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  1. On 3/18/2021 at 7:47 AM, Aeroprism said:

    Probably going to re-quote a lot of people here but here's my take:


    • New story content.  (New zones are NOT necessary to me, PLENTY to do with what's already there.)
    • GM presence.  (Game Master, not Giant Monster). A game like CoH is about immersion so this can take on two aspects:  
      • Controlling undesired behavior AKA: Game police (Names, attitude, trolling etc)
      • Sporadic events (In Everquest, there were a bunch of people called the "Quest troupe" who would take control of NPCs and spawn random mini events.)
    • Re-think the difficulty system.  The best part of this game is the hectic action of a 8-man team.  Well, it was, before everyone and their sister became gods. Give us challenge again
    • Expand on your cell-shading video feature.  It really makes the game 100 times better, make sure to polish it and fix all little issues, like contact portraits that are missing parts when you activate this system.


    I won`t join the crowd of "more powersets, more ATs".  I will be very happy if that happens, but there's already plenty to choose from here. I would however love to see fixes for the glitches on what currently exists. When you jump into a group, activate a power and no animation plays, the time you spend wondering "did it go off or not", your chain is pretty much blerg.


    I really don't care if there is a monthly sub.  This game is mostly for grown adults, I can afford it and if it helps recruit people to improve the game, go for it.


    And I'm in no hurry.  I will be there to join the crowd when it happens, however long that may take.


    Big fat no please on the cell shading. 


    It made Champions Online  hideous, hokey looking and unplayable for me. 





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  2. On 5/6/2021 at 12:53 PM, Uun said:

    All the Judgement powers are flagged to ignore external boosts. Soul Drain doesn't increase its damage.


    I never said that void Core Final judgment benefited from Soul Drain.  Sorry if you got that impression. A good scrapper thinks 4 or 5 attacks ahead. 



    My typical attack chain when facing large mobs it's to wade in with soul drain, then Void Core Final Judgment, and Dark Consumption which I have slotted with knock down and damage. 


    Then I finish with dark melee and Sands of Mu. 


    Five AOE attacks in under a minute. 


    And anything still left standing can be finished off rather quickly with Siphon Life or Midnight Grasp. 



  3. I'm running a dark melee/regen scrapper and I do pretty decent Aoe damage on tfs and teams. 


    I like start off with  IH or Mog, alternating between the two for alpha strikes. 


    Then for Aoe damage I hit with Soul Drain which increases both my damage and chance to hit. 


    Then I follow through immediately with Void Core Final Judgement. It's a Wide PbAoE Extreme  damage attack. 


    Then drop Dark Consumption  immediately after. 


    If any bad guys are still standing, both Shadow Maul and Sands of My are melee cones that are high DoT and attack multiple targets if you line them up right .


    After that I have Midnight Grasp, Siphon Life and Smite to deal with bosses and lieutenants. 


    The trick is knowing your powers well and the best time to use them. 


    If I wade in right behind the tank, or tank a mob myself if the team doesn't have one, firing off Soul Drain can allow me to inflict massive damage on the entire mob, sometimes even before blasters can get off a shot. 



  4. Manufacturer: Amd
    Model: Radeon 7700
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Does the game load?: Yes, no errors
    Driver version: aticfx.64
    Monitor Resolution: 1600 x 1200
    Multi Monitor: No
    Graphic Presets Used: Performance
    Overall experience: Great, no issues


  5. Longshot I know but Im looking for the following names:



    Can reach me here or on Torchbearer @BloodRune


  6. I know the devs and G.Ms have a lot on their plate but I hate to see great character descriptions overlooked. Some people put as much time and effort into them as they do coming up with a great concept and costumes.

    Would be great if in addition to the quarterly Costume contest, prizes were given out for them as well. If nothing else than to encourage people to actually use the feature.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Oubliette_Red said:

    There were posterior head-adornments even back on Legacy.


    The Homecoming team has rules and a code of conduct in place, if you come across a player that you feel is in violation you can report them. Even though this is an all-volunteer team working on and monitoring CoH:H there are moderators "on the job" so to speak and they will look into reports and take appropriate action.


    I hope your positive experiences in the game outweigh any of the negative ones.


    And welcome back.




    Thank you...and they do by far.

  8. Not sure if this is in the right area but I wanted to relay an experience I had just a few minutes ago on the Torchbearer server.


