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  1. In AE, I just happened to see this: [NPC] Architect Patron: I think I saw Mirror Spirit in here earlier. She was in his street clothes, but I could tell! Emphasis added by me. Either there's some sort of story behind this comment I don't know about, or the pronoun is incorrect. Maybe both, lol.
  2. I'd like to be clear. I craft every day. I enjoy it. I have never, ever, needed more room for recipes. I seldom have more than 15-20, because I typically sink 10M in the crafting table at level 1. My reason for suggesting it is it would give a lot of players a place to sink their influence. I know of at least half a dozen players who have 100 Billion or so, despite kitting out their numerous alts. They play a lot, they have merits for days, inf for days and purples for days. I know I do. Seems like the more I give away, the better the RNG treats me. When I read in game that folk are spending a zillion inf on the winter packs, just seems to me we could use more places to sink influence. That's why I make the suggestion. It has nothing to do with me needing more space in my own inventory. Salvage, on the other hand..I don't particularly enjoy MSRs, (VG merits for 10 more salvage) particularly when I know half the people are afk with attacks on auto fire...I'd spend 10M to get more salvage space. I'd spend 100M to stash another 100. Sure easy enough to sell it - but invariably, when I sell it - later, I'll need it. But if I can keep it, I won't have to buy it.
  3. 1. Have p2w sell increased salvage storage from whatever it may be on our characters to +10, +20 for some outrageous price, like a million per increase of 1. 2. Same with recipes. 3. For a truly outrageous sum - allow a new bin in the sg bases to stash recipes. Like 20 million to hold 10 recipes, 75 million to hold 50 recipes. 100 Million to hold 100 recipes.
  4. So...here's a few comments/suggestions for dealing with the more ...undesired items in the packs. Candy Canes. I got a bunch of these and used them to purchase badges for my badge characters. But what to do with the rest of them? A few things. Sure, you could just sell them on the AH for a few inf. Or, you could buy the winter gift recipes, craft and convert to Blessing of the Zephyr KB protection that sell for about 2M. Or, you can buy FrostBite, which gives a boost to your dps for an hour. I know a lot of folks who speed run will use these. Every bit helps. We use them on RHW runs, too. The Frosty Aegis, while certainly not desired if you get a slew of them in packs - they are an excellent way to boost defense for challenging content. You have it - you may as well use it without spending Canes on them - but if you don't, it is a use for them. Amplifiers - with all the new sonic blasters running around - why not give them some status protection with the defense amplifiers you got from the packs? The p2w has these, so I often buy 8 hours worth at level 1, because they're cheap at that level. But when you get to 50, the amps are worth 2.5m per hour. You may not be able to recoup your investment, but you can save inf by using them from your email instead of seeing p2w. Experienced - I already mentioned these in my previous post. Tailor tokens - can't trade them, so for me - this is the true trash of the lot. I detest the tailor. As many zillion options there are, there often are still not enough. And my graphics card never seems to do them justice anyway, even at max settings. But, if it's free....go nuts. I won't tell. Respecs - Another trash item because they're not recipes, they're just stashed in your Email. I've never had to use one, but I think maybe across all 100+ characters I might have done 4 respecs ever. But, it gives you the luxury of immediately posting any respec recipe you get for a fair price without worry. Snow Beast - yeah, I have a ton of these. I try to use them with my lowbies. But, I've used them in MSRs before, too. My tanks love them because they add to DPS. My squishies like them because they take aggro that I won't get. I have even used them in Recluse's Victory as a villain trying to solo Positron. (before the latest patch)
  5. @Yomo - this is what I did for the hero/rogue packs. As a key of sorts - you can see the first line is Unslotters. The number to the right is the number of unslotters I got in the 50 packs. The 100,000 $ you see is what a low post price might be on the AH based on what I saw in the AH when I was opening the packs. I don't normally sell any of those things - so no idea really what they usually go for. The 6,400,000 is obviously the expected return, not accounting for the AH fee. As you can see, being a Rogue barely paid in this situation. It would be simple to set up a similar table in Excel, I would think. (this was done about a month ago - before the winter sale, which is why the prices may not reflect current market conditions.) 50 packs Hero 50 Packs Rogue Unslotters 64 100,000 $ 6,400,000 113 100,000 $ 11,300,000 Catalysts 15 1600000 $ 24,000,000 3 1600000 $ 4,800,000 Boosters 9 1000000 $ 9,000,000 17 1000000 $ 17,000,000 ATOs 58 6500000 $ 377,000,000 50 6500000 $ 325,000,000 Merits 550 210000 $ 115,500,000 450 210000 $ 94,500,000 Experienced 11 11 $ - Converter 80 70000 $ 5,600,000 60 70000 $ 4,200,000 Brain Storm 1040 25000 $ 26,000,000 1120 25000 $ 28,000,000 Amplifier 7 2500000 $ 17,500,000 9 2500000 $ 22,500,000 $ 581,000,000 $ 507,300,000
  6. Over time, I believe the law of averages will work for you. Buy more packs.
  7. So, a friend asked me if I thought the price of converters would go up. She seemed to think so, as she sold 1500 of them at 92k over night. I don't think so. Someone may sell them a little higher..and get lucky, but I think with all these packs being opened, some folks will want to recoup their investment, and converters are fairly quick and easy. So I think the price will drop. But, anything can happen. I'm sure many of us have more than enough winter-Os for our alts to last a year, at least. I wonder when the prices of the winters will go back to "normal".
