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  1. I had a DP/Traps defender on live... after dropping some traps while invis, I'd open with soul drain > Nuke. In theory I could pop that combo right at 30 seconds. In practice, I'd always waited for a fresh spawn for maximum effect. It was a very fun toon, though while somewhat underperforming in raw power compared to most of my toons. I'm finally getting around to rebuilding it as a Corruptor.
  2. I'm a fan of dual pistols plus traps or devices... thematically it works well as a "gadget" using hero... and it gives you an "active" primary and "passive" secondary synergy. Dual Pistols isn't a super ultra performing set, but for just fun gaming, it's one of my favorites. Also, for low to mid level play, Caltrops (in both traps and devices) are a great way to reduce incoming damage as enemies don't close to melee as quickly.
  3. I was only looking at recharge, but it looks like the radius and max targets is different as well based on non-ingame data.
  4. According to Mid's, Soul Drain from Dark Mastery Epic is 120s recharge (requires 2 predecessors). Soul Drain from Soul Mastery Epic is 240s recharge and can be taken at level 35. I'm looking for confirmation of whether Mid's is correct on the difference in recharge time for these 2 powers. Thanks.
  5. I'm remembering something about council still use old animations... but I may be wrong on that.
  6. AH.. wasn't aware of that... I just noticed everything at 54 instead of graduated like the normal RWZ and assumed it was my settings. Thanks.
  7. On a side note... if you lock the team, you can generate an MSR instance solo. It sets the whole zone to your current difficulty setting. It's the only way I know of to "street sweep" and see exclusively +4 spawns. I do this sometimes I'm waiting for something interesting to show up in LFG.
  8. Yeah... at this point, I'm in favor of every toggle power having a "no visible change" graphical option.... including invis/stealth/hide. Let us see our costumes.
  9. I've seen several examples of what people are calling "crawls" where people play story arc content together for a pre-scheduled time without 2xp on characters. I think sometimes they implement some other rules like not sharing influence or enhancements from your high level alts. That's good advice there. I'm 100% certain that you'll find like-minded people to team with. I spend most of my game time soloing my level 50 min-maxed toons... but when I see a low-mid level story arc team forming, and I have the time, I grab an alt and jump on it.
  10. I like this option better than turning off XP.
  11. When I solo content, I always do story arcs. I usually look for story arcs I "less familiar" with for variety. I read the descriptions (something it is inconvenient to do when teamed). It appears to me that there's an overlap of 1 level when you move from one contact group to the next, so there's rarely a situation where I'm out leveling an arc before it's over. I should back up a minute and say I start this at level 22 after I do a respec into IOs. I generally race to 22 using 2XP, DFBs, and Positron TFs, with a little street sweeping mixed in. Before 22 you probably do out level some s
  12. I won't like your post and ruin it for you.
  13. Who? If you had to choose one person, the best answer to that question is probably Stan Lee. Personally, I'm ok with his contribution to the genre.
  14. To be honest, I never understood these posts. When I'm on a team, I just focus on my job. I never look over the shoulder of my teammates to see if they're doing theirs. Sometimes I look at cool costumes, and I always notice cool names. Backstories, too if I have the time before the mission starts. But once we enter combat, I'm either looking for the biggest threat, or I'm hitting the biggest threat. If I'm losing endurance or hitpoints too quickly, I adjust my pace so I pull less agro. Then, if needed, I address the problem in my build later. If a teammate is losing HP too fast, I try
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