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  1. Hello everyone! Please see the attached updated team rosters for this event. We had to make some adjustments do to people griefing or stepping out from the event.
  2. Here are the teams: Please stay tuned for more details coming soon.
  3. I will register as a 24th participant or filler. I will not be a captain for this event. See you all soon!
  4. The PvPWaP™ / Community committee welcomes you to ring in the new year with the… Cops & Robbers Themed PvP Event: Draft n’ Bash We will be hosting a 4v4 DRAFT PICK event. WHEN: Saturday, January 9th at 6pm EST The way it works: You will register your Global Handle and Eligible Character Pool by January 1st, along with indicating your interest/qualifications in (1) making additional characters for the event and (2) being a captain for the draft. On the following day, January 2nd at 6pm EST, we will have a live draft pick of teams selected by t
  5. Great event everyone! -- Another member of the PvPwaP committee will be posting the prize winners, but please see the link for a reference to the final tallies: https://challonge.com/71vacux9
  6. Team K.M.S. with Kencian, Madvillain, and Sarrona is as follows: A L L C A P S - Dark/Plant Blaster Telephatty - Poison/Psi Defender Kencian X - Grav/Emp Controller
  7. Though it should not have to be stated, we would like to formally announce (and "amend," if you will) that this event is Alpha only. No other incarnates may be equipped or used. This includes not being able to use passives from Hybrids.
  8. Wow! Thanks for signing up the power couple, @Janie! Super stoked to see you and @Fire Wire on the list!
  9. I will also be helping with the event, but I'll register just in case. 🙂 @Sarrona @Sarr
  10. @Sarrona - Illusion/Empathy Controller @reib - Poison/Ice Defender @Mono - Earth/Fire Dominator
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