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  1. Brutes and Tanks have their roles in PvP, but they should not be super DPS machines. Scrappers already crit heavy damage, and so do Stalkers, where a good 70% of HP can be gone from Greater Psi Blade alone. Melee can also survive a whole lot better than any blaster or corrupter if you aren't tied to the idea that one must stand and fight. (If you do stand, and you're built to take hits, you probably won't die without at least 3 to 4 players attacking you.) If you play with some strategy you will never have to worry about feeling useless. I get where you are coming from when you talk about buffs and debuffs accounting for corr/controller lower HP, but DR curbs those values by quite a bit. For the moment, I find it hard to accept a blaster HP nerf because that already affects PvE negatively. A buff, on the otherhand, would be easier to implement since HP and all are percentages.
  2. I disagree. NPCs in zone, I feel, are not that big of a deal, and add more to the "hazard" feel of the map. Being strategic about how far you chase, or where you choose to plant (landing after a jump), diversifies every zone encounter. This is also great for players that toggle debuffs on you (radiation debuffs, snow storm, etc.), as you can stand in a friendly mob and throw aggro onto them. (Doing this does not guarantee you live. Standing still in a PvP zone is almost always risky. It's just another avenue of disruption you can pursue.) Edit: After thinking about it more, I'm a little torn on this because I forgot how hostile zones are for Masterminds. This discussion is purely based on fixing the state of PvP as it stands now and to balance some things that leave battles way too one-sided. Replies like these don't have much weight in this discussion, and are more trollish than helpful. I am confident that no PvPer, arena or otherwise, would want to intentionally disturb current PvE mechanics. Read that last sentence again. Some general, yet important things I think could be looked at: - Getting suppressed out of Phase Shift by mez effects that come in after you toggle on the power. This doesn't even work on Diabolique, AFAIK. - Eliminating or reducing the penalty for Absorb Pain and Share Pain, or reducing the timer to 10 seconds at most. I would argue that this change would not only be helpful for competitve PvP, but even make it desirable to play healing classes in PvP zones as well. - Doing something about jump packs in both arena and pvp zones. You should not be able to use these in the arena at all. Having them used in zone makes it to where whoever has the highest altitude before they attack means they are most likely to win. Which means all encounters start and end with these two powers being used. Which means that if you choose to play without them you are already limiting yourself. - Using base teleportation in zone. This one is absolutely no fun, and has turned off a lot of regulars from even entering zones anymore. Getting inspirations isn't an issue, but being able to teleport away from potential death, and all effects (base TPing cancels Heat Exhaustion, etc), means no one is at danger of ever dying. - Changing Warburg to level 50, maybe with only alpha incarnate. Best PvP map to date. - Changing Sirens Call & Bloody Bay to level 30-38. As it stands, builds don't get fun until around 35 anyway. Powersets: - Thermal Shields adding +Absorbtion. Right now, the set has no real utility because it's outclassed in every way by Empathy. You can even add a PvE description like "Additionally, this shield insulates you, aborbing a small amount of damage over time" or something. - Sonic Shields adding +Absorbtion. Since this set has no heal, I would argue that its absorbtion be greater than thermal shields. - Cold Domination's slows affecting travel speed - Kinetics' Inertial Reduction countering all -Jump effects. This might make kinetics useful to counterplay again. Reach requests: - Raising Corrupter/Dominator/Controller/Defender maximum health points by 6% (1702). Blasters should not be both the hardest hitting and one of the hardest to kill, while underappreciated classes/powersets are begging for some sort of PvP relevance. This is a reach, I know, and I am probably in the minority with this here. - Being able to slot prestige sprints with KB ios. This would free up a lot of build space for everyone. Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to more interesting discussion.
  3. You're calling for set bonuses to be disallowed? That takes away a great deal of customization from a creationist standpoint, and is probably one of the more ill-formed, reactionary ideas I've read here. You can also disable set bonuses in an arena match already. Make PvP IOs cheaper or even maybe an option at character creation that you check if the toon will be for PvP.
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