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  1. Simply put, add a third option that is 100% identical to Ninja and Beast Run statistically, value-wise, price-wise, and any other metrics, with these five changes (might be more tweaks needed, but I think this is it): Named "Super Run". Instead of the Beast or Ninja run animations, simply use the standard 'run' animation. Use the Beast Run jump animation. It's simple and looks fine. Now, the P2W vendor will give you the choice of Super Run, Ninja Run, or Beast Run as your 'free' option, and you can purchase the other two for the standard fee. Same situation as before, but now you get this new option. Needs to be added to the "Revoke" options. (Might) need a code change somewhere to check if you have one of those already before being charged Influence for the next one. That's it. A comparable option for those that visually don't want to Naruto or Werewolf around. Same End cost, same baseline values for +Speed and +Jump and the motion controls of the jump, the 'wall running', etc... just a version with normal running and the different jump.
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