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  1. drgantz

    NA Secondary

    I'm primarily thinking of /Water or /Dark as an NA Secondary, but am willing to take any other suggestions. Of course, I plan to mostly group and only PVE
  2. I often see posts about Elec/Shield which say that it is awesome, but I rarely see posts about Elec/Elec. Is Elec/Elec good? Is it comparable to Elec/Shield? I mostly plan to group and do radios and TFs. I don't PVP at all.
  3. Many say that WP isn't good for Stalkers. Since WP is similar to Regen, I'm guessing that Regen isn't good for Stalkers either.
  4. According to the poll and many comments, EA is the big winner. Bio is second. My problem is that I like Natural Origin, and EA and Bio don't have invisible effects. I usually play SR for this reason. I've read many good things about SR Stalkers. I like WP on Scrappers, but I've read that it isn't good on Stalkers, and got Zero votes. I've thought of Ninj, but it has lesser def and more clickie than SR.
  5. I usually put 3-4 slots in Hover for defense. I recently read that Hover isn't very good for defense. Is Hover worth slotting?
  6. drgantz

    Natural Brute?

    I'm trying to make a Brute whose abilities come from training (no aliens). I'm primarily thinking of MA or StJ with WP. I'm willing to consider others. I primarily group, and do some soloing. I only PVE. I don't PVP.
  7. People often say that Elec Blaster isn't good because the Secondary Effects aren't practical. This morning, someone said in game chat that Elec works very well on Sent. He said that it has different attacks. Does Elec Sent do more damage than a Blaster? Does it give better End drain? Is it better because it is more surviveable?
  8. I'm trying an /SR with 3 slots in Health for regeneration. I haven't tried it for very long, so I don't know if it is good yet
  9. drgantz

    MA vs StJ

    I've read some posts that StJ is better because it is newer. I've also read posts that StJ is mostly good as a Stalker, but not so much as a Scrapper. There is a post in this forum comparing many Scrapper sets. Most of the charts rank MA above StJ. Of course, most of the testing was probably done in more controlled situations than regular playing, so it probably isn't that accurate. Which do you think is better?
  10. I'm surprised that you play DP since you hate melee, and it has many short range powers. I've seen many posts that DP goes best with a melee secondary.
  11. Someone told me that your choice of powersets doesn't matter much, because after you get Tier 4 in all Incarnate slots, you obliterate almost everything that you hit, and take very little damage. Do you agree with this? If this is true, are powerful IOs and ATOs not that important either?
  12. I've seen posts saying that a Blapper has the best dps, but does it have good defense? Does is need Tough and Weave from the Fighting pool? One example is DP/MC. I would assume that a Scrapper has better surviveablility.
  13. My main thoughts are SR and WP. I'm guessing that WP would be better since I could also use both Toughness and Weave. With SR, Weave would probably be overkill.
  14. I usually play Natural Scrappers, so I prefer SR or WP. I've found SR to be more end heavy, but it might not be so bad after Incarnates. Another thought is that SR might get over-capped if the person uses Katana and has Divine Avalanche. Also, if the person uses Tough and Weave from the Fighting Pool, then Weave might over-cap as well, while WP should fit well with both.
  15. Thank you. That is excellent advice.
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