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  1. I think these could be added at some point. The 'pick random object' thing doesn't translate very well for emotes. A more accurate system might have been to use seeding, so every client that gets it can generate the same 'random' result of a set group of objects.
  2. It's been a long standing bug since live, but one thing that works for me when that happens is to go back and load the costume one more time and click reset scales again.
  3. Visuals aside, I've been wanting to get rid of that sound since I've started playing the game. There are actually a lot of people who make amazing bases, but slap the portal smack dab in front of a common area.. and given the number of people I know who don't play with sound, it makes for ear torture for those who do. We got rid of the sounds on the zone screens, but the portal is significant in that it's a hearing cue for where the exit is despite access to /stuck which a lot of people don't actually know will teleport you to the exit. I'd be on board with
  4. There's already 'Dance Legend' in Steel Canyon, which I believe is just outside one of the door entrances to it, so people who collect badges know it's there. People don't really go to PDP for a number of reasons, most of which were fixed with Pocket D (less grungier theme of the warehouse club, more space for chat spam with large crowds, missions, npcs, chalet, and now AE). If it were to be made more accessible somehow (which is fine) I'm still doubtful as to whether people would go there, as Studio 55 is also just as dead. While I'd prefer to ask what type
  5. Without that feature, I can think of maybe 3 different ways of doing it, but they're all less than ideal.
  6. Since I've seen this in other threads sometimes (re-organizing the costume editor from the neck up as a whole), the story on that is that it's on the distant horizon. By distant I mean something of a wish list rather than scheduled. Reason being is there's a potential show stopper beyond the time for planning, model editing, and upping the number of costume parts (which was already done for the asymmetric stuff). Hats are also somewhat of an annoyance trying to fit into a more streamlined system for that area because they rely on the thickness (or lack of) hair, which i
  7. These already exist so I'm not sure what the issue is.
  8. This is because there's no female version of that emote, and female hips sit that much shorter than males. I'll see if I can't get it fixed.
  9. There isn't currently, but one thing you can do that might be easier for you is to copy and paste the first 14 lines at the start of your new scales .costume file, (above 'NumParts') to your other costume slots. You'll have to enter the tailor and save each costume file out before you can edit them which is still a process, but it'll at least be consistent if you do it that way rather than by eye.
  10. I think it's a great idea, but taking into account a lot of what has been pointed out, I think in the end it would be best served pitched as a whole new Primary powerset on its own, which I think has been asked for in the past as some kind of power glove set. The way powersets are named, designed and customized in CoH makes enabling this level of customization a bit of a challenge without re-designing the powers system from the ground up. Currently, if we did it the way you're asking, you would be picking a rifle weapon in the costume screen, and then presumably selecti
  11. The way it's implemented elsewhere isn't the way Homecoming might do it, for reasons of security, maintainability, performance, or design reasons. I'm being intentionally vague here because I'm not out to publicly criticize what other people are doing, or how they did it, however constructive and well meaning it might be. Sometimes doing it the preferred way just takes longer. I don't think mastermind pet customization is a closed book at all.
  12. Well just to be absolutely clear, the implication of what I meant was that it's about not wanting to hurt other people by way of disappointing them down the road rather than guilt. I don't require a safe space and I'm pretty thick skinned enough to handle criticism harsher than you'd probably find here, it's just that if I can avoid it all together, it's easier not to say anything (if its something that is allowed to be talked about). There's also a distinction there between each dev vs the whole team, which Galaxy has some solid points on. My guess is that marketing and money play
  13. Commercial or not, what Galaxy is saying is we'll never hear the end of it, which I would say is probably true from past observation and of other gaming communities, despite how many reasonable people there might be who would be understanding. The disappointment can end up feeding negative sentiments over time of broken promises. (There is a very particular studio out there that has absolutely no problem over promising and under delivering because they can afford to, and last I checked, their forums were deleted because it turned into a uselessly toxic cesspool of those who felt betrayed and l
  14. I think if you asked everyone on the team this question, you would get as many different answers. I find it difficult to answer personally, without it being married or grounded in actual context. 'Feasibility' with respect to time constraints plays a huge role in whether something is even considered from the get go, regardless of whether it's a good idea or not. After that, there are all sorts of variables and consequences to consider (which can be completely different depending on your role), which are absent when trying to answer the question in a general sense.
  15. All the time. It's actually been this way even on live for as long as I can remember. There are also some other long standing global friends list bugs like remaining hidden to others even when you're not (/hideall followed by /unhideall tends to fix it).
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