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  1. Thank you. You created the most awesome base!
  2. It is great that you now made it Wintery
  3. I would like to see a skirt similar to what Mantis wore.
  4. drgantz

    DB Combos

    I've read some comments that the Weaken and Empower DB Combos aren't very good. Why is that? Does it give weak buffs and debuffs? For buffs and debuffs for single attacks, I can easily look at the power and find the numbers. Unfortunately, it is more difficult with combos.
  5. I really want duck bills. In CO, I saw many people playing Duck toons. Often, it was because of duck puns, but some people made duck toons that weren't punny.
  6. What kind of new costume pieces would you like to see?
  7. I made a low level Elec/Elec blaster and ran it through DFB. The minions and bosses lost almost no end from my blasts. Of course, this toon had only low level abilities.
  8. Thank you for posting. I've always liked the appearance of electrical, so I'm glad that it has gotten somewhat better.
  9. Thank you for all of your replies. I made him as a defender which is meant to be a bardlike character. I wish that he could carry a musical instrument, but he can't. I noticed that he has been shelved for a long time. I just didn't like playing him. I figured that I would enjoy him more as a blaster, but didn't want him to be weak.
  10. Is Sonic Blaster worth playing? I've googled and found many posts about Sonic Defender, but almost nothing about Sonic Blaster. I will only PVE. I don't do PVP. I will mostly group. Might do some solo, but mostly grouping. The toon will be musically themed, so will add Leadership Pool powers to be bardlike.
  11. drgantz

    Electric vs Water

    A bee was altered by energy that was released by an enemy that destroyed the land around it. The appearance will be a mix of woman and bee. Thank you for your reply. That is interesting info.
  12. I'm making a Bee themed Blaster and am thinking of Electric or Water as the primary. According to the dps spreadsheet, Electric's damage is around the middle, while Water is at the bottom. According to a different post, Electric has one of the lowest dps. Water also has a lot more utility. Does anyone have an opinion, or a suggestion for a different powerset that could be Bee themed? I also don't have any real ideas about a secondary. Probably Atomic or Plant Manip.
  13. Thank you for creating this. I've used it and it is awesome!!
  14. I see very few posts mentioning DB. I'm guessing that it is weaker than other Stalker Primaries. I am trying to make a Natural Stalker, so I don't want any unusual powers for a primary. I like the appearance of DB, because I think that a stealth type should use a small weapon such as daggers.
  15. I noticed on the FOTM list that MA is fairly high on the Scrapper list, but very low on the Brute list. I don't know if this is due to how it works, or just personal preference.
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