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  1. Catalina user here. Game was running fine for me before, but now opening Island Rum it says it cannot find my game install. I've tried hitting cancel and updating the options to point at my coh folder, and it still says it can't find my install. When I try to hit install it downloads wine-4.0.1.sierra.bottle.tar.gz, gets to 100% and then indefinitely sits on "BEGINNING WINE INSTALL". Tried reinstalling Island Rum, no luck. Tried giving Island Rum full disk access, nope. One time it did get to the step of trying to download the game files, and then indefinitely hung on the 1st file at 0%.
  2. macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2 Downloaded Island Rum and ran it, it downloaded the game files, when I hit play it loads the wine64-preloader but nothing happens, and Island Rum crashes and I have to force close it. Tried deleting ~/.wine, tried renaming CoH to coh, tried completely removing files and reinstalling, all the same result. Just eternal purgatory when I hit play. Edit: Update! It's working now. I had to choose Reset Path in Island Rum and point it at the coh folder after I launched it again, that seemed to be the issue. It was looking at the Island Rum location and not the coh folder.
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