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  1. Not specific threads for these, but there are posts already made for certain topics present here - if there aren't - you are welcome to create them. This just isnt the place for discussion since the thread will get long and it covers a HUGE variety of topics.
  2. Just as a note - this thread won't be a place to discuss the suggestions posted. There are already threads created for most of them - you are welcome to link them here for discussion to be moved there within reason. Thank you!
  3. Hey guys, I understand your concerns but just a note that the discord (The official HC Discord) is an official outlet for us as well. It is ran by us - all gm, devs, and admins are present there and a lot of in game discussion goes on there real time. Some people just prefer that to the forums (Just as some people prefer the forums to discord). The weekly discussions were a thing I started to get people active and talking about things, I apologize if you feel left out. From now on I will post our weekly topic on the forums as well (most likely on general - as its not always suggestion based. Note every week isn't in this post - sometimes its favorite IO sets, story arcs, or villain groups). It will still be on discord first - as we have a community there who gets involved with these every week as well and grew it to what it is today. This week we are currently voting on new topics to talk about in the coming weeks, so posts will start next week. Usually Sunday or Monday. (If the interest is strong enough for the first few weeks - I will keep posting here). Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂
  4. Currently this thread is based solely on the weekly discussions from our discord channel.
  5. And that is totally fine, some people feel the same way about forums. The weekly discussion could be opened up to the forums if there was enough interest expressed.
  6. You got in touch with me on discord - if anyone else wants to get involved, come on over to our discord and hang out in the #weekly-discussion channel!
  7. Hey guys! This is a thread I will be updating every week with posts from our weekly discussion on discord. The discussions are based on topics in game that get voted on every few months by you guys! Note: This isn't a plan of action for us, just a list of suggestions and feedback from the community I have compiled from our weekly discussions on discord. The dev's and admins check the suggestion forums frequently (even though they don't post on every thread) so the more info they have from what the community wants, the better! Please don't discuss these topics here in this thread as it would get difficult to keep up with the flow of chat due to the variety of topics covered here. Thanks! Weekly Discussion 10: Base items What the community would like to see: • An options to turn prestige back on • P2w vendor • Merit vendor npc • Opening doors • Ability to costume npcs/Name them • Apartments • Floating animations for objects • Copy and paste feature • Higher limit to plot placement • Ability to limit horizontal movement to one axis • Ability to lock items in place • Work on Water/Fountain/Waterfall Effects • Ability to size items • Ability to place items more efficiently in hallways • Ability to save a set of assembled items/Ability to multi-move a set of items • Items: • Shipping containers • More tintable objects! • High rise cranes • Futuristic monorail train • Salvage racks/enhancement racks with more space/different aesthetics • Recipie racks! • Empty shelves • Cargo Ships / More vehicles • More Staircase options • Building block pieces • Curved Glass/ More glass options • More pillar options • More lettering options • Signs/Plaques • Namable NPCS • Empty weapon/display cases/lab equipment Weekly Discussion 11: Frankentype Suggestions • MM / DPS (LOTS of MM talk!) • Paladin Tank Primary / Support • Ranged Tank Tank Primary / Ranged Secondary • Tank Primary / Control • Support/Melee – Melee/Support • OP FotY Support/Support Weekly Discussion 12: Costume and Character Creation Ideas Costumes Generic: • Long Skirt / Robe Bottoms • More male / Female Hairstyles • More Colors • Weapon Holsters • More tails • ASYMETRICAL ITEMS!!!! • More chest symbols • Back symbols • More chest symbols than one color option • More reptile/Aquatic options • More Weapon options for guns! • Royal themed items • More body types! • More Hat options – with and without hair! • More monster heads! • More unhuman body parts! • Arm wings! • More hoodie options • Jewelry options! • Stealth to not interfere with costumes Costume Specific: • Sybil / Desdaemona • Apply patterns to fur • AV Costume Pieces • Legacy Costume Pieces • Ability to color eyes • Crey Armor • PPD Brickstown Outfits • Freakshow parts! • Coral Details • Rikti parts! Weekly Discussion 13: AE Ideas • Making all current powersets available to bad boys • Player made Safeguard/Mayhem missions • Incarnate level missions • More abstract missions (Like Summer Blockbuster) • New Enemy