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  1. It's funny how often this question gets asked. It's literally the first question when creating a new character... yet many of us never knew we were answering it.
  2. Most people share that opinion, but that's beside the point. The point is that person asking for the star isn't "stealing the team" as the OP accused them of doing. The level's don't scale. If you're level 31 set at +0/1 and you start a manticore task force, you and everyone on your team will be level 31 (or 30 if they happen to be below 31).... But you'll be greeted at the door of the first mission by level 35s. They person asking for the star is correcting for this scenario. Also, if the TF is run at level 38, the team members above level 38 will h
  3. There's a tip mission where you have to talk to Maelstrom after you fight him. He's goes "hidden" so if you lose track of where you beat him you have to move around the room and just hope your mouse cursor hits him. I lose him sometimes even knowing ahead of time to pay attention to him and knowing exactly where he's supposed to be at.
  4. My biggest pet peeve... I'm supposed to talk to an NPC before the end of the mission, they better be screaming bloody murder for me to come talk to them. Without some very overt clues, I'm probably going to clear the mission without noticing the person standing there quietly. Then when there's nobody to talk to in the last room,, I'll assume that the mission is broke and quit out.
  5. Grats! This is one of, if not the most difficult, yet still possible achievement in the game, IMHO. LRSF being about equal. It's really so much more then just being able to survive a 1 on 1 fight against a big bag of hp. Well done!
  6. In CoH combat there are 2 things that matter: 1. Removing enemy hitpoints 2. Protecting self & ally hitpoints Note that buffs, debuffs, and controlling enemy position with taunts and controls can contribute to role #1. Similarly, tanking, controls, buffs, debuffs, and heals contribute to role #2. Nearly any group of 8 players will succeed in these 2 things. In fact its more likely that you'll join a group of 8 players and find you're not contributing either of these 2 things because there's so much overlap of roles in a team of 8. At this point, you sho
  7. And on that day... There shall be such a game... A game where all content is created equal. A game where people of all ATs and alignments seek out under-used content with the same desire, the same drive, the same unbridled fervor as they do their AE farms today. And on that glorious day, how wonderful a game this will be.
  8. Yeah.. I see it all the time. Passing the star to initiate the TF so the players can be at the level cap for the TF is obviously the most intelligent thing to do. It's not team stealing. You're still the leader. Calling it team stealing and obnoxious makes you sound like you live in a paranoid delusion.
  9. I'm the same. I play my 50s enough that when I do have a new alt, I can generally just mail myself what I need from whatever 50 is the richest at the time. But I generally don't do anything intentional to earn influence. I have somewhere in the range of 300M-500M inf and probably 10,000+ unspent reward merits.
  10. I agree with most everything you both are saying. But I'm also personally familiar with the publication process for academic journals. Double blind peer reviewed articles are still full of opinions, guesswork, and circular references. Professors earn points toward tenure based on publications and presentations, so they're motivated to push quantity over quality and unfortunately many shortcuts and exploits exist. It's pretty common to see circular logic where someone claims their findings support a "popular" theory, and then they cite articles that define that same "popular" theory to supp
  11. Oh I have no doubt you can learn a lot from fossil records. But look at that image in the link. There's an awful lot of "penciled in" parts. How do we know the snout isn't 2x longer? Furthermore, I could, for example, look at a skull like that and say, "I've observed many dinosaur skull fragments from this era appear to be consistent with those found in head injuries in head-on collisions. Therefore we can determine that Dinosaurs didn't have seat-belt laws." I do believe that science can tell us things about dinosaurs, but they never tell us "We're 80% sure the parts we pi
  12. Am I the only one who looks at those photos of how much of the skull they're basing these "discoveries" on and thinks it might be possible that Paleontology us just a specific sub-genre of SciFi literature?
  13. I would pay money for a red outline to show up around my screen every time that sound file gets played.
  14. Reduce the purple patch effects on, mezz and debuffs... in particular +5s need to be within the range of "I am able to contribute to the fight." If you sidekick up to a +4 team you'll fight +5s, and that happens too often to make that a "I'm not doing anything" scenario. I think Tohit and Damage calculations can remain the as is since those are countered by self and team buffs.
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