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  1. Thanks. Are you saying that widows have low hp?
  2. I want to make a dagger themed toon. I'm primarily thinking of Scrapper or Stalker, Claws or Dual Blades. I'm open to other suggestions. This toon will mostly group, but will sometimes solo.
  3. Thank you both for your replies. I plan to only group with this toon. It seems that you both like Sonic Resonance. I read in a different post that Sonic Resonance needed an update. I wondered if it was greatly inferior to other Def Primaries.
  4. I'm primarily thinking of Sonic/Sonic or Kin/Sonic Def for a Musician Themed Toon, but am open to other suggestions. I read some comments that Sonic Resonance is underpowered. I'm thinking that Kin/Sonic might be good because in some other games, Bards use their music to buff.
  5. I think that other attack sets can be better on a Def because of stronger secondary abilities which debuff, such as -Res on Sonic or -Def on Rad. Since Fire only has a DoT as its secondary ability, I'm guessing that it is inferior to other Def attacks. Does anyone agree or disagree?
  6. What is a good primary with a Sonic Defender? I've read that Kinetics isn't good because it has too many clicks, making it difficult to attack and debuff. I saw one post saying that Empathy is good. I'm sure that Sonic/Sonic is good as well.
  7. One problem is that many of the buffs have only 1 1/2 - 2 minute duration. Fortitude has 45s CD. This can be difficult to maintain
  8. I plan to mostly group, but sometimes solo. I only do PVE. I've read that dps classes get the worst Leadership benefits. Since I mostly plan to group, I would assume that Leadership would be better because others might have it as well. Some people have said that they always take Fighting.
  9. I've seen this posted in other games. One person mentioned that someone could be away in the military.
  10. I often see people using a non-bow secondary such as Tactical Arrow with a non bow primary. Sometimes I want TA with a non bow primary, but I don't take it because I care about character conception, so I can only take a few TA powers. I also couldn't use my T1 secondary. Invisible bows could solve this problem.
  11. I've heard that Dark/Dark isn't a good combo because Dark Primary is mostly ranged and Dark Secondary is mostly melee. I've read in older posts that TA and Dev are good, but I don't want a bow or devices. What is a good secondary for a Dark Blaster?
  12. Thank you for your replies. They were very good. I especially liked the comments of /Sonic vs /Rad because I often think of which secondary to use. I once had a group in which we were unable to defeat the final boss. After a long time of attacking, we took down its health a little bit, and then it healed back. We had two sonics in the group. Finally, we retreated and someone switch his toon with a /Rad Def. Then we defeated the boss fairly quickly.
  13. Several people have told me that Kinetics is superior to Empathy. The only problem is that many Kin abilities only work around a radius. I've had many group members fall when I played a Kin, probably because they weren't within the radius. Since many Emp abilities are ranged, I think than Emp is better, at least in healing.
  14. Thank you everyone for your replies. You have shown me that SR is a good secondary for Katana.
  15. Someone told me that a toon shouldn't have more than 3 of an enhancement type. For example, attack powers should use 3 slots for dmg enhaments, and def powers should use 3 slots for def or res. For attacks, I usually use 1 acc, 3 dmg and 1 rech. Is this a good rule for most categories such as attack, def, heals etc?
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