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  1. I really liked my Elec/DB tank in this level range. The task forces tend to have energy damage types (Freakshow and Clockworks) so you do well there. And the empower->weaken->repeat attack chain can be done at a very low level with just prestige dam/rech enhancements and standard IOs. It's very endurance efficient, too if you throw a brawl between each combo. Having a Damage Aura helps you grab group agro, and at those levels, people actually appreciate a good tank. I remember running synapse while leveling up and despite hating that task force, I was actually stoked about how perfect my toon was for running it.
  2. Shred Monkey

    DEF goals?

    Agree with the above comments... I'd go for 45% ranged defense first. The 2 unique global enhancements (mentioned above) are both in the resist damage sets (Steadfast Protection and Gladiator's Armor) that give +3 defense to all. So pick these up and slot them... usually in tough.. .if you are getting tough, you might as well get weave as well. You don't even need to be running tough to benefit from the +6 defense total... just have them slotted. For straight ranged defense here's some other places to look: Thunderstrike in ranged attacks Artillery in targeted AoE Mako's Bite in Melee damage Numina's Convalesence in heals
  3. Ah.. the age old question. "How do you define winning?" Is it, I can solo 4x8 ITF in under 60 minutes? Is it I bring the most (damage/support/taunt/control) to a team? Do you want to run MsLTF solo? or as a team in under 15 minutes? Do you want to maximize inf/min? ..or xp/min? Do you want to maximize fun? And what the heck does that mean? Ok.. that's the qualitative discussion... let's talk quantitative.... and by gosh if we're going to do this right, we need visual aids. Take a look at the graph below. I would propose that most of these questions bowel down to this model. As you increase Damage you decrease Surviability. And as you increase Survivability, you decrease Damage. But the relationship is not a straight line it is an arc where at the highest extremes you give up a lot of one to gain a very little of the other. And similarly, there is a point on the curve where you have the best of both worlds, maximizing the area of the rectangle defined by this equation: Awesomeness = Damage X Survivability Damage is pretty easily quantifiable, although there are a few variations. Solo damage is not the same as Team damage. AoE damage is not the same as Single Target damage. And damage to a -1 Pylon is certainly not the same as damage in a 54x8 double spawn of Arachnos. Survivability is more complicated. Again there's a difference between team survivabilty and solo survivability. You can quantify incoming damage that is mitigated with formulas and and calculations. Some people have done this quite well. But how do we account for enemy makeup, soft controls, hard controls, movement, and range? We also need to get a fix on mitigation from damage. My tank can stand in the middle of a spawn of 54x8 badguys all day without taking a scratch, but my blaster can flatten that spawn in under 5 seconds. So do we care at all about mitigation? What about AV fights. That same blaster has solo'd Babbage GM (with no -regen) but even level Infernal will beat him if no inspirations are used because he just hits too hard. But with inspirations the fight will be under 2 minutes long, so who cares if i burn 2-4 inspirations out of a tray of 20? The tank will take 7-10 minutes but not need inspirations. I think the best test is purely empirical. Someone comes up with a challenge, and we try it. If we can't do it, we tweak our builds until we can. Then someone comes up with a new challenge, and we try that. Continue forever or until we get bored and or split into multiple challenge trees.
  4. I'm not enough of an expert on this subject to even know how to phrase this question appropriately... but if you extrapolate that out, doesn't that infer that there's more <name of internet resources> consumed by fake identities/bots would wide then by real people? ....like... A LOT more? Come to think of it.... I'm relatively certain that I'm real.... but how do I know *you* are real? Because, there's good reason to suspect not. Also, I've got this aunt who needs your help to move her monies to your country.
  5. I delete them and disable them, not because I don't use them, but because they get in the way. I can't get to the inspirations behind them without mouse-clicking and I don't like mouse-clicking.
  6. If there had been a scrapper Hero, they wouldn't have needed a team.
  7. did a google search when this mission came up impossible to finish (after restarting multiple times) and found this post. It is still a problem. Mission map shows there's an enemy in a room named "????" but noone and nothing is there.
  8. Back on Live I had a traps/dp defender. Once I joined an AE farm where there was 1 fire brute and a bunch of door sitters (never done an AE mission since, 'cause YUK!). After running around with the farmer buffing/debuffing I started running ahead, dropping seeker drones to absorb the alpha strikes while I stealthed in to set down a few traps and then soul drain -> hail of bullets to soften up the spawn while they were all bunched up. All the while I was basically taking no damage. The farmer watched me do that a few times and asked, "How are you doing that?"
  9. This isn't directed at anyone in particular but I gotta get this off my chest. I'm probably in the minority saying this.... but does anyone else play this game anymore? I mean... the whole farm to 50 as fast as possible in AE while AFK farming the money you need to afford the build you copied from the forums? It's like buying a Superbowl trophy instead of winning one. What's the point? What's it prove? Why bother playing the game if you're not going to actually PLAY the game? OK... I'm done... I know I can't win that argument. Go do whatever floats your boat and makes you feel cool. We're all awesome in our own special blah blah blah Adele lyrics.
  10. First of all the biggest thing to me is that CoH beats CO on min-max building. Even with CO having freeform builds where you can pick any power from any set, CoH still wins. The options CO has actually forces you to basically choose 1 of about 6 powers that you'll spam over and over for the duration of a fight and then fill in the rest of your powers with the optimal setup to optimize that one power. But that's more of a personal play style. I can play for hours in Mid's. CO doesn't have that. When it comes to game mechanics, personally, I prefer CO. I like the block mechanic, I like the lunge mechanic. I like the open world giant monster fights. I like the one endgame dungeon crawl better then the CoH Task Forces. The costume creator is better on CO, the travel powers are better on CO, the graphics are better on CO. There's really some great gaming there to be had in CO. The problem is there's just not enough content. You can finish everything you want to do for the evening in about an hour, maybe 2 hours if things go poorly. Then you have to wait for 3 hours because the content is on a 4 hour real-world timer. The next day, you do the exact same thing... and the next day... and the next. Oh.. there's 5-6 seasonal events that help break up the monotony. But they're just interesting for being novel, not for being good. CoH I can log in and do something different every night of the week for a month without repeating if I choose to. Plus, there's WAY more people playing, so it's much easier to get a team. There were nights when I'd log into CO and start trying to form a TA run and I'd give up after 30 minutes because I couldn't fill a team of 5. Furthermore, CO has 6-7 zones and about 20 contacts, half of which never get played, CoH has about 75 zones and hundreds of contacts, (3/4 of which never get played). CoH is just a way BIGGER game. More Content, More players, More fun.
  11. My biggest problem finding teams isn't that I can't find them. It is that I can't reply to the team up ad fast enough to get a spot before the team fills up.
  12. I often find myself making the level 40-50 run by exemplaring down to TFs and teams in their 20s and 30s rather than side-kicking up. It's more fun.
  13. I don't think the responses have understood your question. You want to compare the regular Generic Health IO slotted in Reaction Time (a blaster toggle that gives absorb over time) versus slotting the preventative medicine proc, correct? Reaction Time's absorb is a base of 5% of your max health and it resets every 2 seconds. Adding a level 50 IO increases that by an extra 2.1% of your base health. If I recall correctly the preventative medicine proc is 3.5 times per minute for 5%. To compare the two you need to consider yourself how often you're getting hit. If the PM proc triggers between hits it's better because it's bigger. But if you're getting hit more frequently than that, the health IO is going to be better because it recharges every few seconds.
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