing SSAs for an SO, instead of the merits. So, I figure I'm going to table that chall
  3. I looked this morning, and 15 of the GotA were for sale, for at least one of them. It's a set I largely ignore, so was unaware of anyone selling/listing them routinely. The guide I gave to the fellow is not on these forums, and covers things in a way that a new player should be able to follow it, as I list specifically the steps I take, which sets I think will sell for a good price, and which ones I tend to avoid, and why I avoid them, and a lot more. Hopefully, he finds a way to get through it, and it doesn't suck the fun right out of the game for him.
  4. So...a returning player...all the way back from issue 2, maybe, crossed my path today. The fellow had found a build on the forums and had gotten his crab to 50, but was more than a bit overwhelmed with IOs and such. So, I helped him out, but not too much, where he'd have nothing to work towards, and then I get this tell asking how he should get Gift of the Ancients when there weren't any on the AH. Long story short, I explained how I would get them - but that some patience and come converters would be my tools to get it done. So I ask you, marketeers: We all know intuitively that t
  5. I've made a few new characters that may be worthy of this list. Lola Palooza Layla Palooza Lila Palooza All three are a bit of a play on Lollapalooza, the odd name of a music fest, in addition to: lol·la·pa·loo·za /ˌläləpəˈlo͞ozə/ Learn to pronounce noun INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN a person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive.
  6. This - you can do now. Left click on the channel in question and scroll to "set color" and pick the color you want.
  7. I never understand threads like this. This game, that so many of us missed...and missed a lot...some of you just want to change it. I fully get that folks might get tired of the same content. But - there's still a ton of it, and a lot that many players have yet to experience. Sure, there might be some options the costume creator could benefit from, but heck, my wardrobe could benefit from more options too. If I'm gonna play a game of "What if", it'll be about money.
  8. "Cost of recipe: 2.6mm" The cost of the recipes are free! At least, for me. That's the whole point of having the afk farmer. But, at least I see where your numbers differ from mine. Granted, everything has an opportunity cost, I'm in agreement on that. We both get where we're going, just use slightly different methods to get there.
  9. I'm missing something. The cost of crafting is as you say, about 500k. The salvage is always free, or you don't craft it, until it comes from the rng. Or are you crazy enough to buy salvage? No wonder you're broke. (j/k - I know you deal in bulk, and who has room in inventory for 50-100 of each salvage) Seriously, the only price I pay to craft anything is the cost of crafting at the workbench. (490,400k unless it's a purple, but I don't sell those, just stash 'em.) Granted, there is opportunity cost of about 600k in salvage (current prices of rare salvage being higher than 500k f
  10. I have ZERO sympathy for low-ballers like this. It's common that Unbreakables are worth, and sell for 3-4m. Curse these lowballers! Be a bid creeper for one item if you must, but for multiples? Shame! You know what they're selling for. Pay the price, or bust out your own converters. When I say lowballer, I refer to the intended bid price of 2.6M instead of the standard price of 3-4m, usually much closer to 3m.
  11. So, my new brute, spines/regen is a lot of fun. Unfortunately - while stamina only just turned into an issue at level 17, accuracy is a huge issue. (I haven't taken the recovery power yet) Back on live, on Liberty, I had played Spines/regen scrapper (post nerf) and recall enjoying it quite a bit. This experience isn't much difference - except, in the back of my head, I know that HP is a big factor in regen rate. And the rules of the challenge are really inhibiting the best nature of this secondary. Add to that...defeat was suffered in my pursuit of an Accuracy SO on the SSA arc out of Skyway
  12. On the bright side, the dfb on blue side and the dfb on red side - much to my surprise - are identical. Run the dfb on blue, then go see null and proceed as a villain. Yeah, I get it - it's distasteful to do it that way, but it's an easy enough solution and there's no waiting for people to figure out if they want to do a dfb on red side. While I get that there are some that enjoy red side - to me, that's for good reason. The view is horrid, the content isn't that great - both of which are subjective - and there's far fewer zones to get the free merits from explorations. My red crawl to
  13. I tend to "crush" any content, with most characters - when I slot them in a typical fashion. It can get trying when I see the IO recipes I can use drop - and not have the salvage for them, and to have SOs drop that are useless due to the wrong origin. But, if I cross that line, then next thing I know, the game is easy and dull again.
  14. Well, for me @Snarky, there's only so many times I can do a dfb. It's just so dull after all these times. And while I don't discount that the buffs and SOs would be useful, I wonder about the utility of the first couple as you'd outlevel them, I think, by the time you'd finish. To me, the adventure of being solo has more benefits than penalties. Up until this challenge, I've never tasted defeat solo. If I thought it were overly difficult (and not interesting) I wouldnt' do it. So, I say, suit yourself. To me, I literally have ..almost 1000 very rares in my base, all crafted and ready to go
  15. @LockeValken The Sisterhood is a group that uses an in-game chat channel. They may or may not have a discord, not sure. They're a fine group of folks; used to play with them on Liberty back in the day. I'm not in game at the moment, or I'd try to look up the name of one of them. I think @QP is one of them, or at least would know whom to refer you to. To answer your question, there are a number of sgs on Excelsior that use Discord. Cosmic Council is one of them. You would, in fact, be required to join their discord and read the list of rules in the publicly available Welcome and Rules chann
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