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  1. I would like for Discord to recognize City of Heroes so that when I'm playing it others on my server know that I'm on. Super Group bases should have personal storage for each global. I'm an altoholic and I would like for some of the crafted enhancements to be safe from somebody else taking them. In the current iteration of the game there is no need for a "True" Super Group base since there is no real benefit. I can make a SG base for myself with all of the "needed" stuff like "portals" and "storage" without having to earn prestige anymore. Super Groups shouldn't have limits, with each account having 1000 character slots, it would be nice if all my characters and that of my SG mates were able be in the same SG. Give out the old Anniversary badges to those who want them. I played on live from the start until it shut down, let me have my badges back. Make Kallisti Wharf a great mixed zone for Heroes & Villains with content and badges. A "Character Copy Tool" for AE missions. I've ran into some great characters in AE missions that I would like to copy and put into my own Story Arc, maybe put a give permission to copy characters check box for when making a story arc. Make AH available in SG bases. Open up all options in the Character Creator. There some some things that won't appear because I'm not taking "such and such" so I don't get the chance to select something. Give us the ability to select any and all options. If I'm a guy and want to wear a dress let me, think the Mrs. Doubtfire. Put Null the Gull options in the options menu or even put another Null the Gull in the starting zones. Make it so that Mids Reborn can directly import/export from the game. Global AH let all my characters from have the same Auction House items just increase the top number to be AH slots to be x5 or x 10. Example let all of my characters on my global be able to access all of the bids that way I don't have to have Shadow email something that I bought for Darkness Delight, he can instead just get it off the AH himself. Add a new enhancement type *Cloned Enhancement - This new enhancement cannot be traded or sold or otherwise exchanged. This enhancemnt only works on the same Character just that it now works for the additional "Builds" that each character has. So my six set Luck of the Gambler now will work on my second or third build, but only one time for each build. If I have a second six set of LotG it also works on builds two and or three. Set "capped" pricing for the AH. Currently rare salvage is costing a million inf or more on Torchbearer with the cost of crafting a rare IO it and the salvage cost it almost and in some cases isn't worth crafting. Test Server - Give us a "One Day Test Server" that allows you to "test" out builds. Instant 0-50, no inf to earn, everything costs no inf and you can run any of the content that you want to try. At the end of night (or morning) the chacter gets deleted. Disbale all transfers, emails, AH, just straight character builder and play. Just some random quick thoughts. Thanks for all that you guys/women are doing for us. Rich the Random Guy
  2. Got my donation in today. Thanks for all that you do. Rich the Wish It Could Be More Guy
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