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  1. They look identical to me. Same shade/color, some ring of white on the outside. Same burst design on the icon. Identical. But - I hit enter - and here, I see a difference. In game, I don't. They look the same, I promise, not trying to be contrarian. Maybe it's my eyes.
  2. This is really quite silly - and may have more to do with my eyesight than anything..but, in a mission, I attempted to use burn while following a teammate I had targeted. More to keep tabs on where they were, but in any event, it was so strange...burn wouldn't execute. In white letters, "invalid target" kept displaying. I thought, "strange", burn doesn't require a target. It finally dawned on me, that I was mashing Fireball instead. I tend to do fiery embrace, burn, fireball in my attack chain, and somehow the two got switched. Or I put them in the wrong place after the latest respec. Either way - the two powers look EXACTLY alike. I'd like some difference between them.
  3. There's a Monty Python one-liner that goes, "I've really suffered for my music. Now it's your turn." And then he began to play his guitar. I honestly think that when some of us struggle through something like all the crafting badges or the dreaded ouroboros no-enhancement, no travel power badges that we genuinely want others to suffer through it as well. I can understand why someone wants everyone to do things that certain way. Misery loves company, right? The problem, if you can even call it that, is not everyone enjoys the same things in the same way. That's really what it comes down to. And since there's no advertising beyond word of mouth, and there are other private/publicly available free servers also running, it's really not in anyone's best interest to begin to do something that would alienate a fair portion of the player base, as it's already rather slim compared to what we'd like to see.
  4. Just my .02 inf. Playing experiences vary. And a player's opinion of those experiences will vary, too. I think ice/ice blast is incredible. I think fire/fire is incredible, too. Both are great, but both aren't necessarily great at everything one would encounter as they level up and play through incarnate content. Some folks just love their rad/fire brutes in a farm. But outside the farm? I'll take spines/fire. For others, the reverse may be true. I like Shield/Mace tank. I recently got one to 1531 badges, simply waiting for a nemesis event and for Luna to open up her shop in May for the anniversary badges. And I don't even like playing a tank, but I like this one. I have a fire/rad corruptor that is almost just like playing my fire/fire blaster. Almost. What it lacks in dps, it make up for in debuffs. And a small minor heal, with Accelerated Metabolism. I like it a lot. Other than my farmers, it has more vet levels than any other character I have. There's a few folks who read these forums - Nemu, Bionic Flea, and a few others - but it doesn't really matter what AT/powersets - they're gonna build them so well that the characters will be fantastic - when they play them. But if I play them...perhaps not so good. Ultimately, it's all fairly subjective.
  5. Before the blue patch drops and hits, there's a faint outline of where the patch will fall, kind of like Wile E Coyote, seeing a large shadow suddenly cast over him, which caused him to look up and see the large boulder ready to make him a pancake. For any ranged AT, these are simple to avoid. You just keep moving anyway to avoid the invisible swordsmen. For melee, it's a training ground where you learn to joust. You mash your melee attack and then close in and bash her, and then keep moving, circling around her. Saving your longer animation attacks for after you've dodged the blue stuff. As a stone tank, I would guess you'd make a macro or key bind to do this more quickly/easily. Or, alternatively, you'd just taunt while your dps teammates do their thing. Maybe get a few attacks in when you can.
  6. The truth is we do NOT need a CoH classic server. We have, what I call, City of Options. There's nothing stopping you from forgoing a cape until you take it upon yourself to complete the cape mission. There's nothing stopping you from NOT using various costume pieces until you've done the old-school equivalent of unlocking them. Except you, and perhaps a lack of discipline or knowledge of what was required to do the unlock. As for Frostfire, I took it upon myself to promote and lead an old-school style, no 2xp blue side crawl for my sg. We go in, once a week for 90 minutes, collaboratively completing various arcs. We did Frostfire two weeks ago. Half the team doesn't even slot anything until level 22, so things were pretty sloppy and embarrassing, to be honest. Didn't seem to take away from anyone's fun, though. In some ways, what you're after is a lot like badging in CoH. Some folks seem to not do anything unless there's a badge behind it, and others have no issue reaching level 50 with less than 50 badges. Any badges they got was either by accident, or game-given as a result of leveling and reaching certain benchmarks without a thought to badges. Some only pursue stat boosting accolades. Nobody puts a gun to anyone's head saying they have to - but they get to do so, if they want. Same thing with capes, auras and other things that used to be gated/locked.
