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  1. I don't like that Katana is 2 handed. I think that it is odd that Katana is 2 handed while Broadsword is 1 handed, but Katana is faster while BS does more damage per hit.
  2. drgantz

    BS vs NB vs DB

    I want to make a Natural Stalker and am considering one of these three for a primary. Will probably use SR or WP for a secondary. I've read in many posts that Kat is superior to BS, but some comments that I've read in the Stalker category say that BS is awesome for a Stalker. In the DPS spreadsheet, DB is listed as one of the top, but I didn't see much mention of it in these forums.
  3. Is Ninjutsu a good Scrapper Secondary? When I read Stalker forums, they say that Ninjutsu is weaker than many other Secondaries. I was surprised that it has a stealth ability. Is this good, or is it a waste of a slot?
  4. drgantz

    SR or WP

    I am making a Natural Katana Scrapper. I think that SR is better for the character conception. WP can also be character conception, but not as good. I've seen many posts that WP is one of the greatest Scrapper secondaries. I see few posts about SR. Recently, I was playing a level 34 Kat/SR Scrapper and I quickly ran out of endurance. I've read that WP doesn't eat endurance as quickly as many other sets. Can the SR end problem be fixed easily? Is it better to just make a willpower toon?
  5. Thanks, but I already have a NA/Hydro Defender.
  6. I was thinking of making a Sonic/Sonic Defender, but I noticed that the first Primary and Secondary ability has Foe -Res. I don't know if they stack or not. My character conception is that I want a bardlike toon, so I want someone who buffs. I'm thinking of Sonic/Sonic, Emp/Sonic or something else with Sonic. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. I've been playing a DP/Devices Blaster. I've heard some talk that DP/MA is good. I'm still low level, so am thinking of rerolling. Is MA or something else much better than Devices for a DP?
  8. I have a DB Stalker which I like, and am thinking of making a DB/SR Scrapper. I've read some comments on Reddit that DB is great for a Stalker, but not as good for a Scrapper. Do any of you think that DB is good for a Scrapper?
  9. I want to make a plant themed support character. I wish that I could make a reverse controller, but that isn't possible. I'm thinking of a Plant/Nature Controller or a Nature Defender. Not sure which attack for the Defender, maybe Water. I was leaning towards Defender, but realized that Plant Control has a Spirit Tree, which is an ability that summons a tree which enhances Nature abilities. My main purpose for this toon is to support my group using heals and other support abilities. Does anyone have an opinion of which I should take?
  10. You can search a name by using /addfriend
  11. The problem is that the Homecoming Admins are trying to avoid making money because this could result in a shutdown by NCSoft.
  12. Some powers could be utilized by using an item such as a techno or magic gadget. I think that it would be good for a person to be able to choose an item such as a techno box, magic wand, musical instrument or other item that activates the power.
  13. In SWTOR you can skip cutscenes by pressing the space bar. Unfortunately, if you are in a group and not everyone spacebars, then the people who spacebarred are stuck looking at a still screen until the other person is finished with the cutscene. I think that this is worse than watching a cutscene that I've watched 1,000 times.
  14. I made a blaster just to see this Storm Kick and thought that it looked much better than the Scrapper Storm Kick.
  15. I want a duck bill. I like making toons with punny duck names, and making duck jokes as I play. In a different game, I saw other people with punny duck names as well.
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