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  1. Glad you like it! You'll be quite pleased with what's currently in the tubes. So the bad news is, this patch note was erroneously resurrected from one of the development builds and the feature did not actually make it into Page 5 for Electrical Blast. The short version of the reason it was cut involves, just, the most hideous lists of power set customization themes in certain epic sets that cherry-pick visual FX from other powers. Since Electrical Affinity uses all-new FX, it was safe to add the Heroic and Villainous sets there for this release. The good news is, the te
  2. This applies to Electrical Blast on Blaster and Corruptor as well. It pertains to the new tech that allows the Heroic and Villainous themes to function: the policy that is initializing the power set theme is a little heavy-handed. I'll adjust this for the next build. It only resets during character creation. Power customization is just one interface: one code module. Give the original devs a little credit!
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