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  1. Big fat no please on the cell shading. It made Champions Online hideous, hokey looking and unplayable for me.
  2. Zapped

    AOE scrapper?

    I never said that void Core Final judgment benefited from Soul Drain. Sorry if you got that impression. A good scrapper thinks 4 or 5 attacks ahead. My typical attack chain when facing large mobs it's to wade in with soul drain, then Void Core Final Judgment, and Dark Consumption which I have slotted with knock down and damage. Then I finish with dark melee and Sands of Mu. Five AOE attacks in under a minute. And anything still left standing can be finished off rather quickly with Siphon Life or Midnight Grasp.
  3. Zapped

    AOE scrapper?

    I'm running a dark melee/regen scrapper and I do pretty decent Aoe damage on tfs and teams. I like start off with IH or Mog, alternating between the two for alpha strikes. Then for Aoe damage I hit with Soul Drain which increases both my damage and chance to hit. Then I follow through immediately with Void Core Final Judgement. It's a Wide PbAoE Extreme damage attack. Then drop Dark Consumption immediately after. If any bad guys are still standing, both Shadow Maul and Sands of My are melee cones that are high DoT and attack m
  4. Manufacturer: Amd Model: Radeon 7700 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Does the game load?: Yes, no errors Driver version: aticfx.64 Monitor Resolution: 1600 x 1200 Multi Monitor: No Graphic Presets Used: Performance Overall experience: Great, no issues
  5. Zapped

    Name Release

    Longshot I know but Im looking for the following names: Death Bloodbath Can reach me here or on Torchbearer @BloodRune
  6. Anyone here have Blood Rune by chance? He's my main on Torchbearer and I'm thinking of transferring over.
  7. I know the devs and G.Ms have a lot on their plate but I hate to see great character descriptions overlooked. Some people put as much time and effort into them as they do coming up with a great concept and costumes. Would be great if in addition to the quarterly Costume contest, prizes were given out for them as well. If nothing else than to encourage people to actually use the feature.
  8. Thank you...and they do by far.
  9. Not sure if this is in the right area but I wanted to relay an experience I had just a few minutes ago on the Torchbearer server. Let me start off by saying that I just came back a couple of months ago and have been overjoyed to find this game and to experience the warmth of 99.99 percent of the community here. It really does feel like a Homecoming and I applaud the player base as well as the GMs for that. That being said, I ran into something earlier that we never had to deal with 15 years ago. Namely politics....and racism. For most of us here, this is a way of
  10. Sorry if I gave the impression that I though SR was bad. What I meant to say is that regen is generally considered the worst secondary for scrappers FAR behind SR and WP which are actually highly recommended as scrapper secondaries.
  11. I'd like to see some of the mistakes that were made by Jack Emmert addressed. Namely, rolling back some of the completely unnecessary nerfs that drove the player base away and started the end for the COX franchise. A good first step would be turning instant healing back into a toggle power, even if it has to be scaled back some. Regen is now consistently listed as one of the worst secondary scrapper powersets to play. Behind super reflexes and willpower. It makes absolutely no sense from a common sense or a comic book standpoint t
  12. No, not the police call box, although you do have to click on that to enter. I built the closest approximation I could with the items we have. Would love to hear y'alls feedback, good or bad, on it. Please bear in mind it's a work in progress. I also have a replica of Stonehenge in my base if anyone wants to check it out. Passcode is TARDIS-10862 on Torchbearer
  13. Powerhouse herefinally made it back to homecoming this past month
  14. Nice to see some familiar names and faces. Death Raven here, just made it back this past week.
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