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  1. Ukase

    Cauterizing Aura

    I went with 3 Preventative Medicine, 3 Perf Shifters. The usual heal procs are already in Health. I am fond of PM's Absorb Proc. I won't miss the recharge much. Just threw me off when I checked the Combat Attributes. I still don't know why it accepts heals when nothing shows up in combat attributes. But, now that you've said it, I do get a 30.11 heal every few seconds from it in my combat log. Guess that's why it doesn't show up as regeneration, as it's a heal. Thanks, Nemu!
  2. Ukase

    Cauterizing Aura

    As a player who enjoys playing the Blaster AT more than the other ATs, I found myself surprised when HC opened that blasters had a toggle in the secondary. With ice secondary, it's Frigid Protection. With fire, it's cauterizing aura. While I was considering which IO set to pop in, I noticed that CA accepts heal sets, as well as end mod sets. While I like preventative medicine's absorb proc, as well as most of the bonuses that come with a set of 6, with this blaster, I'm focused on hp and regen primarily. Because of this, I can stop at 3, and either slot 3 perf shifters, or 3 numina's. (or maybe something else). Because I had the Preventative Medicine's in my base, and I wouldn't turn down another 8.75% recharge, I thought I'd check to see how much improvement it would give my regen rate. So I pop open combat attributes, and I look....and CA doesn't impact regen rate at all. I checked to make sure CA was toggled on, and it was. So...why does CA accept Heal IOs if it does nothing to benefit regen or health points? A free mule space? Guess that's it, but I'm a bit puzzled about it, figured I'd ask if anyone knows why.
  3. I've gotten my Tsoo Sorcerers mostly from patrolling Talos, as you suggested. One bit of advice I would add, though, is to use this macro: /macro FIND targetcustomnext enemy alive Sorcerer This way, you can zip around town, and not really be paying THAT much attention, and your target key (by default, it's the TAB key) does the work.
  4. For me, it's Arachnos. Not any one in particular, but the mob as a whole. The Mu drain end, one of those Spider insect types dishes out psionic, some dish out s/l, others dish out other damage types - basically, if you've got a weakness, they seem to find it. BP bug me too, but only at +4/8. I can hang at +3/8. But I've got to pay full attention at +4.
  5. Wider MMO Culture? What the heck is that? Is that a thing? When I got CoH back in issue 3, I'd never heard of an MMO, didn't know what it was. I just thought the game had millions of players. Had no idea that other people would be controlling avatars and playing in the same instance I was. I have never considered CoH to be an MMO because you could play the game just fine without teaming. I don't mind teaming, per se, but I intensely dislike waiting for people to join when I'm recruiting. After a couple of minutes, it really irks me because I could have finished most missions in that time. Just my opinion, but MMO culture doesn't define the CoH player base, because, particularly with HC's version - it's NOT an MMO. Nothing massively about this game. There never has been. Now that I've said that - Crafting, Converting, Selling, SG Building -- that's all legit game play. You may not think so - but you'd be mistaken. It may not be productive in gaining xp, but the better parts of this game have nothing to do with XP, particularly when many have already gotten to 50+3 with dozens of characters. However one chooses to spend their time - it's all legit. Even if they are getting on my irrational nerves.
  6. When you're dealing with Regen, you have to recognize that your regeneration rate relies on your HP to determine how much you'll regen. There's no point to having some great regen if your hp is low. The higher you can make your hitpoints, the more your regen will be. This is why Dull Pain is your friend, because it raises your hit points quite a bit. On my scrapper, it's by about a 1/3. So, for my armors, I use glad armor, 5 slotting it for the 2.25% hp bonus. I even split up the scrapper ATO set in half to get 3% twice. If you can afford to get perma-dull pain or close to it, that's the path I take.
  7. Surely there's a blaster in your stable somewhere....
  8. No, I'm saying that it's a peeve of mine to see several people looking for group when they could be recruiting to fill their own team. It's one thing to want to do a given task force, or a mission, and ask folks to join you. It's quite another to ask to join every active group at the same time. I never said I was rational. I just said it it was my biggest peeve (in game).
  9. Anecdotally, I find my farm brute does better when I change maps, regardless of whether it's Dev content, or AE. Not saying results are poorer over time, only that they are better when I change maps.
  10. You would be mistaken here. Rejected recipe progress was made on my badger in AE maps.
  11. I think my biggest peeve is folks that will say in LFG, for example: Level 50 blaster lfg. What? If you are looking for a group to team with, there's a the Find Member button right on top of that box you just typed in. That's where you look for people to join your team. Or, if you can't see that, type /search (/sea for short). Nobody should be broadcasting "LFG". Form the darn team! If you're not comfortable leading, nobody cares. Simply state that you're new, but you want to do whatever it is in your mission list, or a tf, or whatever it is you want to do.
  12. The thing about lag from a player perspective is that most players won't really know what's causing the lag. Suppose ac9999 had never had any lag previously playing on HC until Derek the Mender goofed up. While it's not proof positive, odds are something in that code doesn't agree with ac9999's system. If that is the case, what is to be done? Sure, all the suggestions made might help. If not, what then? I'm not sure we can ask volunteers to fix stuff the same way we would if were paying for the game. (and actually expect them to do so)
  13. I like to play where defeat actually means something occasionally. If your character suffers defeat - you delete it. I make allowances if I'm on a team with others to finish the task at hand first, but otherwise, respec the IOs out, and start over. Further, I may start at 1 player, +0 difficulty, but at level 10, I raise it to 2 players/+1, level 20 will be 3 players/+2, level 30 is 4 players/+3, level 40 is 5 players/+4. I'm doing this now with a blaster and am level 15. So far, so good. I do not like my chances, as I'm having to get leadership and fight pool long before I'm really ready for it endurance-wise,, but I'll be needing the defense a little more, I think. I am on Goldside now, so I don't foresee any teaming until maybe when I get to red side. I anticipate hitting blue side at level 40 or so. I was able to do this once before - and got to level 50 +2, only being defeated in a DE monster scrum in the Hive during a hami raid. I should've let the tanks go in first, lol. If you really want to go hardcore - don't use p2w. It's been since shut down since I've done gold side content as a lowbie, so this time around I opted for some p2w assistance. Depending on how things go, I may forgo p2w next time around.
  14. A notice of the well can be upgraded to 40 threads, all day. If you no longer need threads, you can, as Apparition pointed out, buy some Team or Super insps. Get the team reds for more frequent sales. Most folks only use the ultimates when pursuing the RHW badge efforts. (Well, that's all I use 'em for)
  15. Must have been back last August or so...I was selling catalysts for 5M each. Good times. It didn't last long, but long enough for me to make a billion or so.
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