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  1. I switched slots around since I posted this. This one looks a bit better (It seems like I need the def and inserting Hecatomb in DA instead of Sting of the Wasp, yeah I lose quite a bit of dmg but because I went with a lot of recharge, think I can just have Lotus SD and GD in rotation with occasional DA. I would save a slot which I can put into into Shadow Meld (That would net me same recharge cd as before but gain 10 more def from it). Also my AE Farmer has 3 procs in the Aura and it seems to proc at a decent rate which is why I slotted 3 procs into this one as well. Yea I can see how a long cast animation can be annoying but it didn't stop me from enjoying my Widow with Mind Link. This one will have to be recasted more often but we'll see. I can always switch to winter sets with less global recharge if i dont like Shadow Meld.
  2. Hey i wanted to make Kat/Bio build that would rely on Shadow Meld from Soul pool but I need help to optimize it. This is what I came up with: Will I be able to survive with all the absorb and other stuff Bio provides until Shadow Meld is back up(Should be around 5-7 seconds cd with Ageless)? It seems to me that it would be hard to focus on perma haste while also getting def capped(Without Shadow Meld) as BIO or am I just not seeing it. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Yeah but that small change(Making them stay at range) would make both Call Reinforcements and Summon Spiderlings much more useful as they will not die as often(Which sucks so much for a later power unlocks that have long cooldowns) and making those two worth to pick especially at end game content. As it stands now I think ill shelf my crabmind which i was excited to play. A few ppl told me it's a struggle to play this build at end game content and as I get closer to 50 I also feel that way as well. Maybe I misinterpret how this playstyle should be but I imagine soldier getting into melee keeping enemies busy while spiders stay at back firing at them.
  4. When MM Ranged pets got updates to their AI it made them so much better and less frustrating to have. This should be extended to Call Reinforcement and Summon Spiderlings as well. There is no reason for Spiderlings to rush into Melee range, it can feel so bad using that power with such high cooldown just for them to go into melee range to use their claws to die in first 15 seconds of the fight.
  5. It seems like it has a programmed follow action whenever it starts attacking the target so when it's powers are on cooldown it will just rush straight to the target exactly like a follow command. It makes it much less useful at lvl 50 since it's in constant danger. For a t9 power it really sucks when it gets into melee range and gets two shot. EDIT: According to someone on reddit from a year ago (It would be nice if this can be fixed in Issue 27): It's a general pet bug introduced around Issue 18-19 where ranged pets would run into melee if their attacks were on cooldown. Though curiously, this isn't an issue for Gravity's Singularity, which stays at range (maybe because its Kinetic-like Repel is an always-on toggle that prevents the bug). Anyway, it is a known bug and was on the table to be fixed on Live, but then the shutdown happened. Hopefully we'll see a fix on Homecoming.
  6. Wow never knew that those have autohit. wish it would say in the tooltip. I slotted PGA just for set bonuses giving me enough for +Recharge procs to help with Hasten. Guess i could fully slot OSA and instead then. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for suggestions! Yes after mobs are cc'd i go into melee range but it seems like Conductive Aura does not give any end if enemies are already drained (at zero). Also I need Tesla Cage fully procc'd out because without the procs, killing boss and up ranks becomes very slow, that thing deals so much ST dmg. I dropped a slot from PGA(Removed Energy Font) and dropped one dmg proc from Chain Fences since i have a lot of AOE dmg already and 4 slot Stamina with 4 perfshifter for end recovery set bonus which gives me an extra 0.25 per sec.. Could also drop Static Field slots to get more from Conductive Aura but if it doesn't get me any end while enemies are at zero which happens very fast then I don't see a point. I think CA would fix all end problems if it worked even if enemies were at zero(Maybe that's a bug? But it feels weird for it to work like that on a set that can drain end of enemies very fast). EDIT: Made some changes in slotting(Removed dmg proc and one -recharge from Static Field. Changed Gremlins slotting to lvl 30 version for more end recovery and added slots to OSA and EMP for max end/end recovery as well. I gained 0.42 more END and with Atlas Medalion that would be 0.57 more end than previously. For Incarnate slotting i guess Clarion is a must or maybe Barrier? Since I don't see a way to get more defense/resist without sacrificing dmg potential from proc slotting.
  8. I've been testing out new TA on Issue 27 beta servers and I'm liking the changes so i wanted to see if i can make Elec/TA combo that i wanted to try out for a while work and it is working better than I've expected well... kind of. It can control and clear out big groups of enemies with ease with only bosses left at 60-70% ish health but then i run out of end while fighting them. There's also survivability problems. If an enemy sneaks up to me and i get mezzed I'm dead. Getting Clarion would help with mez but END problems are still here while getting Ageless would be the opposite. If anyone see a way to improve what I've got so far would be appreciated!
  9. Looks good, I will try without Aid Self and see how it goes, wont be expensive to respec into it if need be (I think i could also remove EndMod and put Power Transfer proc so ill have that proc and the panacea one to help with healing a bit, i think that also could be nice since with heat loss i don't think there should be any problems with end. Thanks for all your input!
  10. Still working towards 50 but in theory having Heat Loss and Infrigidate at 74% (83% with t3 alpha) and with Sleet debuff both of those should have 95% chance to hit. Will test it out once I'm full build vs +4 and add accuracy if it's needed. Still thinking about no self heal for solo play, with Blizzard debuff i should be very hard to hit but in a prolonged fight and without healing insp it might be a struggle.
  11. Thanks for the build, my main problem was that i wanted to put Intuition for extra damage/range but after thinking about it, the only way to get perma hasten was to drop it for Agility one. I mix and matched your build and mine and I've come up this: Had to drop Power Boost even though i tried so hard to keep it in (well i have a variation with Power Boost that has 43% Ranged Def which might be enough imo). Also I'm not sure if removing Aid Self is good idea since if I'm doing missions solo i have no way to heal except using Insp.
  12. I read somewhere that Heat Loss by itself is good enough for end but i wanted to have as much uptime as i could and for Benumb my Mids is set to vs +4's Chance to hit and even with that slotting it is only 87% chance to hit against +4's. If i wanted to keep 90% uptime for Heat Loss then i could remove one slot and make other two Recharge+5(67% Chance to hit +4). I guess i might be overvaluing accuracy but i always strive for 95% chance to hit vs +4's (Benumb would also be 67% vs +4). With sleet debuffing enemies that would make both of those powers have 89% chance to hit. I just really hate missing with long cooldown powers.
  13. I need help further optimizing my build, It's 2 seconds short of perma hasten and since i went Soul Mastery i couldn't see a way to focus on S/L Def so instead i tried to get as much Ranged def (Gonna be using Hover all the time) as i could. Also i did not get BFR since i don't like how long the activation is so instead i loaded Infrigidate with procs and put it into my rotation. I have also taken Aid Self but i didn't take Field medic because the only power that might be taken out is Power Boost (Which i value quite a lot so i opted not to take it). If anyone has any tips i would really appreciate it!
  14. It happens even if they are targeting ally as well. I can get past the issue by quickly targeting an ally then as the cast is activating switch to targeting the enemy and it works until that enemy is defeated.
  15. Tested Empowering Circuit and Energizing Circuit, they also have the same issue. Spamming the keybind will rarely get the power to fire while targeting the enemy. Either the intended way for these powers to work is that you have to target the allies for them to activate and spamming the button while targeting the enemy is the bug. Shouldn't these powers work the same way the Alkaloid power from Poison does?
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