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  1. I've recently been trying both. My SR is now level 44 and my WP is 42. I invite anyone to give their own comments. My SR burned a lot of end, especially in large fights. Sometimes the toggles would drop because end ran out. I also used a large number of greens during some fights, since SR doesn't heal. I couldn't use many toggle pool powers because they would burn too much end. My WP occasionally ran out of end, but not often. I rarely used greens, since WP self heals. I could last longer in fights and keep fighting. I could use some toggle pool powers as well. I liked SR because of character conception, but then I thought that this is a game, not a movie. What I mean is that if you watch an action movie, you can see the dodges and blocks. In a game, you can't see them. I have to use my imagination to think that they are dodging. Therefore, many defensive powers can fit a similar character conception.
  2. Thank you for your reply. You made a good breakdown of my stories. Very well done!
  3. I'm trying to decide which story to use. This character is a female Natural Stalker, StJ/SR. Which story do you prefer? Story #1 The daughter of a magician and a dancer, she learned the arts of magic, illusion, dance and acrobatics. One day, she went backstage and saw her parents with mob goons. She hid as she heard the goons say, "For many years we bought you expensive illusion equipment. We only asked that we use them to smuggle things. Now, you have refused your end of the bargain." Her father replied, "We can no longer do this in good conscience. We promise to pay you back and we won't go to the police. We only ask that you leave us alone." A goon responded, "You can never leave the mob, and there is only one way to guarantee your silence." The goons then shot her parents and left. She ran out of her hiding place and held her parents, only to see them die. She found a trainer to teach her to fight, and trained hard. She then swore revenge against the mobsters who killed her parents. She now travels as a magician's assistant, finding trainers wherever her travels take her and learning more about fighting. Story #2 Born into a Mafia family, she was bred and trained to be the ultimate assassin. She spent her entire life trained in skills of beauty, dance, combat, stealth and many other things. She was good, efficient and always succeeded in killing her target. Her life changed one day when she was assigned to kill a trial witness. She looked at the man and saw innocence and sadness as he begged for his life. This man was different from her usual politicians and rival mobsters. She knew that she couldn't kill this kind man who was trying to do the right thing. She left and decided to give up her life of crime. She would make up for her evil past by helping the weak and innocent. She also swore that she would destroy the mafia for having turned her into what she had become.
  4. For Primaries, I think that a Stalker should have a small weapon or no weapon, so I would choose either StJ or DB. I read somewhere that NB/Kat is better for Scrappers and Brutes. Also, StJ is one of the best Stalker Primaries because its combo system synergizes well with Stalker mechanics. For Secondary, I would choose SR. It is a very good secondary. I wouldn't choose Invuln because I can't see it in character conception of a Natural Stalker. I don't recommend WP because its self regen is much better for ATTs with more health, such as Scrappers, Brutes and Tankers. I prefer SR over Ninj because SR has better avoidance and has more protection against debuffs.
  5. Thanks for your answers. I was getting frustrated because the buffs have a 4 minute duration. Having to buff 7 team members, every 4 minutes would have been frustrating. I'm glad that they are AOE now.
  6. According to the general description, these two shield abilities appear to be a single ally. When I look at the numbers it appears that they are AOE. Do these protect every one within a radius of my allies?
  7. drgantz

    Natural Archer

    Thank you for your replies. They were very helpful. I will change the bio a bit and use some trick arrows.
  8. drgantz

    Natural Archer

    I'm thinking of making a Natural origin Archery/Tactical Arrow. Since it is Natural, I want to skip abilities such as Blazing Arrow, Explosive Arrow and some others. I want to stick with abilities that use regular arrows. Am I gimping myself by doing this? Am I losing some really good abilities?
  9. Thank you. You created the most awesome base!
  10. It is great that you now made it Wintery
  11. I would like to see a skirt similar to what Mantis wore.
  12. drgantz

    DB Combos

    I've read some comments that the Weaken and Empower DB Combos aren't very good. Why is that? Does it give weak buffs and debuffs? For buffs and debuffs for single attacks, I can easily look at the power and find the numbers. Unfortunately, it is more difficult with combos.
  13. I really want duck bills. In CO, I saw many people playing Duck toons. Often, it was because of duck puns, but some people made duck toons that weren't punny.
  14. What kind of new costume pieces would you like to see?
  15. I made a low level Elec/Elec blaster and ran it through DFB. The minions and bosses lost almost no end from my blasts. Of course, this toon had only low level abilities.
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