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  1. Well, it's Monday now...and I've no idea if you've gotten the answer. If not - what server are you on? Perhaps, inviting someone else may help. If it's Excelsior or Torchbearer, maybe I could help - I've done his arcs with several characters. His first arc is always via Dr. Sheridan, in between the hospital and the Crey's gate in Brickstown. What's the title of the mission?
  2. So, years ago, when the game shut down, I'd asked myself if there were any reason to keep CoH on my computer. Eventually, I deleted it. Some time later, Codewalker (possibly with the help of others) came up with Paragon Chat and Tequila was the launcher used for that. So, I ended up reinstalling the game - but for whatever reason, the installation wasn't neat and tidy, creating a CoH folder, it just all dumped into my documents folder, of all places. I'm able to play the game, I have the issue 23 version of Vidiotmaps - but since I've already got all the exploration badges on my badge toon, I'm not sure a fresh install is worth the time it would take - until I read about various tools used to aid in the creating new characters on Justin server for testing. I don't think they'll work because I don't have any folders from downloading Paragon Chat. (and that's been years now, it may have been a link to something else that downloaded the game for paragon chat to work.) I even have old copies of CoH, CoV and Going Rogue. I suspect using them would be pointless, and I'd have to just use the HC manifest and wait until it's done. Obviously, download times would vary from system to system, and with internet speeds being different - but can someone give me a ball-park guess as to how long it would take? An hour? 6 hours? 3 days? Thanks.
  3. Well, given this game is all about creativity, and suspension of disbelief, poetic license and all that...everybody gets points! But as Drew Carey says in Whose Line is it Anyway, the points don't matter.
  4. I led 2 back to back raids last night, with a scheduled start time of 10pm Eastern. I think it was the previous night, I couldn't get in to the first run, despite being 30 minutes early. Last night, I had planned to lead three - but with the zone caps, (fewer people) it takes longer to clobber GMs and get Hami to spawn. That seems to be the biggest time sink - having to kill GMs for the EoE. I don't mind saying - standing on that big rock waiting for the league to form isn't my idea of time well spent. We only have so many hours of play time! But- there is an element of fun reading the teasing and jokes in broadcast. I used /search to check the hive population at 8:30pm Eastern - a full 90 minutes before scheduled start time - almost 10 people! Then I rechecked maybe 20 minutes later - and almost 30! So, how would things have played out if the leader doesn't get into hive 1? I don't know. Guess I'd have had to wait for folks to get to hive 2...and not sure if that would've been a waiting game or not. Could be someone else would've stepped up for Hive 1, while I'm in Hive 2 waiting for a league to fill. As I mentioned - I don't like waiting. So, I entered at 9pm Eastern. The league filled at 9:28pm by my watch. I share these thoughts to give folks my thought process as to why a scheduled start time simply means "a latest start time" for me. If I'm scheduled to lead, it's my intent to begin when the league fills, as I see no reason to wait for the schedule start time, when it's clear nobody else can enter the zone. If there's a reason to sit around with a full league in a capped zone...I dunno what it is. If someone has a better way, I'm open to suggestions.
  5. Actually, Abe didn't say that first. Unless he's older than I thought. It's from Proverbs 17:28
  6. Well, call me a fool. Since HC CoH came out, I've gotten two tanks to level 50+3, t-4. Tanks aren't necessarily my favorite AT, but if I play one, I want to at least be competent, in build, if not in my own performance. So, I was reading about the recent suggested tank changes...and I came across this term called bruising. This is a term within CoH I've never heard before. How is it that I've leveled to 50 twice and never come across it? I'm wondering what else is there that's escaped my eyes and left me with an incomplete picture of what being a competent tanker is about. I'm familiar with positioning, I've recently learned about punch-voke, and how to take aggro away from a brute or tank - if I've got enough recharge and can dish out enough damage. But how can I tank full advantage of bruising? Given certain attack chains, I suspect even with bruising, using tier 1 attacks is probably not the best dps. Or is it? Is there any recommended reading I should look at? Thanks in advance.
  7. Dooooooom! Can't you just disable it in PvP zones? The problem is - now that we've tasted this treat, the "regular" base tp is awful. What's the point of that ridiculously long, interruptible animation in the "regular" base tp? And what's the point of the long recharge? It was annoying before - now it will be super annoying because we know it's possible for it to be practically instant.
  8. In the "sticky", a post pinned to the top of this section of the forum is a badge tracking spreadsheet. All you have to do is go section by section, and check off the ones you have - which, yes, is tedious. But, once you've done that, you can see pretty easily which badges you're missing.
  9. In the "closest to completion", my progress bar said 14 of 17. If you have 18, I'd be curious what the extra one is. Per Shadeknights reply above, looks to me like there are only 17.
  10. Ukase

    Tip mission badges

    Thanks. I am almost completely ignorant of villain content, so I wouldn't have recognized a villain tip from a normal villain arc. I'll look through the list and run 'em all if I have to.
  11. I can't pretend to know what the code looks like; I've never seen it. I also can't pretend to be a mind reader. Well - I could, but I wouldn't be very good at it. I get the bit with the hive. But I don't get why you'd revert the RWZ cap to 50. Who cares if that's the way it was? They never had a p2w or an IO that made things Insta-cast snipe, either. Yet, we have them. Could you at least explain why RWZ was capped at 50, instead of 75? Think about the 3 task forces that kick off from RWZ. This reversion back to 50 makes less sense than having it at 50 in the first place made. Again - there may be reasoning I'm not smart enough to know - and some things are just none of my business. But you folks have been transparent so far, why not shed some light on the reasoning? I know I'd appreciate it.
  12. Ukase

    Tip mission badges

    I feel quite stupid. My badge toon is level 50 and simply never considered doing tip missions. There was so much other content to do, I'd already outleveled the stuff I really enjoyed, like Striga and Croatoa. So, I ignored the tip missions. Now, as my badge count gets higher, and I see certain badges I'm missing, I'm wondering how I'll get them. There's a number of badges that are apparently given in tip missions. I do not have an exhaustive list, regrettably. Is this available in Ouro? According to Paragon Wiki, it's a level 30 tip mission given to villains. How do I get this at level 50? Hamidon's Enemy - Defeat a total combination of 40 Devouring Earth or The Infested in the Inside Information mission
  13. Apparently there are a number of these channels already created. Not sure how the stats work, but it looks like none of them have more than 13 people in them.
  14. Look - I like reward merits, emp merits - all that stuff. But, I think if we look at the hamidon raid as it was "intended"...the original dev team never imagined that 4 leagues would just bum rush hamidon and win easily. It was never part of the thought process. 50 was the old cap, and now we have to adjust. If it were 100, really nothing would change, other than less lag. The lag was not the primary issue the HC team was addressing with this change. They simply fixed a mistake they made back in May. No more, no less. We basically got to take advantage of it for a few months. As for RWZ, that I could see being upped to 100, due to the multiple TF's that take off from that zone, and other contacts that are being utilized.
  15. A zone cap of 50 for RWZ? This is just senseless. An MSR with a full league will be 48. Now, when someone tries to recruit for this, the entire league at some point will have to move to rwz2. There has to be a better solution. Hive cap at 50? That's fine. Maybe now a hami-o will be worth the effort.
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