  8. 735 packs: (had to stop. Takes quite some time, especially when you're keeping track) I didn't bother tracking inspirations.) 14080 Brain Storm 7175 Merits 2830 Candy Canes 245 Snow Beast 312 Boosters (Frost bite, Aegis, etc) 93 Catalysts 1323 Converters 542 Unslotters 907 Winter IOs
  9. When friends ask me about winter packs and super packs, I make sure they know that any one pack may be trash, given the amount spent, and they were designed to be an inf sink. It's my opinion that you want to buy 20-100 at a time, let the law of averages work for you, rather than against you. At least it was on sale, and you can get half your inf back just by using the merits and getting converters and selling them for 70k a pop. Also - think carefully about the Experienced. It's like patrol XP, so it essentially is 2xp while you get inf. Looking for a faster vet level? Use that - and consider how much inf you make in those 10 bars of xp at level 50. You can add that to the value of the pack...kind of. In other words, it's not a great pack, but it's not like you got 3 "cards" of inspirations, 3 boosters and a windfall (that pretty much do next to nothing).
  10. It looks as if another badge has found it's way into the game. Snowbound, an Event badge.
  11. I surely planned to - but my internet went down last night early evening, and didn't come back until after the event started. "A cable was cut; we hope to resume service within 24 hours".
  12. So, I was able to open 24 and 2/5 of a pack before the server shut down on me. Would've finished, but I took some notes on the things that were important to me. 540 Brain Storm Ideas (27 rares) 28 Winter-Os 120 candy canes 7 converters 3 boosters 500 reward merits 2 catalysts 3 winter wards/frost bite 7 experienced and a lot of trash like team insps, winter beasts, respecs, tailor tokens. What am I gonna do with 400+ free tailor sessions? I hardly see the tailor after character creation. Wish I could sell 'em or give 'em away. I have no idea how many more packs I'll buy. I love the stuff that's in them - but I tend to use them, not sell them, so I don't often profit. It's more of how much I will save, then how much I'll profit. Hard to gauge how much I'll save, too, because prices are gonna drop on most things. (I think)
  13. Thanks so much for updating this popmenu. I have been relying on it more and more! With Market Crash being the weekly, I can tell super quick with just a click of the macro who's got that loyalty badge and already earned the free purple, and who still needs to grab the free loot! And, as a badger, it's been super useful! Now, if there were just a way for the badge name to link to a url that would explain what has to be done to get that badge (for the names I don't recognize). But that's likely not possible, and certainly not expected. But, I can dream. 🙂
  14. For me, a lot depends on where your badge character is in their badge journey. For my badgers that just needed the new stuff: Gave the Crimson arc a try - first mission set to 0/8, I got 4 sappers. Took me 3 minutes. Pretty sad result, so I went to RWZ, and between the Little Big Top Neighborhood marker along the west side of ...a depression, presumably where the mother ship was sliding in, I was able to use my target macro and find 7-10 sappers along that west side, ranging from badge 8, moving North towards Pt. Du Hoc. A lot faster, easier in my opinion. For the warhulks, got 49 in one single run of the SSA out of Steel, along with about 225 Jaegers. I knew the 2nd part would have more of the same, so I just killed all for the whole arc. Got the hulks at the end of mission 2. And at the completion of the arc, I needed another 200 Jaegers, so I just hunted them in PI; took another 5-10 minutes patrolling the docks. The Super Stunners took all of 5 minutes in Crey's Folley using a target macro. Killed them in melee, they rez'd, killed 'em again. 25 X 2, ez pz. Brutes - Found a ton of them in mobs of 8-10 finding a boss or two in the mix in the Chantry. Found more Natterlings in the Cascades. Maybe 45 minutes. Did a Faathim with a friend on another character to see how many we'd get - and it wan't many. Maybe 250 natterlings, 40 brutes. The immature PPs from the new villain arc: Set mission diff to 0/8 when you're in the council mission, the next one is the crey mission. This way, when you're done with the council mission, the next mission is already adjusted. You'll get 11 immature PPs when you take Hopkins down to about 20%. Five waves of 11. After the 5th wave, log off, back on, repeat. Then proceed to completion. If your badger needs fakes as well - The SSA is still the way to go, imo. But, you could just as easily do the nemesis story arcs and missions that give badges. The Super Stunners can be earned during a Yin, a Market Crash or a level 34-43 blue side respec trial. If you need those long shard tfs - may as well do those before you hunt the Natterlings or Brutes. As for Sappers, if you are inclined to do so - tons of them in the LRSF - the mission with Kronos in it - plenty of Zeus Titans in there, too. Most teams I'm on zip through this part though - so you may only get 2-4 sappers.
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