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  1. My main thoughts are SR and WP. I'm guessing that WP would be better since I could also use both Toughness and Weave. With SR, Weave would probably be overkill.
  2. I usually play Natural Scrappers, so I prefer SR or WP. I've found SR to be more end heavy, but it might not be so bad after Incarnates. Another thought is that SR might get over-capped if the person uses Katana and has Divine Avalanche. Also, if the person uses Tough and Weave from the Fighting Pool, then Weave might over-cap as well, while WP should fit well with both.
  3. Thank you. That is excellent advice.
  4. I was thinking that Agility would be good, since the End Mod should help with the End. from Lifegiving Spores. I'm also thinking of Spiritual. Does anyone have a favorite Alpha for NA?
  5. My problem with cones is that I usually only take out only 1 mob, and rarely more than 2. As far as Dual Blades, I have to do 3 hits to do a combo. By the time that I've completed the 3 attacks, there is a good chance that many of the mobs in that AOE zone have already been taken out. In addition, many people say that to get the best damage from a DB, you should ignore the combos.
  6. I was looking at several Stalker Primaries and was surprised that several of them don't have AOE (besides cones). I was thinking of Street Justice, Ninja Blade and Dual Blades because I want a Natural Stalker. StJ is the only one that has AOE. I plan to use Ninjutsu as my Secondary. Am I overthinking this? Is it good to have a Stalker that is just ST and cones? Should I just let the others do the AOE?
  7. Thank you everyone for your advice. It appears that Musc Radial is the best for me, so that is what I took.
  8. I'm primarily thinking of Agil and Musc, but others might be good as well. I'm thinking that Agil would be good for draining. I've seen some posts that draining is useless and others that it can cripple the enemy. Musc would give the best damage, but some say that if you want damage, don't play Elec. Which do you think is the best Alpha for Elec/Elec?
  9. Dr Phyll. A NA/Water Def. Pattern bald, and wears a suit. Everything is green. His skin, hair, suit, and powers are all green. Legend Dairy. A Water/Atomic Blaster. She is a cow. Her powers are colored white. Touchdown Bundy. A StJ/WP Brute. His original name was Al Bundy, but it got generic'd, so I changed it. I roleplay him as Al Bundy, and often make comments about joining a team to get away from Peg. Battle Cry is "Let's Rock!" This is his bio: I'm the greatest athlete, after all I played High School Football and scored 4 touchdowns in a single game. A lot happens after you made the mistake of marrying a lazy redhead, had 2 worthless kids and spend 20 years selling women's shoes. One day, I was hungry after work and I knew that Peg wasn't going to cook something, so I stopped at a restaurant, hoping to get some food from the trash. After I walked in, a guy walked in with a gun and said this was a robbery. I didn't want to wait for the police, because then I would miss Hondo again. He then pointed his gun at my face. If someone puts something in my face it had better be food, so I brought out the Marines and Special Forces (my fists) and pummelled him into the ground. The restaurant then gave me a free meal and I was on the news. I realized that I could get used to this, so now I am a superhero.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I also have a /WP Scrapper. Maybe I'll use Spiritual on that one.
  11. I'm primarily thinking of Agility and Musculature. With Agil, I wonder if the Def Bonus would be overkill. Muscul would be good for Dmg and Def Debuff, but it also has an Immob bonus, which would be wasted. Does anyone have a favorite Alpha for their Scrapper?
  12. I usually write a story, but won't if it is too simple. I like reading stories. I've thought of running a story reading event. No judging or prizes, just people reading and displaying stories.
  13. I like the idea of a DB Stalker, because in many other games, an Assassin wields dual daggers. In other posts, many people say to skip the combos. Most combos give damage bonuses or attacks, but I can't find a website telling how much the bonus is. The one thing that upsets me is that a DB Stalker loses the AOE attack. Of course, it still has cones, but that is all. There is the Sweep Combo which gives a PBAOE, but I have to hit with 3 attacks before I can use it. I ofter wonder if DB is better as a Scrapper.
  14. Is MA/SR good as a Brute? Is it better as a Scrapper?
  15. If a group has more than one person with Leadership Pool Powers, will those bonuses add up, or will they be the same as if one person had them?
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