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  1. This would be great but make those npc's con hostile so that players can shut those eco-terrorists down and earn some new greenscaping badge!
  2. "Pocket D, the best AE, the best AE for me and thee!" The AE in Dimension Drop is the best. A trainer and a P2W store and a vault (if you don't open the interface from the command prompt) in addition to the usual insp store that you can dump mission rewards on if you don't feel like /ah and dropping them on the market ... all without zoning. Additionally you can easily switch sides to join any pickup group regardless of alignment. After you get your portable crafting table from the P2W store then you literally have zero reason to ever leave. On the social side I'm surprised that more players don't congregate there. In addition to the rp'ing and chatting it's a great opportunity for players with their low-viability "concept" characters with wicked style and killer looks but unfortunate dps capability to get some quick pl'ing and upgrade their toons to a point where maybe they can actually shut down a blue minion or even a white one. There's also some true generosity from the farmers inasmuch as a player running /+8 doesn't need anyone else in the group to achieve a dense spawn and if they offer to let you join then it's truly out of a sense of social generosity and goodness. With respect to the putative monotony of running the same city map 02 or shiva fragment missions repeatedly well you get a different series of random insp drops as the mobs succumb so continuously clicking them results in a different elevated experience every run through. Also you can mix-up the order of boss spawn elimination and go clockwise or counter clockwise or just randomly through the lot. Between the varied inspiration drops and the order of spawn shut down the variety is truly large. Pocket D is the place to be.
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