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  1. Figured it out. The night light had turned on after the cleaning. At least I think this is the issue. All systems appear to be normal now.
  2. Hi and thank you for your response. -No Notification sound can be heard when starting the game, however, I just restarted my computer again and heard an audible chime followed by a popping sound. - I re-installed the driver after the green screen happened to see if that would fix it but it did not and the option to rollback is not selectable. It's there, but I can't click it. Maybe un-install, re-install? - I don't see either the DPI or refresh option from the list of of available entries for my gfx card which is Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070. Restoring to default status didn't work. - No hardware issues took place at that time or since.
  3. A few minutes prior to loading up the launcher, I cleaned out my computer, took out the ram stick and put it back in. Just checked the gfx card for proper seating and it looks good. Before clicking the play button on the launcher, everything is normal. After, and only during CoH, my screen turns green. Any ideas? Edit: Just had the same thing happen to Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition but only after auto config the gfx card.
  4. Torchbearer too it seems. These two are grayed out for me but the other three aren't.
  5. I too am attempting to make one work, but I keep getting this error message: You have entered an incorrect passcode for The Biscotti Syndicate. This is what the macro text that I currently have - /macro_image "Apparitions_Attract" "Teleport: Upsairs Storage Lift" "enterbasefrompasscode USL-1031" What am I dong wrong? Aside from the image, name and numbers, all else appears to look the same from what has been shown in this post.
  6. I know this is an oldish post and you've already completed this badge (maybe others are like me were wondering how to get this) but you can farm this badge in the first mission from the contact IVy in Neutropolis. That's how I just got mine.
  7. Not yet. I was in the Hami raids and then my daughter woke up.
  8. Doh! I thought you were the OP. Sorry as well @dinatar. Thanks for you help @Seigmoraig!
  9. I don't know how much bearing this image has, but as you can see, I have the MRB setup.msi in here and have since the 15th of May. Once I click on it, I choose the repair option but I'm told to verify that I have access to directory and buck stops there.
  10. It is very easy, I agree. But it just won't work for me. People helped me on another thread as well but I just couldn't get it to work. To my knowledge, I did everything right but never got it to work. But, I'll try here again. With the link you provided, do I click on the green "clone or download" tab or one of the other links in the main body?
  11. Just started my own crab and come to see some builds but when I open yours up I get this error message: Failed to load powerset by name:Pool.Experimentation at 4. Any idea why? Edit: It also loads up the last build that I made.
  12. After downloading the first archive (in D:\Games) under "assets," I assume this means the very first file, the MRBU file, I get this error message, "This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the default apps settings page." I've uninstalled every file to the best of my knowledge but something is still not clicking. I uninstalled mids yesterday and this morning, reinstalling both times. Followed all the steps, again to the best of my knowledge extracting only the data and image files but I am apparently screwing something up somewhere. This seems so damned simple and yet it is frustrating the hell out of me.
  13. Thanks for the response. I've done all this but for the sake of hope, I'll do it again. Now, before I do this however, do I have to delete all the builds from the previous versions or is it okay to keep them? Will they convert over to the new version?
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