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  1. Here's my lazy admission... on most of my toons I keep a Cimerora mission active so I can use my mission porter power to get there since there is no direct teleport to that zone.
  2. If your goal is to make as much money as possible on the Market, then yeah, I can see this being annoying. But if your goal is to play toon and have money for upgrades when you want to upgrade, then frankly this isn't a big thing. The difference being, "as much money as possible" is WAY more money than you really need. For my last 3 level 50s, I've literally just played my toon with a bit of a focus on earning merits. Then used those merits for either +boosters, or converters that I listed on the Ah for 5inf each to sell right away for whatever the going rate is. This gave me enough inf to buy attuned sets and crafted generic IOs as I went without ever being in a tight money pinch. (note, I always keep a few hundred merits in case there's an IO I need that has 0 for sale.) My point is this. Yeah.. it's annoying and needs fixed, but in the grand scheme, this bug doesn't matter to me... like literally, not at all. I'd rather see them fix it so the quantity slider defaults to max when I dump multiples in the AH so I don't have to move it manually. It would get me in-and-out of the AH faster and back to playing. That would make me happier than fixing the history bug.
  3. At this point it's just me feeding my ego, but I'll post my current progress here in case anyone is interested. After getting Caleb and Scrapyard yesterday, I've now solo'd all the GM's (except Paladin). I've solo'd ITF, Market Crash, Tin Mage and Apex. I solo'd the full DA arc on +4 w/AVs, (the last battle was much easier on a ranged toon than on a melee toon... almost disappointingly so). MsLTF and LRTF will be next on my list. The only thing that I've tried and failed to compete is Siege AV at level 54. I can overcome his regen, but he has a heal that kicks in around 25% health that recharges fast enough that I can't get him down before it triggers again. It's really, close... but I've not beaten him yet. Earlier in this thread I pointed out that I expected the Beam/Time Giant killer thread would be about someone crushing GMs with a Beam/Time blaster. The truth is, the reason I expected that was because I was already convinced it was possible and was in the process of building this toon to prove it.
  4. Why this reference never occurred to me until now I cannot imagine. It's too perfect.
  5. WARNING: Things have changed a lot! Ignore most of what this guide says. Targeting drone gives +dam. Trip mines is uninterruptible and does near-nuke damage (but in a smaller area). Web Grenade now applies a DoT, which helps a lot on those early levels. Field Operative gives the standard regen/recovery for a blaster sustain power, plus it gives defense and stealth, making it one of the best sustain powers in the blaster secondaries. This: ...."A dp/dev blaster has no good options for boosting blast output." ....should actually read, "A DP/Dev blaster has every single attack boosted and is a non-stop AoE beast." I can't tell if this was posted as an snarky attempt to show how much better things are now than on live for /device blasters, or if the OP is serious.
  6. It is correct that the *name* of the bonus is what matters, not the value of the bonus. However, most bonuses have common names. So what is quoted above are the exceptional cases, not the norm.
  7. I still can't shake that feeling ... how is this real that we're playing CoH again?
  8. I think I would do this with some kind of mastermind with fire&forget buffs auto-following a melee toon dragging his buffed minions on aggressive. I have no experience with masterminds... would this work?
  9. The problem here is you're still using shards to build your alpha. I've never made an incarnate component with shards. I use Threads and Emp merits for my Alpha (scroll down and you'll see the alternate recipe options I'm talking about). If you want to argue with me that that's not the best way to do it, please go read the OP of this thread.
  10. I usually do as much as I can without temp powers and lore pets... but if I get stuck, I'll do anything and everything to finish. If I start a TF solo and get to the complete screen, I call it a success.
  11. I'm trying to think what the "starter" level 50 solo TF should be. Maybe Market Crash? I don't know that final boss very well to know how he affects the ATs I haven't played. ITF is relatively easy until the final battle. LGTF would be even easier than the ITF except for weakened hamidon being a complete stopper for most ATs due to the mechanics of that fight. Many of the pre-50 TFs are actually quite easy to solo, but it might be annoying being without your full powers.
  12. I think it is worth pointing out that back in 2005, our exceptions were different. The big MMO of the previous years before CoH was Everquest. At that time in EQ you would literally take an hour running across the continent to meet up with your friends. You could wait another 30 minutes on a boat if you needed to get to the next continent over. And you needed to meet up with your friends because, with only a few exceptions, you couldn't really solo and make progress. The holy trinity was a real thing, and it was really a holy quartet because you needed a mana/pump class keeping the mana users full of energy. It was also standard to need a crowd control class so your team could focus on 1 enemy at a time. And the best tank in the game (warrior class) had the LEAST amount of agro (taunt) of any class, so everyone had to manage their own agro by joining a fight late or wiping threat, etc. Then along comes CoH where not only is there a train system to take you from zone to zone instantly, but you have travel powers to zip around that zone. Teams not only don't have to try to single-pull enemies, but they actually have powers that are designed to work on large groups of enemies. And tanks have a power called TAUNT so it wasn't too dangerous to use those AoE powers. In many ways, what we now look back on and think of as *a real pain* to play actually felt like it was actually *easy* compared to what many of us had been playing, and the quality of life stuff in CoH was WAY better than the standard back then. And that doesn't even get into the groundbreaking costume creator... and the world has three dimensions! That's right! We can really fly!
  13. Leveling up, touch of fear is great, especially solo. But once you have an endgame attack chain and power, I agree that it is better to just do damage. A lot of control powers are like this. Useful at low levels, but eventually you gain enough toughness to just stand and trade blows... and anything you can't trade blows with is immune to or highly resists controls. Boxing, as other have said, is just to open up tough and weave, which are essential to a lot of builds. I do often use boxing as a set mule but I don't even have it loaded onto my powers bar. The only advantage I see for boxing over kick, in terms of set mules is boxing could use stun sets, which has some useful positional defense options.
  14. Update on my Beam/Devices. I solo'd Lusca this morning. The tenticles were easy... not much harder than an AV. But the head took more DPS/regen then I could produce with my rifle alone. I would gain ground for a few of Lusca's health ticks and then lose it back. So I know it was right at the break-even point. I popped my ravager incarnate pet and moved around the head so I was tanking and the pet was safe behind it and we finished it off.
  15. And in a game where "winning" is pretty much guaranteed, the next best measure of achievement is speed. Even in a kill most TF, I am still going to try to kill most as fast as I can.
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