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  1. I know, I clicked on wrong tab on browser.
  2. I'd explain, but unless I'm praising everything these new Devs do, all I'd get is a bunch of people telling me "If you don't like it, don't play".
  3. Wow, the first reply to what I said is a "If you don't like it, don't play." Also, I have no issues with speed runs. The issue starts when changes are made to the game to make speed runs (or whatever challenge in the game) easier. You do speed runs when you and your team know how to get the job done. They're making changes that bypassing objectives for the game. Eliminating the need to click objectives at the same time, for example. It was inconvenient, not impossible. They might as well put in an auto complete for TFs and Trials. Look at infiltrate, its tailor ma
  4. I think the original poster's point is that the challenge of the game has been lost. It is very easy to obtain the incarnate powers and the changes that are being made only eliminate more of the game's challenges. In previous issues more thought was put into balance, there were pros and cons to the choices you made when you were building your character. The biggest challenge people deal with now is tedium, which is why you see people who do speed runs and grind thru the content. The current devs are are making changes that are destroying the game's concept of having the player make choices
  5. Why couldn't you just make a different power for stealthing to the end of missions? It could be some sort of prestige power. Instead you screw up the whole balance behind the concealment pool. Just make all your alts invincible and be done with it.
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