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  1. The interest seems pretty high for Hami on Excelsior. If you're willing to form, I'd be surprised if you couldn't fill one yourself by just broadcasting on all channels at that time of day.
  2. Let's not get carried away here. I think most people are coming here complaining about that one bad TF they had that one time. I run 4-5+ TFs a day. In my experience, this stuff happens just shy of never. Sometimes people accidently start on +4 and we either handle it or start over. It's not a big deal unless you turn it into one.
  3. I can understand Brute's having 200% more damage cap than everyone else so they don't get their inherent power cut off... but explain to me again why Blaster's an additional 200% lower than others? Oh, yeah...and by the way, it cuts off their inherent power... so... Seriously... I'm pretty sure I used to know the answer to this 8 years ago, but for the life of my I can't make logic out of it now. I'm trying to ask this without sounding like a complaint or begging for a change... I really just want to understand the philosophy in play, here.
  4. Don't feel bad. I decided I wanted to make a gold side toon a few months ago, and it took me quite a while to figure out how. It's amazingly well hidden by taking up 1/2 the screen on the opening tab.
  5. It's literally the choice of the person forming the group. If they're unclear when advertising, it's a potential problem. But, IMHO, if you join a TF where it isn't clear up front, you're implicitly saying that you'll commit to staying regardless of what type of run it is, within reason. (Personally, I usually am). That said, I honestly don't think I've ever seen a team run MsLTF as a kill-through to each objective on ANY of the missions. They always just spread out to kill cables on the 1st mission, then gather for the AV, They just kill 4 av teams in 2nd and oro out except for team leader who completes the mission. They stealth to the tree on the 3rd and ignore everything but vines and the Tree. They kill security chiefs then skip to the AVs on the 4th (sometimes clearing the ambush because it's killing them and they can't avoid it), and then they skip past the dock mobs on the 5th to go straight to the AVs. That is exactly what you do on a speed run, except you try to do it as fast as possible. But that's the only way I've seen it done, and I'm sure I've run it over 100 times. IMHO, if you want to run this TF differently, to not advertise it as a "kill through" up front is going to cause tension because speed is the normal method. I think that it's pretty common to run the TF commander TFs at +0. A lot of people are only after the completion badge and they want to knock it out as quick as possible. So you shouldn't be surprised if that's what people do. The only way to ensure that's not what you get is to run your own TFs.
  6. There's no way I can express how thankful I am for what the Dev team has done bringing this game back... and now making carefully thought out changes and fixes to improve the game even more. I know this is a lot of time and effort. I am just one of many voices here who truly appreciate your work. I honestly see nothing here to complain about. Great Job! Keep it up!
  7. Nice...grats! and OMG you click powers with your mouse?!!!?!!
  8. Obviously claws/regen scrapper... because... Hello Wolverine? He's the only reason we're here to begin with. But that lasts about 6 levels (2 hours back then) and after seeing a bazillion other claws regen scrappers, I go make a ninja toon Katana/SR who looks like someone from Mortal Kombat, but with a sword.
  9. 32.4hp/s is considerably less than my /bio stalker and all 3 of my blasters ... not that my blasters can compete with /SR but.... well actually one does because I abuse hover blasting which is flat-out broken... but that's not my point. Look, it's not like I think /SR is bad. I think it's fantastic. I've been a huge proponent of /SR since I first discovered it back on live. If a new player asked me what should I make to be a super powerful world beater tank-mage at the endgame, I would say make an /SR scrapper. An /SR build *IS* what every other set try to be. My point was that just that other sets aren't just trying to be like /SR anymore, at the highest of high levels, they are succeeding.
  10. What is so wrong with finding a group and getting help and talk about movies & such all in one channel? If the chat window was scrolling so fast that you miss getting help or getting a team, then it's a problem, but I don't think we don't have that situation here. If someone makes a off-topic, but amusing comment on LFG and I want to respond to with an amusing comment of my own in the same channel that's just good fun. Community building and bonding is a big part of what makes online gaming a enjoyable experience. As long as I'm not being vulgar or confrontational, if you tell me to stop, IMHO, you are the one being rude, not me.
  11. The best reason to get Disney Plus is Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. Having watched them end to end within the last month, I now consider those to be the best Star Wars stories on film. Clone Wars expands the Universe so much more beyond 2-3 planets we see in the movies and it really makes the Emperor's rise and Anakan's fall more believable. It also turns the force back into a thing of Mysticism and not just biology like in the Prequels. Rebels sets the stage for Episode 4 showing the world where the Rebellion is just a group of unaffiliated cells fighting against a Galactic superpower where Jedi are just a legend and not something you run into in every crowded bar on Curesant. The Mandalorian is great so far, but I need to see more seasons before I'm willing to put a crown on it.
  12. It was tongue in cheek yes... but with a bit of truth, true. The rub is this.. there's just not a lot of +Dam, +Acc/toHit, +Regen etc to add. Besides, what I really want to add is +resist, and that's really difficult to stack meaningfully as well. When I look at my final builds, /SR's only real advantage it's got really solid Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR). That's actually a very strong thing since anything with Defense Debuffs are the biggest threat to the other builds I make. /SR doesn't have that "Achilles heel" enemy that other sets have. With /SR there's maybe 3-4 enemies in the game that you can't just treat exactly the same because you'll have their to-hit chance floored and nothing will change that. If you're fighting Knives of Artemis, Arachnos, Longbow, or several other high level enemy groups, most sets have to scramble for heals and control powers a least a little, if not a lot. But /SR basically sees them as no different than Council. The problem with /SR is you have no resistances. So when a hit does get though, you take the full damage. Eventually you get unlucky and those big hits get through and kill you. In a long enough fight against an opponent that hits hard enough, your chances of survival are basically zero. This is what bothers me the most. It's "I'm winning, this is easy, you can't touch me, and BAM.... I'm dead." No chance to retreat, or heal, just dead. And here's the biggest thing... remember the "other cool things! Like +Dam, +Acc/ToHit, +Regen etc" part you were talking about? Nothing you do with your spare build space on /SR gets those stats even close to the level of what /Bio brings with in set powers. But that's just Bio right, we all know that's a little broken right? But wait, there's more. Blaster secondaries now also give more +dam and +acc/toHit, and more +Regen then you can get with the extra space in your /SR build as well.
  13. Clearly of your list the one that needs the biggest buff is laziness... cause... um.. well.. *yawn*…. whatever
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