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  1. There's so much in game ideas already here. The potential is limitless! Honestly, and I know this probably isn't a popular opinion, but the seasonal events needs an overhaul. Instead of more, new content, focus could be put into these events. A TF/SF/trial for each event (Halloween and Christmas) would be a welcome change. The lore is there. We have, in game, a lot of what is needed for the stories to be told. I can't remember if the BBNY mission is a TF or a trial, but if it is, that could also be overhauled. Wishful thinking I know. But a wish nonetheless!
  2. I wish this event/season had it's own enhancement sets like the winter and summer event do. Imagine a proc allowing you to summon bats, ravens, werewolves, zombies, etc. Or another proc giving you a chance to shape change into one of them with a few of their powers? Next year maybe?
  3. I'm not building around Unkidness per se, but it was the power that sealed the deal for me. I understand it's limitations and am okay with that. It's just one part of the thematic tone. Bugs, spiders and birds are all important in this theme. I too have a Dark/Savage and it is a very busy combo but I seem to have fallen into a style I guess.
  4. TL;DR Need help fine tuning narrow concept build. Build at bottom. I've had this character concept for a long time. Dating back to live. Nothing but Mind/, felt right. But the secondary always alluded me. Until Savage came along. Specifically, obviously, Unkindness. Here's the concept... Edgar Allen Poe is aware of me and the fact that I've resurrected him to be controlled by me to play in this game. And he's down for it. The build I have constructed isn't really flashy. My primary goal was to get close to soft capped or above, for ranged. There aren't
  5. Any chance that you enter a mission and start killing before they do? Sometimes there is a delay in earned kill rewards if this occurs. Not a real significant amount unless this happens every mission.
  6. So, here's an updated version of the "non-farmer farmer" build and I gotta say, I'm very pleased. I believe when I first started the briggs tunnel map, it took me close to 25 minutes to complete with about 2-3 deaths if not more. With this new build and all incarnates up to at least tier 3, I clear the map in less then 15 minutes with zero deaths. Still need a few things though, but with the speed at which I'm vet leveling, they should come soon enough. My "farming" trips fire sent is nearing completion (just a few more recharge sets) and my rad/fire brute is up to lvl 37. Hopefully, in about
  7. I have a rad/fire brute that I am farming up with my sent. Once he gets up to snuff, then he will become my farmer but until then, I'm just going with what I think is the best farmer on my roster of 50's. Once I get all the enh for the "farmer" version of this sent, then I suspect clear times will improve. I know he's not going to break any records or clear even respectable times, but, even w/o the farmer build, and at +1/6 with orange EB's, I'm very pleased with how things are going. I'm in no rush to "have this now" but I do want it soonish and I think the pace I'm at is working for me. I gr
  8. Here is my current build that I use during regular play. He's just starting to get incarnates. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Emberchar: Level 50 Mutation Sentinel Primary Power Set: Fire Blast Secondary Power Set: Fiery Aura Power Pool: Flight Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Hero Profile: Level 1: Fire Blast -- Apc-Dmg(A), Apc-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(3), Apc-Acc/Rchg(3), Apc-Dmg/EndRdx(17), Apc-Dam%(33) Level 1: Fire Shield -- UnbGrd-ResDam(A), StdPr
  9. Yah, it's not easy for sure, but, I just created a second account for a farmer to level up my 100+ alts and looking at all my 50's on this account, this one seems to be the most farm friendly. But I don't really know. I participate in farms from time to time, but never had a farmer. I've done about a dozen with him, but it's madness trying to keep the mobs close together with my current build. I've made a second build but would like some feedback on how it looks. But I thought I'd ask if this page was acceptable to post these kinds of questions here first before just posting.
  10. ...and also posts builds regarding the subject?
  11. Got it unscrewed. Thanks everyone for the help!
  12. Is there a way to reset this in game or out? I tried to do it at the log in screen with the settings but it did not work. There really isn't an option for it but I unclicked then clicked the automatic resize option and that did nothing. This screwup only applies to one character.
  13. Raker X - Reconnaissance. Aquire. Kill Enemies. Return target (X) - Beam/Devices Blaster. 1. Desert Raker 2. Boba Raker 3. Stealth Raker
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