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  1. It would help to know more details: - what you found dissatisfying about the tank version - what you mean by underperforming as a brute - what you mean by underperforming at tanking As you're just using generic IOs right now, you might be hitting some End issues, as neither SS or Inv have any built-in way to boost recovery. I would suggest putting the Miracle or Numina unique(s) in health, and the Performance Shifter proc in Stamina. For toughness, make sure you're slotting up Invincibility and Tough Hide for Defense, and Weave from the Fighting Pool if
  2. Evasive Maneuvers isn't just an in-combat power, it's also the out-of-combat constant-speed-boost toggle that Afterburner used to be. What you used to do, run Fly+AB to fly faster, is now accomplished by running Fly+EM out of combat. The new Afterburner is a brand new power that has nothing to do with the old afterburner except that it's now using the name.
  3. 87.9mph is going to remain the "always-on" toggled flight speed cap, for reasons of ease-vs-velocity balance with the other travel powers. Here's what I've found so far with testing: 2x Flight Speed IOs in Fly = 87.9mph Fly + Evasive Maneuvers running (with no IOs in either) = 87.9mph Afterburner let's us exceed that cap for flight speed, but only in exchange for being a limited-duration toggle, to avoid breaking the balance equation. Given the alternative (no way to exceed 87.9mph at all) I think it's a fair compromise, even if it's conceptually troubling for so
  4. One thing I really appreciate about the new Flight changes is that I can either hit the cruise cap with two power picks (Fly + EM) or just with two slots in Fly and two IOs. It gives me options for both power-tight builds and slot-tight builds. I'm really loving this patch.
  5. Evasive Maneuvers is now the Speed Boost Toggle that Afterburner used to be. Live: Fly + Afterburner = constant toggled high-speed out-of-combat cruise mode Test: Fly + Evasive Maneuvers = constant toggled higher-speed out-of-combat cruise mode The two toggles on Test provide everything the two toggles on Live provide. The new Afterburner isn't the replacement for the old Afterburner, it's a brand new free power that's completely optional to use and provides a temporary extra speed bump as a completely novel bonus. It really seems like your main comp
  6. How are you getting this from his example? I think where people are getting hung up is in thinking that "Old Afterburner" is being replaced with "New Afterburner." It's more accurate to say that "Old Afterburner" is being replaced by "Evasive" and "New Afterburner" is a brand new thing that sits like a cherry on top. Evasive adds flight speed and is a toggle that runs all the time, it just lacks the only-affecting-self and adds some extra bonuses. This is literally losing nothing and gaining a whole bunch, no matter how you look at it, even if you never touch the new afterburner button o
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