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  1. Please message me on discord Poned#3589 - you have 24 hours to send a message or you will be removed from my team.
  2. I will volunteer to captain since ALL YALL SCARED 🗣
  3. @RealPoned @Poned Too Support main although apparently I’m better on offense? I have plenty of toons and will roll a different one as long as you farm and fund it since I don’t play this game anymore. Qualifications: -Carried Quas to victory in multiple events -Was #1 emp in the game for a brief time, per Hot’s top 10 emps -Professional Heartbreaker -Aided in the Canceling of Rare -Expert Among Us Player (see my twitch RealPoned)
  4. Thank you for rectifying the situation @Hot I began to worry that we would become full time volunteers after hosting all PvP events the last few months haha. It’s certainly hard not even playing this game anymore but still hosting the most PvP outings. However, through Hot’s perseverance we will finally get some help!! Welcome aboard CR Banana Man and Mochi ! We can’t wait to see what you have in store - and don’t be afraid to reach out for some event ideas; creativity knows no bounds here 🥳
  5. The tournament will be round robin style and everyone will play each team once. The maps for the tournament are as follows: 1) Graveyard 2) Cargo 3) Perez 4) Tech Lab 5) Stadium 6) Dam Interior 7) Ouroboros 😎 Tie Breaker = Random It is also worth noting that our very own @Kencian has graciously donated an additional 1 billion influence to the prize pool! We love to see it! The money will be added to the existing categories' prize pool 🙂 Your team lineups will be due at the beginning of the tournament. An amendment has been added to the rules as w
  6. Thank you to everyone who attended the live randomizations on the Community Discord. The team lineups have been posted via Hot. Chat channels have been added on the Community Discord to allow team mates to get into contact with each other. I recommend creating a private discord group with your team to discuss team compositions, strats, etc. You all now have 1 week to get your teams together, practice, etc. Additionally, makeshift team names have been added to help make chat channels more distinct. If you have a different team name you would prefer, please message myself and I will change it in
  7. I will be record keeping for the tournament but in the event we need an extra person, consider this my registration 🥳 @RealPoned @Poned Too
  8. Brought to you by the PvPWaP / Community committee comes the.... Holiday themed PvP Event: SECRET SANTA !! We will be hosting a 3v3 to 4v4 event that will be completely RANDOMIZED. When: Saturday, December 5th at 6pm EST The way it works: you will register yourself (just your global handle) by November 27th . On the following day, November 28th at 6pm EST, we will have a live randomization of team pairings that will be hosted in discord where everyone can see in real time their randomizations and whom they will, ultimately, be partnered with. You
  9. @RealPoned therm/ice defender @Hot ice/poison corruptor @Madvillain / @Quasimoto / @Metal Visage mind/ice dominator
  10. Hot Heals is the best emp let’s be honest!! Just move everyone down 1 spot and all will be well 🥳
  11. just join that discord link for all pvp related resources, an intuitive beginners guide, and a central hub filled with experienced and new pvpers alike to network with !
  12. Oh hey.. allow me to introduce myself! I am Poned, I'm a pvper from Indomitable. I'm here in search of any Reunion pvpers, be it established or prospective pvpers and players who just may be curious about getting into pvp in general! We are creating a league amongst all the servers and currently have 2 Indomitable teams and 2 Torchbearer Teams. I would like to see some representation from Reunion! 🙂 Don't worry of your experience level. I've trained up 3 of the current teams and we have a good group of experienced pvpers willing to share their expertise/experience through builds and general co
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