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  1. Make way for the Iron Horse! I don't enjoy the redside content so much, therefore I made him a Rogue and now he's wreaking havoc in Paragon City.
  2. Must be something in the air. I just designed a playing card based costume for my longtime character Jaq of Cards. Previously, she mostly wore a different outfit for each Suit.
  3. Not a djinn, but kinda djinn-adjacent. But, I'm in.
  4. I did some remodeling on the exterior of the SS Electric Eagle
  5. I spent all day yesterday building a small steampunk airship base for my alt, Tess LaVolt. I'm finally at the point where I'm okay with sharing the base with all of you: TESS-18557. The airship has a aft sitting parlor, Cargo Hold port side and Repair Bay starboard side. The Bridge has Engineering port-side and Navigation starboard-side. There's an elevator which will take you topside to the Observation Deck and the Crow's Nest.
  6. And here's something I'm thinking of doing, but not sure it works
  7. I am working on a small personal base for my steampunk character, Tess LaVolt. The concept is a flying airship and I'm done with the interior, except for some tweaking. But, I'm stuck on what to do for the ceiling/roof of the base. I've used the giant Arachnos balcony before for my space pirate ship SS Blackmoon and that works fine. But, the tech style for Arachnos doesn't really mesh well with the steampunk design. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TESS-18557
  8. My new favorite obsession is my Dual Pistols/Electrical Affinity Corruptor, Tess LaVolt. This is only her first costume, she's got a couple of other looks, too.
  9. Simple is something that can be pretty difficult to achieve, you did a great job here. But, what really gets my attention are those pants. I love them! Too perfect.
  10. Wow, that is a brilliant head/face design. Just amazing and I really dig the color contrasts. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Wow, this is utterly amazing. The amount of work, patience and skill that went into this base is unbelievable.
  12. Oh wow, EB, that looks amazing. I'll have to roll up a Tourist just to check it out on Indomitable. I'm very interested in how you made the hunter green walls. I'm going to assume it took lots of patience.
  13. @Dacy- I just wanted to say thank you for your tutorial videos, the whole series really gave me a huge leg up on building bases better. Even my humble bases are made better just from the stuff I learned from your videos. Thank you so much!
  14. I finally got bit by the base building bug and this is my first attempt at an outside/inside base. I give you the SS Blackmoon, home of Captain Blackmoon and her Raiders. The interior still needs some fleshing out. Most of it is finished, including engine room, transporters, cargo hold and the bridge. Still need to work on the brig and sickbay. I can't really make her larger, as I like her current configuration. Making sure she looks airtight all around meant a lot of walls in the base, which restricted the size of each room. The Arachnos balconies and walkways were great pieces of the ship's hull. I probably need to pay more attention to the interior, as the exterior took up most of the construction effort. If you care to visit, the SS Blackmoon is currently orbiting Everlasting ( BLACKMOON-12614) Exterior of the ship The bow of the ship, note the torpedo launchers The SS Blackmoon has a full complement of escort fighters The main guns of the SS Blackmoon External view of the bridge The shuttle and airlock \ The engine room The booty room (aka cargo hold) The torpedo bay The Captain's Receiving Room
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