poses • AE Wishlist from VonBoom: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lH3-wrEcUcNAAa1_tR4vx782lvEiGZ-02qAVywtzJRo/edit • WS/PB options • Power Color customization for mobs • Make your own maps • Tutorial mission arc • Make female/male options open to all characters. • Working on customized dialogue • Giant Monsters • More customizable difficulty • Being able to change the in-mission music • Minigames like ski-slopes • More recent maps • Mission map has native allies that turn at some point – like Prae maps • Mission entrances outside of the AE? Weekly Discussion 15: Under powered ATs AT’s • Peacebringers • MM’s End Cost + Minion Health • Sentinel – Dmg / Survivability are both sub par • Blasters – Inherit • Tanks – Dmg / Taunt / Numbers (See test server for possible future changes) • Defender – Inherit • Dominator – Inherit Powersets: • Trick Arrow – Overall needs work • Invuln – Not as powerful as it used to be Weekly Discussion 16: Future Events In game: • GM led zone events with signature heroes • An event in KW • Krampus Invasions • More invasions where certain villain types fight in RI/PC From the GMS: • Costume contests that take into account bio/name/short monologue • TF speed runs • Temp Title parties • Community picks a gms costume for the week/month • More monster mashes! • Gift parties where GMs hand out large insps-merits Weekly Discussion 17: Masterminds Overall: • Customize pets • Buff pets health/level • Make pets cost less end to cast • Buff t1/2 pet accuracy • Make people be able to walk through pets Individual Sets: • Buff Mercenaries • Detonator power – Make it to where you can choose • Beast Mastery needs a buff – not enough damage or survivability. Weekly Discussion 19: Defenders Overall • Def Damage could be upped slightly – maybe adjust the passive • Biggest talked about underpowered sets TA/Traps/Posion Specific • Traps needs a little TLC similar to Devices / Triage beacon cooldown adjusted • Empathy needs an update to make it more useful in todays CoX • Acid arrow radius raised / TA stuff recharge is too low • Poison heal animation time lowered • Adjust the FF later powers • Cold Dom +max hp – make it a small heal Weekly Discussion 20: Controllers Overall: • Confuse is complicated – xp loss is too much – Confused targets should take more dmg. • You should be able to do some dmg to sleeping targets to make it more viable • Rework intangible powers. Specific: • Blackhole rework please! • Increase Wormhole target cap • Increase elecs end drain • Earth control is too laggy right now. • Make gravity immob res to kb. • Increase telekinesis target cap Weekly Discussion 21: Blasters Overall: • A sniper based set for Blasters • Weapon auras! Specific: • FIX Electric blast! Dmg / End Mod • Make Sonic cones – Res • Dark manipulation tweaks • Add different dmg types to archery for better end game play / Swap ammo mechanic possibly with quiver. Weekly Discussion 22: Stalkers Overall: • Make Placate useful again. • If ST is going to be the Stalkers Niche – it should be upped because they fall behind Scrappers/Brutes. (MA/Ninja/BS in particular) • Non-Def sets are inherently weaker than the Defense armor sets, since Stalkers live and die by their Hide ability, which is Def based. Overall people are generally happy with Stalkers atm - just a few tweaks asked for. 😄 Weekly Discussion 25: Holiday Events Overall: • Spring Bloom event – Hami blooms/buds spawn across maps or DE • Easter Egg Hunts • Heroes/Villains Memorial Day • Manticore/Sister Psyche Wedding event through Ouro • More rewards from Vendors – Temp powers Halloween: • Stagger Zombie Invasions • Dark for the whole month was too much • Lower Cooldown on doors a little Weekly Discussion 27: Sentinels Overall: • Where to Sents fit in? Scrappers are tougher – Blasters do more dps. • Range could be increased • Their AT Inherit is not powerful enough – and is only tied to t1/t2 - @Wraithe Mentioned expanding it to their team would make sense of the Sentinel AT - Multiple people mention making it similar to domination / adaptations • Would be nice if they could crit. • Most don’t understand their role in the game – they aren’t defensive enough to be tanks and not offensive enough to be real dmg dealers. Most people think that Sentinels need some work – but have a lot of potential! Weekly Discussion 28: Dayjobs Overall: • More Day jobs in: Praetoria KW • Make the Temp powers you get from each day job more powerful and last longer. Either do them by single charges or severely increase timers. (Example by Oneirohero#9850 - Why not have it so if say, the City hall Dayjob gives you 1+ missions worth of increased Inf instead of 1 minute?) Something to make us stop wasting our saved up time! • (NovaCrusade#0992: Higher tier rewards – maybe combining three badges?) • Get charges for accolade powers faster. • Day jobs offering temp pets would be great. • (Chaingang#4422: How about setting it up where getting the day job unlocked a buff you could get at the P2W vendor, in the form of various temp powers and