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  1. Until now there hasn't been an official thread for costume issues or bugs, so here it is. I'm not enforcing that anyone use it, so existing and new reports elsewhere are fine, especially if you want to discuss issues or can't get the format right for this thread. That said, the reports you post here are the ones most likely to get looked at first, since they will be entered (if necessary) to our internal issue tracker. The reason for this thread is to try and consolidate issues into batches that can be worked on more efficiently. If you post a report in this thread, ple
  2. Metallic skin options for females have been a thing for a long time. I'm assuming 'Metallic 2' that males have is what you're wanting?
  3. I think that would mean clipping during your standard idle / ready pose of hands crossing and uncrossing, and the alternative solutions start to snowball in terms of work required to address it. It's possible. There is a way to hide the shield per animation though, which may not have existed until later.
  4. It's fixable, but requires a bunch of text changes on all of the emotes. I don't know whether the interrupt was added at launch for shields or after, but there's little reason on the surface for this not to have already been done for emotes, and yet for most of them outside of 'e dance' (which I assume works for you), is commented out. It's possible it was a copy & paste oversight and not for a specific problem. As Powerhouse will tell you, changing sequencers can have unforeseen side effects or animation issues down the road, so provided minimal files have to be adjusted, I'll
  5. I've wondered about this myself before. It's a very legitimate question I think is worth some consideration.
  6. I'm not really up on power specific tech or design, but my guess is in either case, whether it was easy or not, it wouldn't be a top contender for pet customization. Primarily because part of the theme of a decoy, is that it looks just like the caster. The other reason OP pointed out, is that Masterminds would feel compelled to "reserve" their character's costume slots in favor of customizing their decoys to be unique if the tech pulled from slots rather than the currently active costume. Pet Customization for Masterminds is (and has been) so widely supported I would be surprised i
  7. This is a known issue. It also affects NPCs in the AE UI.
  8. How big are you talking? Are you asking for the bow without the veil? Not possible right now for two reasons: beast heads don't conform to a universal size the way player heads do, and hair needs to be pretty precise around the scalp hats have their hair built into the hat itself, and allowing hair + hats would look very bad most of the time, ignoring the undertaking of what would need to be done behind the scenes to permit it to begin with A proper solution would involve a hat adjuster slider for fine tuning the PYR and distance of a hat with no ha
  9. Probably the occasional false positives that are associated with the domain from the launcher downloading files from it.
  10. If you know the name of the global, you can type: /playernote global or /player_note global to bring up the dialog for it. It's important not to include the @ symbol before the global. You can also find your notes in your account name folder in your game directory in playernotes.txt
  11. It's probably going to happen at some point once certain projects are out of the way, pending any last minute or widespread objections.
  12. The best way to get anything cosmetic pushed up above others in terms of suggestions is to be as descriptive as possible. References for things that are generic are extremely helpful in narrowing down what you either want, or don't want, as generic objects are left up to interpretation otherwise. Think of all the different types of axes or the different styles of a chefs hat. A small caveat with blade weapons specifically is the possibility it might be too short when range and animations are considered.
  13. This is something I've been advocating for and I would say it's feasible, but its implementation requires some working out.
  14. I think these could be added at some point. The 'pick random object' thing doesn't translate very well for emotes. A more accurate system might have been to use seeding, so every client that gets it can generate the same 'random' result of a set group of objects.
  15. It's been a long standing bug since live, but one thing that works for me when that happens is to go back and load the costume one more time and click reset scales again.
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