    Let me start off by saying that I just came back a couple of months ago and have been overjoyed to find this game and to experience the warmth of 99.99 percent of the community here. It really does feel like a Homecoming and I applaud the player base as well as the GMs for that.


    That being said, I ran into something earlier that we never had to deal with 15 years ago.

    Namely politics....and racism.

    For most of us here, this is a way of escaping the real world for a bit and I was dismayed to see someone who had named their evil pets Trump, Trumps Son etc. It totally ruined my enjoyment of the game and caused me to leave the team after the mission ended. And not because I'm a Trump supporter or a Republican either.

    I just dont want to see that in any form here. Nor should we have to be subjected to it. I'm barraged with it all day long on FB enough as it is.

    Before leaving the team, I asked the person who named the pets how they would feel if I named a minion BLM sucks and their reply was "I would expect that from a white person."

    That statement is racist now matter how you slice it and I sincerely hope that the G.Ms and this amazing community steps in when they see things like this and let people know that that isnt welcome here at all.

    This community is supposed to be open, inviting and inclusive of EVERYONE and players who insist on bringing politics and racism into this game only serve to divide us.




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  9. On 3/8/2021 at 12:21 AM, twozerofoxtrot said:

    While I agree with most of your post, (except implying SR is bad on scrappers; it's not) I think a better option might be to lower the recharge so that IH could be made Perma. 


    Why better?  Currently one of the benefits of IH is that it's not a leach on End, and Regen builds can have great recovery overall. Most people already build for Recharge on Regen in order to get key powers like MoG, Reconstruction, Dull Pain (kinda easy), and Revive (oops!) back off cooldown ASAP. Slashing the cooldown on IH down to about 270~ seconds should make it far more viable and keep it in line with current Regen player build priorities (no scramble to pay a new End tax). It also preserve's Regen's biggest weakness of not being great at taking huge alphas. Balance: maintained.


    Though, I'd even go a step further and suggest Revive finish all active cooldowns similar to Burnout. This would allow defeated Regen ATs the ability to immediately jam Revive on death, load up toggles during the short grace period, fire off IH, DP, likely Hasten, and if tanking: MoG, and get right back into the fight. This helps keep the theme of the "unkillable" regenerating hero who always comes back for more, while also giving Regen something to help bring it to parity with Willpower, which already has an improved self-rez.


    While it may seem a little preposterous to suggest a Burnout on a 1:30 recharge (in a best-case) that only requires you to die, melee AT's don't have any cheese powers this could be used to exploit ala Gang War. At best you go MoG > Splat-Revive > MoG > Win, and I personally feel like that's Wolverine in a nutshell.

    Sorry if I gave the impression that I though SR was bad.


    What I meant to say is that regen is generally considered the worst secondary for scrappers FAR behind SR and WP which are actually highly recommended as scrapper secondaries.

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  10. I'd like to see some of the mistakes that were made by Jack Emmert addressed.


    Namely, rolling back some of the completely unnecessary nerfs that drove the player base away and started the end for the COX franchise. 


    A good first step would be turning instant healing back into a toggle power, even if it has to be scaled back some. 


    Regen is now consistently listed as one of the worst secondary scrapper powersets to play. 


    Behind super reflexes and willpower. 


    It makes absolutely no sense from a common sense or a comic book standpoint that Electra (Super Reflexes) and Punisher (Willpower) should outperform Wolverine when it comes to healing. 


    When angry players grilled Emmert about why this change was necessary, he said something along the lines of "I like a hard challenge when I'm playing". 


    Great for him. 


    That was addressed later on by being able to change the difficulty level of missions, again making the nerf to IH completely unnecessary. 


    In a game with as much power customization as this one, there is going to be overlap between archetypes. 


    Tankers that do more damage than scrappers, scrappers who tank specific tasks better than tanks, defenders who  outperform damage dealers (Moonbeam anyone) and that is not a bad thing. 


    People get disconnected or leave task force and teams all the time and having another archetype step in and fill that role temporarily can make us feel very heroic. 


    And that is the point of a game based on superheroes anyway isn't it? 





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  11. No, not the police call box, although you do have to click on that to enter. I built the closest approximation I could with the items we have. Would love to hear y'alls feedback, good or bad,  on it. Please bear in mind it's a work in progress.

    I also have a replica of Stonehenge in my base if anyone wants to check it out.

    Passcode is TARDIS-10862 on Torchbearer

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