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  1. Great, thanks! I get paranoid with endurance, but I can see your point.
  2. Seems like Stalkers get the best version of everything.
  3. I'm giving it a chance, but I hear from a lot of haters saying the damage is too low and the bleed mechanic is trash. I believe slotting correctly fixes anything, but is Savage a waste of time?
  4. Zemius of the Frag Junkies reporting in.
  5. Fur collar for tights and jackets, like Recluses.
  6. Great stuff guys. I do like invuln, but it's kinda boring. Seeing elec on here is a nice change of pace though, I might even give that a go. Appreciate your time, gents. Edit: Different accounts on laptop and phone, gets confusing sometimes 😛
  7. New scrapper time! I haven't played Bio yet so I figured it was high time to give it a whirl. Being a def/res mix though I'm kind of lost as to how to build effectively for maximum damage and survivability. I'd appreciate any helpful advice and/or a build I can work with. Purples and ATOs are fine, whatever is most optimal! Thanks guys!
  8. Very nice! I'll give the Fort a try instead, thanks for the advice!
  9. I've got an SS/elec toon that I main, but he is built more for damage and has issues holding up to +4 enemies at times when swarmed. If possible, would anyone mind helping me with a better build to cap what I can (without the t9)? I know this is a res based toon, so defense is whatever as long as I can squeeze my LoTGs in there. Thanks! Edit: I don't care about cost, I just want the most optimal build for damage and survivability.
  10. My new Earth/Dark dom.. Pyramid Scheme!
  11. Thank you! I was thinking Soul Mastery for character concept, so I am glad you have confirmed it for me.
  12. Not used to playing dom/trollers, picked Earth/ Dark for theme purposes. Any advice would be super, what powers to skip, must have, epic/patrons, etc. Thanks in advance!
  13. A glowy-punchy mutated Russian who uses his fists to forcefully convert people to communism. 😜
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