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  1. I was playing around with this using winter sets and ato sets and got some decent number on these test builds. One build has dark and the other one has soul. Both look nice on paper, but I was leaning towards dark build myself, but i'm going to try another build based more on recharge to try for from perma soul drain. Defender - Poison - Dark Blast test 2.mxd Defender - Poison - Dark Blast test 3.mxd
  2. This is just just something I was playing around with. Yes I know its fine tuning and I will being that this weekend for it and making alot changes. On this build I was taking most of the winter sets and the ato sets. I nothing set in stone yet for my build. Defender - Poison - Dark Blast test.mxd
  3. I have a lvl 50 poison/dark def now and I would like to get some input/advice on which power is better to use. I know with soul I get the power boost which helps in alot of ways, but dark has 2pbaoes plus get some stam back to which I like. Power boost on soul is so yummie to. This toon would be used for everything in pve. I'm second guessing myself on this and I leaning towards dark right now as my epic/app.
  4. I was looking at making a new troller with the poison power, but I don't know which power to pair it with. I was looking at plant, but yet dark, fire, earth look nice to. I would like a power that goes well with poison. In your guys/gals opinion which power brings the best bang for the buck. I have read that plant is a power house all around and I know earth is a good power for lock downs and cc. What does dark bring to the table with poison and if I recall right fire with poison is just a weak version of the plant build. I have been over thinking this and I want to get back on th
  5. Hey thanks for the super feed back oldskool. I will get to work on the new build Friday night. I was going for a well rounded build, if it was possible guess not. I took lightning field just for a extra dps if they got close, but yea I don't need it. I never been a fan of the hover blast thing so I will not go down that road on that , but I will drop Combat jump and pick up Manvs to see to how that goes I always go for CJ for the mule part of it plus the extra immob is nice. I will take power push and put the purple set in it and I will try to put in most of the tips you give in the next buil
  6. This is my try first at a Nrg/Da/Elc Sentinel. I was looking to get some feedback on this build to see what I can improve on. I did take fly in this build for a theme for this character. I did put 3 kb protection ios in this seeing that Da has no KB protection. I did try for a blend of a def/res with dps and yes I know the slotting is somewhat oddball right now. I will be going back to fix it and make my slotting better for this build. On paper this build seems decent, but just looking for that extra feedback to help it make it better. Sentinel - Energy Blast - Dark Armor1.mxd
  7. I was looking at making something oddball and hopefully fun to use. I was looking at engy/da/ele and dark/engyarmor/ele and both look nice on paper, but I would like to get some feedback on you which one would be better to use for overall pve game. All advice would be great and helpful
  8. I was looking to make a new character and I was thinking about the SoA, but I have heard feedback on banes, crabs, etc and all were good. I would like to try out a crabbermind, but I have a no clue on where to start for a build for one and plus I have no real time on one either. I did a SoA back on live but only like lvl 10. I was going to ask what the pros and cons of a crabbermind for soloing, pve, tf's, av, gm. I would like to have a kick butt SoA, but I don't know if I should go crabbermind, plain old crabber or bane. Can SoA handle 3/8 depending on crabbermind, plain old cra
  9. I was just wondering what is the pros and cons of a dark/dark/dark sent for overall gameplay and that includes pve, fighting av's, fighting gms, soloing, teaming. I have never used this power set together before and on paper it sounds fun, but I would like to get input from ppl who've used this power set before or something close to it. What are the key powers to take to have a strong d3 sent and are the sent ATO worth using. Does anyone have a good build that they are will to share either a poors man build or money hog build. Money is no problem for me. I did team with one the other night
  10. I was just wondering what is the pros and cons of a dark/ice tank for overall gameplay and that includes pve, fighting av's, fighting gms, soloing, teaming and maybe some farming both fire and sl. I was going to ask what would be a better power to take at lvl 35 parton or epic. I was looking at Mu, but Ice and Dark look nice to. I have never used this power set together before and on paper it sounds fun, but I would like to get input from ppl who've used this power set before or something close to it. I do have a build and on paper it looks nice and I picked mu just for a test build.
  11. I was looking at making a new traps corrp toon. I have a fire/traps/flame corrp that I love to use with steam rolling teams so much fun. I would like to make another traps corrp, but I dont know which power to use with it. I was looking at water becasue of the aoes/heal, ice for the slow, dark for the -tohit debuffs and ar just lols. Out of those three powers which one would give me the best bang for my buck. This would be for teaming on pve missions and some farms. I was over thinking a few things on those powers just want somthing easy going that help can steam roll missions and farms.
  12. Thanks for the heads up hejtmane. I have been playing coh from issue 0 just few a weeks after launch. I never got off my butt to really try out dark armor and then engy armor. Some of it was just being lazy and I had other characters I was playing. Again after doing some research and talking with other players I was going to give engy armor a run. So my plan is going with boardsword/engy armor/darkness mastery for this new character. So I was plan skipping the engy cloack and overload if i can. If not I will try and rework overload in my power set. This time i'm not going ot miss out.
  13. I was wondering if I could get some advice on you which power to use with boardsword. I was looking at Dark Armor and Engy Armor, but I have very little time using these powers and I have seen some good stuff done with Dark Armor, but I can say the samething about Engy Armor to. I was looking for the armor that would be better for the late game play, soloing pve, farming, tf's etc. Which one is better for overall game play and no PVP.
  14. I have never played a fire/shield brute yet. I have been wanting to make so I did and my character is lvl 50 but not level up yet. I would like to ask a few questions about fire/shield power set and get some feed back about the power set and get some input from guys on my build. Questions listed below 1. Should I take Incinerate over Greater Fire Sword 2. Should I 6 slot Fire Swrod Circle or keep it 5 slots 3. On the True Grit power is better to slot it for Max hp, Res or do a hybrid of so many health io and then so many res io 4. Is it
  15. I have never played a sd/bs tanker before and I was wondering if this build would hold to up overall game play, late game play, s/l farm, and fire farm. I got most of my def soft capped and I got s/l res at 75%, fire at 59%. I was thinking of dropping stealth, but my overall def goes down if I drop stealth for manvs. I am still trying to get my s/l/f res up alittle higher i'm shooting for 80% s/l and 60-65% fire res if it can happen. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the
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