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  1. You got those right and the others are fairly self-evident, but here is the roster: Mystery Mouse Rat Bull Hannigan Ox Lady Tigress Tiger Blue Bunny Rabbit Miss Nightdragon Dragon Hooded-Cobra Snake Colt Cassidy Horse Mr. Goodfellow Ram Champion Chimp Monkey Blackwing. Rooster Sea-Dog Dog Pigsy Peters Boar And a few
  2. Thank you for the kind words and yes this was indeed a demoedit-generated screenshot. I did a lot of demo editing during the shutdown, but I need to re-learn how to do it.
  3. A late addition to the Golden Age post, I create teams themed around the Chinese Zodiac and here is the Golden Age team:
  4. In the past, I've created demofiles and captured screenshots form the playback. It was so versatile, since you could use powers, weapons and all the emotes (including NPC ones). I don't think that works anymore, so I'll have to give Titan Icon a go.
  5. Wow, absolutely stunning looks. Just beautiful.
  6. This is the Sarkophagus. He's a member of a personal VG, the TekhnoMagi, which is Ancient Egyptian combined with super hi-tech. I love his look, but as an Earth/Storm Summoning Controller, I don't love playing him. And I don't feel like changing his powerset, because I really like how he creates "sandstorms". So, I keep him around to look pretty.
  7. I also have a card-themed character, Jaq of Cards, who has a costume that is definitely inspired by Dazzler. Though she has other outfits inspired also by the Royal Flush Gang and Jack of Hearts.
  8. I know I'm a bit late, but I couldn't let this go by without commenting on how awesome this looks. I love it!
  9. Make way for the Iron Horse! I don't enjoy the redside content so much, therefore I made him a Rogue and now he's wreaking havoc in Paragon City.
  10. Must be something in the air. I just designed a playing card based costume for my longtime character Jaq of Cards. Previously, she mostly wore a different outfit for each Suit.
  11. Not a djinn, but kinda djinn-adjacent. But, I'm in.
  12. I did some remodeling on the exterior of the SS Electric Eagle
  13. I spent all day yesterday building a small steampunk airship base for my alt, Tess LaVolt. I'm finally at the point where I'm okay with sharing the base with all of you: TESS-18557. The airship has a aft sitting parlor, Cargo Hold port side and Repair Bay starboard side. The Bridge has Engineering port-side and Navigation starboard-side. There's an elevator which will take you topside to the Observation Deck and the Crow's Nest.
  14. And here's something I'm thinking of doing, but not sure it works
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