passives?) Specific: • Temp flight in Shadow Shard is the same as the P2W Vendor – Increase. Or perhaps issue a Recall Friend Temp Power with charges. • (ryuplaneswalker#4962: Day job idea : Day Job - Clown..Location : The Carnival Tents in St. Martial - Power : laughing gas grenade, small damage effect and mag 2 hold.) • (Ma1function#2267: I'd love to see an accolade from the dark astoria day job and the mortician day job that gave charges of the loa bone temporary power) • (Laenan#9550: Construction Worker: log off at construction site: 3-5% discount to IO craft price/ Teacher: university campus exterior: small buff of some kind to teammates of lower level. / Landlord: apartment complex: very small influence gain on login based on time logged out.) Favorite Day Jobs: (https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Hero_Day_Job_Badges) • Physician Accolade for the Ally Rez • Alchemist Accolade for Heal Weekly Discussion 29: Tankers Overall: • People wanted a few major things that were repeated. And some of these concerns are addressed in the new proposed changes on the test. Tanks to be more of what they already are – Higher Aggro/Better Aggro / Tankier / Slightly more Dps. • Possible defiance option while soloing • A possible “grab” power for tanks to pull mobs to them • Increase their max Health/End • Lot of discussion on Brutes vs Tankers with people pretty divided. Specific: • Granite/Stone Armor rework. The power just doesn’t make a lot of sense. (Some people like it.) • More FX for Granite • Fix no kb res on fire and dark Normally there is “I LIKE THIS SET THE BEST” winner, but there was a lot of love for a lot of sets this time around. Weekly Discussion 31: Dominators Overall: • There was a lot of talk about how reliant doms are on permadom which means stacking +rech like crazy (and is expensive). Specific: • Holds like Volcanic Gases (in Earth) don’t stack up to holds in Ice or Fire. • https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/7880-gravity-holdimmob-knockback-protection-issue/ Grav and Elec immobilize need the same treatment as the other control immobilizes. • Players would love to see a “Gadget Control” set – featuring traps and various body weapons. @Iguanaman and @Mainframe had two great possible build sets. • Players would like to see Illusion control carried over to Dominators. Weekly Discussion 33: Warshades Overall: Inherit seems off at higher levels due to most people being Aoe - so you are almost never at full power Incarnates have made their niche not as impressive as it was previously. Toggle suppression would be helpful. (Got this request a TON) Slot Heavy Knockback is rough Mez protection Moving some of the more complicated/filler abilities to a Kheld only epic pool would help new players. Human WS needs work vs Tri-form Specific: Their reliance on Stygian is frustrating Dark Extractions are too squishy Unchain needs a rework - its not powerful and most people cut it from their builds Add mob size modifier to Mire/Eclipse The post teleport animation is too long Theory/Ideas: Make the forms toggles that buff certain attacks vs having a new set of abilities.
  8. (From a players perspective) Sent is a decent choice for Praetoria. Prae is difficult content - the mobs are hard and they throw a lot at you (multiple bosses even doing solo content). I ran through on bio and it saved my life multiple times. As for primaries, DP is a little low on dmg but its fun as heck.
  9. I had a faithful main on retail that was my everything and decided to go with another secondary this time around and I am pretty happy I did. I have recently remade the old character and am excited to see where it goes as well 😄
  10. Excelsior Finalists! 1fcbec158bf8c553db6b4b4c745d30d2.mp4 Excelsior Shard! cc80ff701a94751c4117f5486854d5eb.mp4
  11. Hey everyone! Thank you so much to everyone that came out for our first of the origin themed costume contests. This month was Science and you guys delivered - the creativity was awesome. Here are our winners! 🏆Overall winner: Gravinity!🏆 4d488aa3b3fbdcfa0020a0f91561479b.mp4 4d488aa3b3fbdcfa0020a0f91561479b.mp4 Excelsior: Finalists: Soul-Harvester, Dr. Revolting, Kosmic Kid, and Synthweaver. Winner: Gravinity Torchbearer: Finalists: Klaatue, Ryoko Atombender, Mr. Plasma, and Proto-. Winner: Ice Flo Everlasting: Finalists: Scrubs, Nuclear Option, Kira King, and Hamidude. Winner: Edison Reunion: Finalists: Atomatrix, Bridezilla, Yperite, and Dr. Safety First. Winner: Sir Isaac Newtoon Indomitable: Finalists: Gasp, Tidal Force., Continuity, and Super Serum Sarah. Winner: Capt. Sam's Space Zoo Contact me on discord for questions. Miss#1337! Here is the 📷 Imgur Link 📸 to all our pictures from the event! If you have any you would like to share: Add them here or on our discord in your shard channel! If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) right here!
  12. I had a ton of fun, thank you to everyone that welcomed us with open arms and were patient while we learned!
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