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  1. Guess my dreams of a costume power cosplay character will have to wait for another day. Well played all, and congrats to all the winners; it's been a wild few days!
  2. Literally just as I leave to get something else done quick...
  3. Exactly as the title says, it would be nice if Arachnos Soldiers could finally get the old unlockable Assault Rifle customizations. For some reason this was never on live despite the starting Arachnos Soldier powerset being graphically a subset of Assault Rifle. As it stands, we only have the old cash shop skins, which frankly look awful. Specifically, the following should be ported: Council Assault Weapon Council SMG Tommy Gun Vanguard Redding Rifle Nemesis Rifle Nemesis Rifle 2 and if you're feeling generous, Military Assault Rifle, since t
  4. /sign, I actually made a post about this over in "Help and Support" because with the removal of all unlock requirements for costume parts, it seemed odd that the costume powers (especially the ones that were on the paragon market) would not be in the P2W Vendor, so it seemed like a bug or oversight.
  5. I'll track that thread down now, thanks! Part of the reason I put it in here is with the removal of any unlock requirement for costume parts, not having the cash shop costume powers seemed to be more of a bug/oversight or that they hadn't gotten around to it yet, rather than something they never planned to put in place or are deliberately withholding.
  6. Bumping this since no GMs or Devs have replied yet. These powers were a cornerstone of some of my characters back in the day, it'd be a shame to see them go unused.
  7. I'm not sure if this belongs in General Discussion or Suggestions; given that the P2W shop has virtually everything that was available on the Paragon Market, I'm going to assume it's a bug. The various Paragon Market permanent costume transformation powers (Rikti, Malta Gunslinger, etc.) that used to be available on the Paragon Market don't appear in the P2W shop, or at least I've been unable to find them. Is this intentional or a bug? I had several builds that made use of them back in the day; it would be a shame to have them not return.
  8. Small thing, but shouldn't the links in the original post use HTTPS if the remote server supports it? If Antivirus software is giving false positives on CoH client files, but Tequila checks the checksums to make sure they're the right files, we at least need to be able to trust Tequila itself.
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