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  1. The manifest server is back online. Thank you for your patience 🙂
  2. While we certainly appreciate you looking out for the community, we're definitely covered on finances thanks to the amazing community and their donations. That said, placing ads on the website is not something that we'll be doing.
  3. Sure this is something I can throw together; I was actually already contemplating this myself 🙂
  4. I did mean specifically in the context of Homecoming since this is what was asked (given the context of it being a question on HC's forums). Anything is possible in code, of course 🙂
  5. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/fotm-powers/ This is a searchable, sortable table of all of the Primary & Secondary powers in the game along with the % of players that took that power relative to the number that took the power set.
  6. No, this table includes every primary and secondary power in the game 🙂
  7. Updated the data / table to swap out internal names for display names and add the level that each power becomes available at.
  8. This is not something that is possible at this time, sorry!
  9. Posted up a searchable and sort-able table of all of the primary & secondary powers along with the percentage of people that took them relative to the number of people that have the power set (all data from level 50 characters only):
  10. After torturing our database servers some more, I decided to generate a searchable and sort-able table of all of the powers in the game (Primary and Secondary power sets that is) along with the number and percentage of players that took them relative to the number of players that have the power set. Note that this data was pulled from level 50s only and that every variation of each power set (e.g. Scrapper and Brute's Fiery Aura) are isolated. The table can be found at https://forums.homecomingservers.com/fotm-powers/ Edit: Some powers still have shortened or internal names rather than their full names. Just search a bit and you should find what you're looking for 🙂 Enjoy!
  11. This was very interesting, nice work!
  12. It is! I swapped a lot of the internal names for their display counterpart but missed that one 🙂
  13. Accolades held by level 50s: Note that the power name is used here rather than the badge name: Set Power Count Accolades The Atlas Medallion 11,811 Accolades Task Force Commander 11,772 Accolades Portal Jockey 8,197 Accolades Freedom Phalanx Reserve 8,026 Accolades Invader 6,386 Accolades Marshall 5,214 Accolades High Pain Threshold 4,670 Accolades Born In Battle 4,214 Accolades Demonic Aura 2,033 Accolades Riwe Accolade Power 2,030 Accolades Eye of The Magus 1,945 Accolades Geas of The Kind Ones 1,538 Accolades Crey Cbx-9 Pistol 1,336 Accolades Vanguard Medal 1,102 Accolades Force of Nature 916 Accolades Stolen Immobilizer Ray 780 Accolades Megalomaniac 685
  14. Some Pool Power statistics: Pool Powers (All Levels): Pool Powers (Level 50):
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