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  1. October Rust. Dark/Savage Dom. My Petrus Thomas Ratajczyk (Peter Steele of Type O Negative) homage.
  2. Neu? Clockwork. Staff/Rad Scrapper. Prior to TCWK's defeat, Neu? was a wip as the neuest version of clockwork. Half man, half machine. The 2nd costume is the upgrade version which Neu?, himself completed.
  3. Shadow Watch. BS/DA Stalker. I was young when I was selected. From our village, 12 young boys were chosen to test our mettle against the elements and the wild of Eden; and each other. 25 days of hunt or be eaten, fight or run, survive or die. At the end of the 25th day, those that were left standing and whole, were pitted immediately against one another in the "Ring of Victory." The victor ascends to the Eternal Guard of the "Shadow Watchers." Three selectees emerged from The Serpentine Forest. In this spot, less than 500 meters North East of The Hive spiral
  4. Semiaza. SD/KM Tanker. The leader of the Watchers after the fall from heaven. Now, the song of The Fall of Semiaza. The Eye of Mourn As I fall, I come to you. A messenger from above. The Heavens are not home to me, for I have sinned, but I am no sinner. I have forever to offer you. But Death shall not be defeated. I am the Eye of Mourn. I see all there is to be. None shall live alone. As I am ere the Throne. You fled upon first sight. My heart bled the sorrow. Of a million deaths that night. And on till tomorrow.
  5. Here's my homage to the greatest slasher killer ever. BS/Bio Brute. When my mom lost her head in a fight and later, I found it, I went into hiding in the woods for a while. One, fine summer day, I saw some good lookin kids at my camp and I thought to myself, "Why don't I go and introduce myself to them and try to be friends?" Then my mom told me I had to kill them because they reminded her of the kids who let me play under water too long and then one of them made her head fall off. Moms can be such a drag sometimes. I wish I could move out or something. Be free. Be my own man. Heck
  6. Hollows the Darkborn. Dark/Dark Corr. The first one I dub, "The Hunter" as he actually finds the victim's to possess (modeled after Man with Fire on His Face from "Insidious"). The 2nd one is, "The Ritualist". He performs the possession ritual on the victim. Hollows has possessed an enumerable amount of humans in his immortal life ranging from barbarians to pilgrims, socialites to delinquents and warlords to gunslingers. His hunger for a permanent host is eternal. Hollows Darkborn descends from the line of Darkborns. "Halloween Demons" they call them. Hollows however, is the first
  7. Evanora Stormbru. Mind/Storm Troller. Croatoa. Home. 1627. I was born on the East Winds of New Connaught and spent my childhood flitting between the Oak Trees of the Grim Vale marveling as two massive giants waged war against the other. My teen years began my "ensorcelling" as I rode the Lightning of the Divine to the moon and back. "Be tru to the magic and the magic will be tru to you," chanted my Great Omni Aunt Tilda during my lessons. I've held her mantra tru and as an adult, with the training of both my aunt and the famed War Witch, I still respect the
  8. Epic Titan. Elec/TW tank. First one is his celestial costume and the 2nd is his diplomat costume. Cardev Raspen fell to Earth. Literally. The Titan known as Epic Titan, held off the Listhbanes for as long as he could. In the end, his home planet of Gitania-5, lost it's strongest warrior against the onslaught of the Listhbane Death Fleet. During the battle to save the capital city, Truca Titan, the ground forces of the Listhbanes outnumbered Cardev and the Truca Elite Guard Force, 400-1. Suction teleporters, (the Listhbanes go to weapon against Titans) were thrown withou
  9. Diavolos. Fire/Pain Corr. First one is her Hellspawn costume and the 2nd is her S&M look. The sky was gray when I died. A ghoulish, dark grey. The kind of gray a tornado spawns from. With a tinge of haunting green and a powerful gale force wind that spooked the rain soaked, fallen leaves of Autumn. This was my welcome, my greeting card to the world beneath. What I saw when I entered through the Gates of Hades, scared all the remaining "life" I had in me, right in to the slovenous, gaping maw of Cerebus, my "greeter." At once Cerebus devoured me. Chewing every inch of my dead fl
  10. Here's my namesake costume and it's variant. Echo Night - Sonic/Dark Sentinel. Thanks to @biostem for helping me 🙂 You see all that is laid out before you and yet you still believe this city, this world, these...heroes, can be saved? ~Yes, I do.~ Why do you deny the inevitable? Can't you see the doom that awaits this lost world? ~Look. Down there. You see that light? It's faint, but it is light. Even the dimmest light pulls hope from despair.~ But your powers are Echoes of the Night. How is it that you trust something so pitiful? ~It's true, I am born
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