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  1. I feel like this Genie is actually taking the time to get it right. So many Genies just go straight to the *POOF* and turn you into a disgusting bug, tricking you into wasting a wish to undo it.
  2. I think that the bonuses of PFF are obviously too much to not have a big down side. So while the downside makes it pretty useless, if they changed something it would need to be offset with some sort of weakening of the upside. That said, almost every build I have uses defense pool powers for IO mules to slot one or more of the IO global bonuses. Some of these are used so little, or not at all so I don't even drop them in my power tray. (grant invis, vengence, etc). PFF would be an upgrade in that I might have a reason to turn it on sometimes.
  3. This is more of a question then a suggestion as I am ignorant about this subject. Can masterminds use it once they get agro to tank for their beasties? Or would that just be slow, awkward, and short-lived?
  4. Did star trek need Karl Urban? I mean, I'm with you on pretty much everything else, but that was a bit of a stretch to me.
  5. beat me to it... I was about to attempt a solo DFB as quick thought experiment. (probably still will, but no reason to post about it now) Also, seconding the comments on how low level AVs do not have the same issues overcoming regen. I've no doubt it's possible... possibly even easy with the right sets.
  6. I'd like to take this time to go on record that I dislike all NPC collision.
  7. And water manipulation is much more logical.
  8. On live, I used to farm Kora Fruit. I suspect 90% of the playerbase has no idea what that is, much less how to do it.
  9. turn the water blood red and see how you feel.
  10. I find nearly all of life's choices can be boiled down into choosing between "long term happiness" vs "short term happiness." One can substitute for happiness with words like "gain" or "fun" but it still comes down to taking the long view or short view. In the gaming industry decisions to "nerf" or "rebalance" are often made for the long term improvement of the game at the sacrifice of short term pleasure enjoyed by the players who were benefiting from the imbalance. The 2009-2012 version of CoH was unquestionably a better game then it was in the first few years. Bu
  11. Trip mines are an OK AoE power now, but nothing spectacular. The recharge time is a little long, imho. Using them as a trap to pull enemies onto them takes a lot longer then just blasting things down with your main attacks. The one time I've found where it actually does do something of value is to lay mines on Nightstar while their pulling Siege in a BAF run. But even then the main benefit to entertain myself during a lull in activity.
  12. Short answer, Stalkers are kings of the endgame! Personally, I look at it this way. If a stalker is doing more damage then a brute, then the only reason to play the brute is to improve my survivability. But unlike damage output, survivability is binary. There's no bonus for keeping your hitpoints over 50% for an entire mission. There is, however a benefit to killing things faster, both in terms of reward/time and, IMHO, level of fun. Since fully built in endgame content my stalkers are generally not dying, they have a binary score equal to the other melee classes in survivabi
  13. I'm in my late 40s. But think your data will be skewed. I don't know when the cut-off is, but I know of nobody in my children's generation who read forums.
  14. Are you sure about this? I recall reading in release notes somewhere that rank did affect drop rate. Also, just adding to the thread details... you can only have 1 tip at a time from each zone... so if you have one from atlas park, you can't get another one from atlas until you drop it or complete it.
  15. I think if it really is a new player, 20M is an ok gift. It's enough to allow them to experiment and make some mistakes on their "first toon" without completely taking away an essential part of the the "first toon" experience.
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