  7. I do these types of things on my "challenge" characters that are to start with zero, no help from other characters, no inf assistance, zip. When you're level 1, with zero inf, you can't even afford a jet pack to get the 5 reward merits because one badge is on top of the globe. (it can be a hassle asking for a port up there, and besides, part of the challenge is to do these things without assistance.) So, after a few kills to get at least some influence so I can sell an inspiration from the Inner Inspiration power, I'm inclined to "nickel and dime" things for a while until I have accumulated enough inf to do some marketing at a more appropriate price-level.
  8. Yeah, things like this are why I stopped selling rare salvage. I'd had a ton of it for sale at what was then a lower than the prevailing price by about 15%, and then they seeded the salvage, which kind of borked the way things were going. We never know what's going on with the market, really. Just a good thing it's not real money.
  9. So...my only question is, How/why did you trust the display? There are a number of times that the shown data is not accurate.
  10. The road to pixel wealth in CoH has many paths. Some are better than others. But, in order to be really helpful, we need more information. How much time are you willing to invest? Do you have a second account? How much influence do you have to invest? (technically, you don't need any) Have you read Yomo's latest guide/adventure, the meandering path to a billion? No point in my reciting it. Look through this very market forum. Some guides even have pictures.
  11. I play some to 50 and stop without incarnate. I play some to 50 +3, t-4 in all slots. Some I play to 50 +3, t-4 in multiple options in slots. (more than 1 destiny, interface, etc.) Some haven't made it to 50, but this is usually because they aren't that much fun, not because of anything else.
  12. Numbers aside, I will be transparent. I have never done an Apex with a melee character, except once. We got the Master, but Apex Mastery is simple. Still, I am reluctant to do Apex simply because of the annoyance of having to move away in between attacks because of the blue patches. Magisterium Trial is another example of where playing a melee character annoys me. Move in, move out, etc. With ranged, I still have to move, but I can attack as I move. It's safer, easier. So, my thinking is that even if math were to not support the blaster, the blaster would still edge out because of the flexibility of ranged attacks vs melee. I do acknowledge that I've played probably 20x more hours as a ranged character than as a melee. So, it could very well by my own playstyle that flavors my opinion.
  13. Ice blast is soooo much better than a silly corruptor. No need to worry about scourge because with ice blast, they're already dead. I've played both. The ice corruptor isn't bad, mind you, but ice blast is still very much the best blast set. I don't care what the numbers say about fire. Ice has far better mitigation as you level. For level 50 play, the fire has an edge, but leveling - I'll take ice every time. The corruptor is good in team play, given the secondary. But, it's also a bit busy, as you have to pay attention to a lot more than just your own hp. You have 1000 slots - make both and you tell us what you think.
  14. I also can confirm an anecdotal experience like this, but also after having parked characters for a lengthy period of time for, say, a day job. Parked a character for a day job. Badge acquired, Log in, run mission, purple. Three times. Didn't happen on the 4th and 5th, happened on the 6th.
  15. Shield/Mace Tank Fire/Fire/Mace Blaster Ice/Ice/Mace Blaster Fire/Rad Corruptor Ice/Kin Corruptor Ice/Cold Corruptor Rad/Stone Tank Ill/Dark Controller Controller and Ice Corruptors would have perma-hasten, the Cold Corruptor would have burnout with heat loss. So, you'd have 6 rains, 3 Blizzards (2, plus the 1 after burnout use) dropping within a very short time frame, plus two infernos with fulcrum shift. So, a pretty big initial blast of damage. 3 scourges to whittle things down the rest of the way.
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