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  1. I understand the "negotiations" must be difficult during a global pandemic, however Thunderspy has no issues with this topic, I don't understand why Homecoming has prevented users from sharing their gameplay.
  2. Yes, when will we be able to share in-game footage again? I have about 6-7 videos from before the claim was made we should stop? Thanks y'all.
  3. Rogues/Vigs need to be able to use bases without dropping team... <_< Thank you. -Soldier Black (Torchbearer)
  4. Now featuring: keybinds.txt. Place file in your City of Heroes directory and enter slash command "/bindload" to install (per character).
  5. Hey all, make sure to check your connection type. I created a long-winded thread that concluded with me realizing I was using a wireless connection (USB even) and after almost a week I finally switched back to LAN-1Gbps and problems solved. No more latency/rubberbanding.
  6. MORNING UPDATE: (FIXED--) Wireless connection to blame... I CAN"T BELIEVE IT TOOK ME ALMOST A WEEK (and a re-install) TO REALIZE IT'S THE WIRE-LESS CONNECTION. See here the netgraph update... I've only been logged for about 3 minutes now, I'll post a confirmation as soon as I'm -uhm- satisfied?
  7. For anyone interested, here is what my netgraphs looked like both during a bizarre connection: background uploading a video. and then right after: me cancelling it, which is usually: the second half. The second pic is what I usually deal with. So you can see the semi-stable pattern (during large upload) and the bad pattern I am struggling with.
  8. What I said to the GM helping me: My Netgraph is reflecting what I've expressed in general/help previously: I am rubberbanding (red bar) every 3-5 seconds. . . . . Large Red blocks occur (in a size of 1-2 secs), I with a relatively stable in-between of low (I-DON'T FULLy UNDERSTAND THE NETGRAPH.). So that's where I'm at. Ohmybad, It's not the OVH servers-- this occured on Reunion (EU) just now w/ new char. pls advice
  9. Let me check (try) RQ. - <this is the part when I entered the stuff in CMD> huh. I can load the game faster. <insert more time here> <loading> <stares at civilians> <map server> <more mapserver> Nothing.
  10. I have 2 isps they had the same result in-game, rubberbanding every 5-7 seconds. *blinks w/ anxiety*
  11. The lag that didn't exist before the new year? The lag that is causing me to teleport 5-6 seconds backwards every 5-6 seconds?
  12. From: @Longbow Warden 1, @Supercharged Titan (Torchbearer) To: Devs. Fix the lag. Love, @Longbow Warden 1, @Supercharged Titan (Torchbearer)
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