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  1. When you say classes needing classes...what you're really saying is that players need other players. This is a fairly significant irritant for not a small number of players. A lot of us are working from home and have to routinely tab out and take a call or do some other work related activity. Or maybe they have kids, or maybe they want to do what they want to do when they want to do it. The BEST thing about HC's flavor of COH has been not requiring players to rely on other players to get things done for their characters. While technically it's "reasonable" to ask - for many the answer to that request is "No". I've led trials within a large SG. I've led them as a PUG. Regardless - they take a long while to gather the bodies necessary to start them off - and that's on Excelsior, arguably the most populated server. In many cases, it takes longer to form the league than it does to actually do the content. For that reason alone, the reasonable ask becomes unreasonable. CoH is no longer an MMO, if it ever truly was. You'd need literally hundreds of players on a shard to cross into that distinction. HC isn't there. My post, to this point, is a major digression from the topic of this thread, I'm aware. I'm also aware that if a melee character is so kitted out that a buff or debuff character isn't needed, then it has to make us wonder what's the point of creating the non-fotm AT/Powerset? I get it. A player makes an emp defender, and wants so badly to be of value, they don't take any attacks until the game forces them, and even then, they take pool powers like TP Ally, Grant Invis and perhaps a few out of the Leadership pool. Then other players chime in that they need to be able to be good on their own before they can bring any substantive value to a team. They can't win! But, unless I read incorrectly, this is the kind of discrepency between various AT/Powersets the HC devs are trying to address. It's a complex problem and I think we're being insincere if we don't acknowledge that some folks are going to be disappointed no matter what the HC devs do, even if they opt to do nothing.
  2. Here's a suggestion. What I've done is make an alt account and create a character called Base Storage Manager. He hangs out in my own personal SG. My alt that's in another SG gets a bit frustrated with not having its own storage space, so I just hand the stuff to the character in my personal base, and then go grab it when it's time to craft. (and also grab salvage needed from my personal base if needed) Yes, it can get a bit tedious if you're going for crafting badges. But other than that..it's been helpful.
  3. So, I read through that, with much interest. There was one metric that wasn't assessed. Which primary was the most fun? I originally had written a vast response, then realized that one question sums it up better. Those tests are interesting, yes. But, ice is sooooo much more fun to me than any other primary. Fire is second. But a distant second. And no math or silly comparison with poorly slotted characters is going to change that.
  4. I like to split them up for the 3% hp buff. I particularly enjoy playing a character with max hp.
  5. I suppose changing a Master's badge requirements at this point would get more than a few folks in a bit of a tizzy, and rightly so. It just seemed to me that if you get a master run - as opposed to another group that didn't - you deserved a few more merits. But, I hadn't thought about the ouro arc challenges for badges, master runs without inspirations, and runs at +4/8, etc. I guess ultimately, the badge IS the little bit extra.
  6. All valid points, that candidly, I hadn't considered. It would be a mess. That's probably why it doesn't work the way I suggested. I'd actually be okay with the master of tfs being +4/8 myself. I probably would struggle to get my build just right in certain tfs, but that would certainly make things more challenging.
  7. This has probably been suggested before - but ...if you get 40 merits for doing Apex or Tin Mage, why don't we get extra merits for getting Master? There's at least a few folks who don't care about badges (I know, crazy, right?) and it would be nice to have something to motivate them to accept the challenge. Maybe 10 to 20% more.
  8. So, when you're coming out of a mission in ...RWZ, for example, when the zone is full, you see: Rikti War Zone - Full Rikti War Zone 2 Why doesn't the game just take us to rwz2 when we couldn't go to rwz1 even if we wanted to? Would love for this to be fixed. A minor thing, but certainly easily done. (I think)
  9. There would be nothing wrong with that. The game is very, very easy.
  10. Thanks, I didn't realize this had been brought up before.
  11. I was going to make a PB on Gold Side...but apparently they're not on option, nor are the VEATs. What gives? I selected Going Rogue..wasn't sure if the PB would be melee or ranged or tank, but tried each playstyle option and no EATs to be found. (Epic Archtypes)
  12. My thoughts went back to being a lowby on live .. before inherent stamina. Blues would be useful in that era.
  13. I realize you're just saving yourself future grief, but ...to me, the ignore feature is for ill-mannered people, not people who just play differently. I enjoy speed runs. But not always. If someone ignored me just because I recruited for a speed run, they might miss out on a clear all Eden Trial. (as time permits, lol). I think you're missing out on some good experiences - but hey, you gotta do you.
  14. I can understand this ...to a point. I was leading a Master of Underground on a couple of Sundays ago, and Excelsior crashed. We knew it might happen because my instructions given in chat weren't being displayed. But -- without Discord, most of the league would have had no idea about the impending crash, as they weren't typing, I was. So, instead of using League, I used Local - which worked for some reason. We were mostly on discord. A few were not for whatever reason. When the server did crash, Discord allowed me to tell everyone to rejoin the event in progress. Without Discord, I would have tried to rejoin it - and done so - but I don't think many of our members would have considered it. Maybe half? I don't know. But odds of success would have been reduced a good bit, I'm sure. Those few not on Discord - they didn't know to rejoin the event. I couldn't remember every name who was on the league, so I couldn't send them a tell. While it's certainly your right to avoid leagues where discord is encouraged, I think you're missing out. You don't have to speak, just listen to what's expected. While I know you well enough to know that you likely have a solid grasp of what's expected, hearing a leader explain things often leads to a better understanding for most. I would submit that every badge in game can be earned without discord, but I would further submit that using discord has made many badges much easier. I also would submit that often, the discord is full of chatty personalities that crack lame jokes, use profanity for no reason other than it's habitual for them. Some of them even pipe in a playlist of music for reasons that escape me. (I turn that music down all the way. If I opt to listen to music, I can do that on my own.) I would also submit that like any other segment of the population, you'll find some experiences on Discord to have value, too. Myself, I don't particularly enjoy using Discord to lead a trial. But, as a tool, it's darn handy. I don't know why reading is so challenging for so many players. I don't know how it is that some folks reach level 50, and don't even know there is a tiny L button to switch to league chat...and I'm sure I don't know why they don't respond to tells, or team chat either. But, I can't imagine everyone has experienced the same things I have, so I now use Discord to minimize the lack of understanding many people have about trial objectives. If I could just figure out pop-menus...but I'm sure I've got not enough or too many brackets..or some other syntax error. Until I do, Discord is the way to go. I don't have enough room to make macros for each step of a master of underground.
  15. Welcome back. I guess I have to be the one to tell you. You're not allowed to stop playing on a daily basis. Aside from deployment, your own death, or major injury, daily play is required.
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