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  1. Yes, because i post the same topic every week on both discord AND the forums. I keep it the same, doing two different ones would double the amount of work I have to do on recaps weekly. I'm not sure what you are asking. I thought you were asking if we could go back to past topics that the forum didn't get to discuss and was letting you know that most likely won't happen due to the above reason.
  2. I doubt I would do this since I keep the discord and forum discussions the same every week. I don't want to manage two separate ones.
  3. We have already had discussions about some of these, but i will add some to the next poll. 🙂 (It wont be for a few months)
  4. Hi everyone! Here are the May winners. March Winners April Winners May Winners June Winners July Winners July 2020 🏆Here is our list of winners for Top 10🏆 1. HC_Ura_Hero with 129,746,393 points! 2. HC_Psyblade with 125,619,947 points! 3. HC_CMOT_Dibbler with 79,467,254 points! 4. HC_Malohin with 77,313,417 points! 5. HC_MChemManiac with 75,092,512 points! 6. HC_Some_Girl with 68,943,195 points! 7. HC_Icee_Bear with 61,623,185 points! 8. HC_Super_Sloth with 56,158,204 points! 9. HC_Count_Midnight with 53,256,460 points! 10. HC_Polymidis with 47,280,438 points! Here is our list of random winners with at least 5 work units! HC_Maleficent HC_Boogs HC_Force_five HC_MechaMarshmallow HC_Warpcore_Breach HC_Protocol_9 HC_CptGreedle HC_Nova_Chronum HC_Mystic_Cross HC_Ariel' Here is our list of random winners with at least 1 work unit! HC_Rootkit HC_Felixthedogbat HC_Clearsong HC_Heartsong928 HC_CaptainAardvark HC_Doctor_Menlo HC_Mrityu HC_DrMindscythe HC_Matt_Miracle HC_Belial84 See you guys next month for more prizes! >> Check costumes out here! << !! All winners please send me a pm with the costume you would like (it's account wide and will be located in the P2W vendor), thank you !! !! Merits in the mail soon - located under character items !!
  5. 🦾Technology Themed! 🤖 Come on out to Kallisti Wharf on Saturday August 22nd for the continuation of our origin themed costume contests! This month we are all about technology! Unique and creative costumes are always encouraged - we can't wait to see what you come up with. When? August 22nd @9pm UTC 9pm UTC is: 10pm UK time 5pm Eastern time 2pm Pacific time 11pm Central European time Click here to see 9pm UTC in your timezone Where? Statesman Plaza in the center of Kallisti Wharf on all five shards (Torchbearer, Excelsior, Reunion, Indomitable and Everlasting) Heroes can reach Kallisti Wharf via the tram Villains can reach Kallisti Wharf via the Smuggler’s Submarine in Sharkhead Isle and Grandville Prizes? The 4 runner-up costumes on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Technology Costume Contest Runner-Up The Fashion Victim Badge 150 reward merits The best costume on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Technology Costume Contest Finalist The Fashion Victim Badge 300 reward merits The single best overall costume will win: A permanent golden title: Technology Costume Contest Winner The Fashion Victim Badge 1000 reward merits Costume manipulation wont be considered legitimate in costume contests. Any costume manipulation will be disqualified. It is an issue that will be fixed and isn't allowed on HC. Also please note that costume contest judging is subjective and everyone's tastes are different. Please be kind to our GM's who volunteer their time to keep these servers running as smooth as possible. If you have any issues, please contact me here or on discord!
  6. Info here:
  7. Check out the discussion here:
  8. Hey guys! There is a poll on discord in the #weekly-discussion channel where you can vote on future topics for the next few months. If you have topic ideas, please post them here for future polls, thank you! (If your topic is picked you get a golden title in game "Weekly Discussion MVP")
  9. <5 second gifs are okay. We aren't posting feature length films in here, just little fun gifs for players that weren't able to make it to events.
  10. With voting on our costumes, you guys get a taste of how difficult choosing can be. The theme was Paste and Future, which means you could do something from the past or something from the future, and even somewhere in between! P.S. - It's not just the GMs - everyone has special tastes, otherwise life would be very boring. 🙂
  11. Hey everyone! We heard your thoughts on the player led event calendar and agree! So now there is a calendar for each shard, enjoy!
  12. EXTRA FUN! c836f12e8a48631dd0451c20951309ee.mp4 d1957a030c9bcefc4f4adb267d2a8421.mp4 a5f21178a58d8624da262ebc2b4ccfc8.mp4 d8b5d6331a33813e61e5825c45c1d1b0.mp4
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